Sleepless in Toronto

It’s 6:30 am and I have not slept.

That’s another thing about steroids. They make you really hyper.

And I blame you India. You have sent me so much love. And advice. So I went through each and every message. Like the good, dutiful half-bengali daughter I am. Except I’m not studying for my medical finals, I’m looking at each and every word you have sent.

So even if you’re not into my writing, the comments section is so full of eloquent, interesting, quirky or down right entertaining snippets long and short, it makes the blog worthwhile. I’m humbled. Plus it seems we are creating a Yellow Library where anyone can find information, support and inspiration. From around the world. I got a message with a great suggestion: why not create a ‘Yellow Diaries’ forum. What do you think?

I also got a request to make the language simpler. Which I’ll do- sometimes. The point is to connect and share. English is not everyone’s first language. Nor should it be. I wish I could speak more languages.

But the language of the marrow. Now that’s one that penetrates.

Thank you for teaching me the goodness of being alive.

So a few thoughts on alternative therapies.

I was in Kerala on a yoga/ayervedic retreat when I had to have my first blood transfusion this year. That was in March. I’ve been practising yoga for ten years now. I go to Dharamsala for month long silent meditation retreats at Tushita Meditation Centre once a year. And then on the other end I chant Mantras for hours. I also practise vipassana, Metta, Shambala and as many other meditation techniques as I can find. My cupboards are full of naturopathic, chinese and homeopathic remendies. I consider myself a seeker and a student of many spiritual traditions. I’ll write about this one day, but I suspect it might be as full of capers and misadventures as deep insights.

I’m an ‘alternative’ girl in every way.

However when I started my treatments which is not long back, I did not want to mix. My hematologist, Dr Ahmed Galal put me on a relatively agressive, first line treatment because he got that look in his eye: we’re getting membership into the FULL REMISSION club. But you know, it takes time. Like getting into the Breach Candy, or Otter’s Club. You apply then you gotta be careful which members you mix with as you go for your interviews. Slowly you learn more about the club, the conditions you need to fulfil- then you’re in and believe me: even an earth shake won’t get me out!

So right now I’ve chosen not to mix therapies. There are even some things I love like green tea and grapefruit (well, ok, no one loves green tea!) that I can’t have as it works inhibits the work of the drugs I’m on. I have faith in this course of action. I am aiming for a stem cell transplant and to be symptom free by December.

Then focus on alternative therapies to rebuild full, wholesome health.

Even if I’m still a puffy Mammacita! As long as I’m healthy.

All your advice is appreciated. And I think we can all learn from each other. So keep it coming!

Thank you again to my hematologist extraordinaire Dr Ahmed Galal, warrior queen Pauline and everyone at PMH.

Thank you Shamim and Hanan for the words and love.

Dr Shailesh Raina for always rallying with your endless energy and fierce compassion.

Thank you to my friends and colleagues there who have reached out or expressed their support. I send love and hope to connect with each of you in the real world.

For now we have this.

Oh btw: http://www.thestar.com/entertainment/tiff/article/693366#survey

The media here is reacting with support and sensitivity. I guess many actors or people in my industry rarely go public. I understand why. There’s practical repercussions as in, its become more expensive to insure you on a project. Some producers don’t want to- or can’t- take on that extra cost. So even when I’ve crossed over and joined the ‘Full Remission’ Club, there may be tough career and financial decisions.

It’s hard for me to live any other way than with full disclosure.

I would love to hear how many of you are coping with the practical repercussions of living with cancer or a chronic disease. Do you hide it from work colleagues? Are you able to live openly with your condition? How is your personal and professional life affected? I am fascinated on multiple levels and I think many people would benefit from sharing these stories.

A quick word about support and care givers. I got an email from another member of the Club here in Toronto whose wife was treated at PMH and has been in full remission for 5 years.

I read with interest your comments relating to the support that you receive from your Father. If I may, I would like to make one suggestion to both of you. Your closest Care Givers are also part of the effect of MM. As you are both becoming aware, dealing with Multiple Myeloma is a marathon event. The focus rightfully will be on you, as the patient, never-the-less your Father will also feel effects that will be difficult to balance together with his concern for you. If he is like most Care Givers, he will manage with his effects silently and in the shadows of your treatment.
Let him know that he too is not alone.
‘I read with interest your comments relating to the support that you receive from your Father. If I may, I would like to make one suggestion to both of you. Your closest Care Givers are also part of the effect of MM. As you are both becoming aware, dealing with Multiple Myeloma is a marathon event. The focus rightfully will be on you, as the patient, never-the-less your Father will also feel effects that will be difficult to balance together with his concern for you. If he is like most Care Givers, he will manage with his effects silently and in the shadows of your treatment.
Let him know that he too is not alone.’
thank you for bringing this into focus.


Blue talks never go out of style.

But Yellow Talks rock.

Dip in.

And here’s a photo of me last night. After filming for Plan. I’m well. I’m getting so healthy and so round after years of being depleted and thin. So much that when I walk around into corner stores now, the owners start to suspect I might be a high school prankster with sticky fingers. ‘Only three kids in here at one time’ the guy behind the counter told me the other day. Baby cheeks getting me in trouble.

Picasso said, ‘it takes time to grow young’

But this is really not about me.

Let’s share some more stories.

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  1. Love you !

    • I only pray that you don’t feel pain at any point of time during your treatment.
      enjoy every moment of your life

      • Hey Lisa,

        Keep da Faith! … We all love you and there is no way god is taking you away from us so early…You will be healthy again and will kick ass!!! …All da best for your treatment.


      • Hi!

        Just wanted to let you know I wish you all the best. Not sure if you believe in God or Jesus or if have tried praying and asking for Their help. If not, I really think it’s worth a shot. If you believe, nothing is impossible with God! It doesn’t have to be elaborate prayer, just be sincere, honest..bare your soul and surrender and He will do something for you. I can help if you want, let me know.

      • I grew up as a fan, I have been a fan of yours for years. You have been my dreamgirl. I pray to God that you be cured completely and will live a great, fulfilling, life.

      • i wish you to watch this great video by DON MOEN,

        The great worship Song__

    • Dear Lisa,

      i am your fan, i just like to request you to think different way , never believe in record, you can prove the records wrong. Pray lord khatu shyam to bless you with life. khatu shyam will listen. Believe me i have seen the (chamatkar)..

      . I am not good at english, but feel i have conveyed my message to you.

      Take Care

      It would be honour if i get acknowledgement of this message.


      • hi
        You look absolutely stunning. you will always be the dream girl of my life no matter where u are.
        and i know you gonna be fine.don’t worry at all, keep fighting the whole world is with you.

        take care
        love you


      • Good Morning Lisa:

        I am not sleeping tonight either. Ten years ago I was diagnosed with a sarcoma and was given up to eighteen months to live at the most. At the time I was living far away from Canada with my husband and sons. The treatment I received was excellent and perhaps like you, the thought of giving in/giving up did not occur to me and I had my boys that I wanted to see grow up, reach their goals and dreams. I did what I had to do, and now realize that it was the challange of fixing something – me – that got me through it all. I would not let IT win and reminded IT of that fact daily. Stats are made to be broken and I believe you will be another person who can do it.
        Take care and get your rest.

    • Be a Game to your Life!

      No words or worlds would soothe you, yet… I believe your belief in LIFE would change every aspect of YOU. If there is a GOD, let him help you out, my prayers and best wishes. The incurable reality is our willingness to Challenge the Belief, with our Faith, for We are Game for Life!!!

      I haven’t seen any of your films, yet I believe, you have all the courage to Fight out anything. :)

      Will be closely following your blog….. ever…

    • Lisa..ul be alright…

      Lots of Love :)

    • Dear Lisa,

      You are not only gorgeous person but a very brave as well. I was very shocked to hear about your disease. I wish you get completely cured from this disease and like in pink of health.

      Warm regards,

    • I love you ver much Lisa!!!! u r my favourite!

      please get well soon!

      tons n tons Love n hugs

    • hey
      my dad has/had myeloma, he found out two years ago when his pelvis gave in and he colapsed at my little brothers football match.he still has problems walking caus his hip never really healed fully.at that time i havnt had heard of it ever b4 and my dad wouldnt tell anyone how he really was.i lived in the uk at that time but kept on flying home to austria to visit him and because of his pelvis and how advanced it was- and i still dont really know everything and all the treatments he has had- he was in hospital on and off for almost a year tied to the bed most of that time.it was heartbreaking to see him like that but also very eyeopening caus it showed and reminded everyone in my family what really matters in life.you get so cought up in your life and uni or work and all the little unnecessery problems and dramas and you take so many things for given that you dont even appreciate the things you should…. but anyways im not writing here to pull people down.he is back to work now after two years and although he looks like a 60 instead of a 45yr old im just happy that he can look forward now and enjoy life the way he should!!

      i wish u all the best and all support and strenght of your loved ones!and you definitely have all the support of fans who love you as you can see here!!i think it is amazing and brave how you find the words to share those intemate thoughts with the world and let people know that they are not alone.your blog is gona give loads of people strenght who think they r alone and you do more for all the people out there than you can ever imagine!
      reading your entries stirs up my emotions, i know this sounds stupid writing it on a blog of a complete stranger but im proud of you!

    • I truly wish you the best of luck in your recovery. You are not only an amazing actress, but also an incredible person for approaching your disease in your way, where others might have started sulking and wasting every precious moment. It makes me angry with whatever higher being is out there that this had to happen to someone lke you, but I truly do believe that this test was only given to you because you could handle it.

      Much love and support,
      Ena from the USA

    • Hi,

      I have passed through the same trauma of Multiple Myeloma about a year back. Due to this disease, my right hand and left part of the face was paralyzed. But I did not leave hope and recovered quite a lot within a year after going through chemotherapy and finally bone marrow transplant (BMT) from a well reputed hospital in Mumbai. Let me also tell you that I had my kidney transplanted about 16 year back and was already suffering on that account. Unfortunately, multiple myeloma also developed.

      At this stage, I can only advice you to be brave, have positive attitude and follow the advice of doctors and believe in god. He will give full strength to you.

      I wish You earliest recovery. In case, You want more details from me You may please contact me on my email.

    • You might want to give ‘Pranayam’ a shot. I’ve heard it can do wonders.

    • hi lisa,

      in my life for the first time i am trying to tell my views to a person who might not even need them but just to tell you one thing i might just be ignored as another admirer but to tell you the truth when closer to god you really come to know what the meaning of life really is……i have known it my self the most important thing is i care even if you dont need my care that just wont stop me from caring for you.will always be there as a good friend……hope to see you soon……

    • hi lisa,

      in my life for the first time i am trying to tell my views to a person who might not even need them but just to tell you one thing i might just be ignored as another admirer but to tell you the truth when closer to god you really come to know what the meaning of life really is……i have known it my self the most important thing is i care even if you dont need my care that just wont stop me from caring for you.will always be there as a good friend……hope to see you soon……

    • i love you and your an amazing strong person keep it up!

      p.s. your cheeks look adorable.

    • Hey lisa,

      you are very lucky to find all your dear ones, friends, family… etc. whose caring you…

      but you are unable to see one person whose really behind you, whose caring you, whose loving you and who can truly know your feelings…

      he is our HEALER

      his name is very powerful than any disease that you can name tonight..

      JESUS CHRIST, he is already paid for our sins,

      and THIS IS THE ONLY NAME in the world which we can hope

      he can heal us from any disease which cant be treat by any great doctor in the world,

      i hv seen and i have received many miracles in my life,
      my father has healed by almighty god_with unbelievable
      i just wanna share with you,
      that you can also see the GLORY of god

      to receive the miracle..
      all you need is FAITH, and Prayer….

      ” Don’t Believe What You See,

      Believe On What God is Seeing..for YOU ”

      Luke- 8: 41-56,
      Luke- 7: 50,
      Luke- 18: 35-43 and
      Luke- 15: 11-32…!

      i do prayer for you__ i hope you will be with me in prayer_

      _vam /23/m/India.

    • on December 7, 2009 at 11:04 am | Reply manvendra gupta

      Dear, Leesa Ray,Maidam i have read newspaper 30 nov,u have a great “Honour” by (weekly ) voice MAGAZINE,u & other person. mam we r living (world)three dyamainson& sciencetist ALBERT einsteen says fourth dyamainson is present,spritul pure saint (indian)know very well. they will see future our eyes its not magic.Einsteen says any partciel present in the world as fast for light(PHYSICS)so time will stop or very slow. i will pray god this line true for u & ur long life.

      Mam I know a doctor he given Medicen a pregnant lady a very few blood her body & body not accept any outside blood,but Medicen take morning,evening test after 2 weeks,1/2 bootle blood encrees& others doctors said that,s wonderful.this Medicen create blood cells also. “KHAJOOR KA ARK AND WHITE PAYAZ KA ARK MIX 1KG,&BOIEL SAVE 1/2KG .. U CAN TAKE.PURE AYURVADIK MEDICEN NO SIDE EFFECTS,&THIS THIS TIME U CAN DO.” (if u belive planets)near ujjan situated”SHIVLING” called MANGALNATH, u worship this place & MARS PLANET tuching problem salovethis this temple centre point MARS. I feel very few actress acting as BEAUTIFUL as NEYAGRAFALLS. I hope I will haave seen “sweet”movie in future.

  2. Dear Lisa,
    My prayer is for you my dear Lisa,last year, you came to our shop in saket Delhi, you are very nice to us ,we can’t forget you. God bless you. I hope you still have that badge i gave (USI enviro )

  3. Dear Lisa,

    You have to go through NATUROPATHY to cure this disease fully. Take everyday 4 glass of juice of KALA TULASI, BELA PATA(BILWA) and GULUCHI(GILOYE). ALso take one glass of Neem pata juice daily. Avoid taking any oily items, avoid sugar fully, avoid salt fully also. For salt you can take substitute SAINDHAVA NAMAK. IF you will adopt yourself for naturopathy then this disease is curable. Other then naturopathy no other medicine can cure this disease.


  4. Hey Lisa,

    I was very disheartened after reading about your illness. Hence, I decided to visit your blog. I am so happy with the way you are fighting this illness.

    I will pray for you. I really believe in Mount Marry church of Mumbai located at Bandstand, Bandra. People take mannat there for themselves/their loved ones, and when their wishes fullfilled, they offer wax replica of that body part/boy/girl/house/car etc. So, I am awaiting a good news of your full recovery so that I can go to church and offer a wax replica of a girl.

    You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen and after reading your blog, I can safely say you are really beautiful from within. Keep glowing always. Keep us updated.

    God bless you,

    So, please

  5. on September 10, 2009 at 12:13 pm | Reply Shajee Salahuddin

    Hi Lisa..first of all its a pleasure reading your blog,but it wasnt such a pleasure when i read in today`s paper regarding your cancer condition.As a human being and as your fan,it was and is still shocking to read the news.being a dentist myself,i know the medical terminologies like myeloma and its treatments,their side effects and the after effects of the treatments.But i am confident that with good treatment and all our prayers you will be back to normal Inshallah.For me this is the month of fasting and i pay to Lord Almighty for your good health and Inshallah i have faith in the Lord that he will give you health and prosperity amen..I know nor words can be enuff to make someone feel good,but as i read your blog,i am happy that mashallah you are facing this situation confidently and am so glad to read your blogs..Its like sitting with u and talking personally with u.And i look forward to more and more from you.take care and wish you good night`s sleep and a good forthcoming day!!

    • hi Shaz, encouragement doesn’t mean anything if you yourself don’t know the meaning of encouragement! do it to yourself first before doing it to anyone else!
      You know am sure what i mean…Godbless!

  6. on September 10, 2009 at 12:15 pm | Reply abhishekclearforest

    Hi Lisa,

    Great to hear from you again. Why don’t you write a book now on your journey backward? I found the book of the cancer survivor “Lance Armstrong” very interesting and thoughtful. What do you think? I am sure many people would love to read such a book written by you.

    With Regards,
    Abhishek S

  7. You looks very well!!I’m so happy for that:)If i had cancer i won’t hide it.It’s not a guilt,why i have to hide it?It’s just one thing i have to go through maybe it’s not a part one i suspect of my life,but i still have to live with a cheerful smile in every single day.Nothing need to hide,you did a right thing i though.Smile and keep a good mood in every single day,Lisa.You know we will on your side:)

  8. Hi Lisa

    I have been watching you from 1983-84. Here is a suggestion. Star status , Money etc.. ALl these are secondary. I am leaving in the same world where you are today.

    I only pary ? or wish that you dont feel pain at any pint of time during your treatment.

    énjoy every moment of your life


  9. Lisa, keep on being positive. You have whatever you believe in. I admire your attitude to the whole situation. You’re in my thoughts and prayers all the time.
    Much love from Russia,

  10. Yoga seems fun.

  11. Hi Lisa,

    How ru
    Hope u read this message.

    This is the first time Iam messaging a movie star.
    Firstly I want to tell you that I admire you. You look stunning.

    Yday i happened to read news in a website about your health.
    so thought to leave you a note.

    Take good care of yourself. :)
    and enjoy life.
    May you overcome all the obstacles – health and otherwise, if any. :)

  12. Dear Lisa,

    For Naturopathy treatment everyday in the morning after fresh, you should take one glass of luke warm water mix with one lemon juice mix with two spoon of honey(Take Dabur Honey Preferred). And follow the above prescribed juice daily minimum 4 to 5 glass. In food chart you should take plenty of salads, Roti, no rice, with boiled vegetables soup with haladi. Other diet are not advisable. Only naturopathy can cure any type of disease in the world. If you follow from today onwards I can assure that you will be fully cure within 3 to 6 months.

    If you want more information then through this blog you contact me I will provide more information for this disease through Naturopathy.


  13. “I’m getting so healthy and so round.” Ha, you are. So happy to know you are doing fine. But try to take some sleep, please…..

  14. Good morning!!

    Wow. That was fast. I know I should say I’m sorry for you not sleeping, but if the result is that we have a new post this fast, then I’m not sorry. (Just kidding, obviously I wish you could rest more).

    Before telling you about my experiencies with cancer, I want to point out that your English is not that complicated. Ok, sometimes it’s a little, but I read somewhere that you wanted to be a journalist before becoming a model, so I understand that you are not going to be subject+verb+whatever only (plus, that would be boring). And trust me, if a non English speaker like me can understand what you are trying to say, then it’s fine, isn’t it?

    About the Yellow Diaries: I think it’s a great idea. We should create an alternative blog or a community, so everybody could vent a bit there and find out information about the different types of cancer. After all, cancer is something we all have to learn to live with. I don’t know any family that doesn’t know somebody who had it or had to deal with it in a direct way. Unfortunately, everybody has experiencies with it.

    Like me.

    My father had cancer. That was ten years ago. It was a reaaally dangerous one but he was lucky they found out in an early stage. Now he’s completely clean, but none of their friends know he had it. I guess with cancer you have two choices, either hidde it or be super open about it. My father took the first option, probably because he thought people could be quite mean with these things, some people think you are done when they find out you have cancer and they start to treat you with condescending airs. That was what could hurt him more, he didn’t want to feel like a sick person all the time, so he even hide it from us for months, though that was to protect us…

    But if you choose the other option and you decide to be open and brave and honest like you are, in a way you are venting and getting the support you need. Plus you are helping other people to share the experience, so I think it’s great. I don’t know what is it like when you are a public person. Perhaps other people can give you a better advice than us, but if the result is some people of the industry don’t count with you anymore, my advice is: screw them. First things go first. Now the important thing is YOU, to heal, to feel the warmth of your people -your family, friends and fans too, why not?-, and to fully recover so you can kick ass with an amazing come back in top form.

    And I know you will. In my agenda it’s planned a coffee with Lisa Ray one day -ok, green tea if you want, but I hate tea LOL-, so I’m sorry, it has to happen, so you better take good care of yourself (just kidding).

    Ok, now back with my job, this has the lenght of the Bible!

    Again, have a good day. Have something for breakfast, it’s breakfast time there, isn’t it?

  15. Hi,Lisa,
    I would like to say hello everyday to you, and I am glad that you looks so charming and energetic. There is no more better news than this. But you still need enough sleep and rest, please take care of yourself. Love you always.

  16. Hi,Lisa,
    I would like to say hello everyday to you, and I am glad that you looks so charming and energetic. There is no more better news than that. But you still need enough sleep and rest, please take care of yourself. Love you always.

  17. “And I have so much to look forward to.”

    So am I. =)
    All you have share here will be “mark all as read” in my list.
    Keep fighting, and I am praying for you all the time.

    By the way, you look great and young in that photo.

    Take care. =)

  18. Ohya, I love green tea, seriously. =P

  19. Rebloom? I love the spirit in you.
    You look so great when smiling always in your picture.

    But.. Don’t try so hard.
    you need take a plenty of relax.
    You need enough sleep in warm place.

    I hope you can sleep well at night.

  20. Hey there gal,

    where I am now its just nite time whereas I believe its around 8.45am in the morning…so good morning to you….and I just want to say, you look very pretty pink in health and as usual gorgeous.

    Positive outlook in life is how one should live…I have gone through so much ups and down in my life that sometimes, I wonder what the heck am I still here…but you see, we are given 1 lifetime, so my philosophy in life is to live each day to the fullest. It makes my heart warm to see that you have no pretences about yourself and well I believe you are going to be in highly demand by many many producers/directors (as far as I know, Shamim still have two scripts for you to read )….so I doubt you are going to have any tough career or financial decisions to be made..in fact, I am pretty sure you will be indunated with lots of offers – “soon” to quote you in ICTS ….hahaha – have a good day ahead …and remember to smile and smell the flowers :D

  21. Kudos to you for being so brave and strong!… if i were in your place i would probably be depressed and crying a lot… not realising how i am wasting my precious life away…

    i admire you… and wish you all the best… its experiences like these that make you realise the things you really value.. and at the end of the day, all that matters when you look back at your life is whether you have any regrets or not and whether you feel that your life was worth it… and given what i can make of you, you would have made it worth it for yourself

    and you are soooooooooooo beautiful… i can barely notice the fat… you should know that you will always be one of the most beautiful women in the world with or without some subcutaneous fat!… i pray for you and wish that your strength and spirit will be rewarded

  22. LISA
    I know the Ginger juice can ease the pain of chemotherapy,you can try it after a doctor’s permission!
    Loving you,Supportting you!

  23. Hi Lisa,
    I read today’s article and your blog this morning. You are as articulate as you are talented. I am a survivor of acute Leukemia and have been through chemo, radiation and a stem cell transplant with a related donor. Keep doing what you are doing. I’m strong and well now as a 5 year survivor. Gathering support from friends, family and generally being positive makes the world of difference. Here is some other info that I’ve given to others…in case it helps you or anyone else reading this blog comment.
    Best Regards and be well.
    Jennifer Smith

    One of the best spots is Wellspring. I went to the Sunnybrook campus, but there is one downtown in To and one in Oakville too. Check out http://www.wellspring.ca for location info.. This is a really positive place where I did programs like yoga and raiki that were definitely helpful to deal with the emotional side of cancer. Plus you meet people there who can be helpful. There are a lot of side effects to treatments and sometimes it’s helpful to get another person’s perspective as the docs don’t always cover some of the things. They have lots of books too that they lend out.

    Here are some other websites that I found to be helpful:

    http://www.acor.org This is a US website that in addition to tons of info…the latest on everything…also has extremely specific cancer-type blogs.

    http://www.cancer.ca This is Canadian Cancer Society site…also good.

    http://www.leukemia-lymphoma.org/ This is the Society’s website and is excellent. Good webcasts too. Go to Canadian site by clicking on button at top right of site.

    http://www.caringvoices.ca This was started at PMH for breast cancer but has evolved to other cancer related topics…apparently good live chat.

    There are tons more. I found that by reading about stuff, focusing on much better nutrition etc. made me feel like I was in control of getting better and that I could do it. And it worked. The steriods make you hungry and wreck your sleep. I found that making myself a bowl of oatmeal at 3 am and then reading a book helped me to get back to sleep.

    Another good option is to see a nutritionist. I found one that was helpful in recommending what I needed to do given chemo /radiation etc.. I also saw a naturopath during this time. Again, this stuff makes you feel like you are controlling the controllables and doing all that you can to be a survivor.

    There is a program called Look Good Feel Better. The hospitals host it as does Wellspring. It’s truly fun and empowering too. If you feel you look good, you really do feel better…again, perhaps this is part of the feeling in control thing.

  24. Lisa you write well. But like a ‘school girl’ you are confused
    if I may say so. Chemotherapy, Steroids will destroy not only your beauty, but you will become a microwaved chicken.

    Since you have been hypnotised by the serpent of pseudo medicine, I will not offer you advice or ask you to go in for Holistic Treatment. Because anything given free is not appreciated.

    But just in case you would like to educate yourself that not remission, but complete non-violent cure is possible by holistic healing modalities, have a look at my website : http://www.healthwisdom.org and then write to me and it will be my pleasure to save you from death trap.

    Bless you.

  25. Hey Lisa
    I am 49 now. When I was about 39 or so, long before the days of blogs, linked in etc, when I was chatting on Yahoo or something, someone chatted with me claiming to be Lisa Ray. That someone clamied she was in Canada and that she was going to get married to someone named Shepard. She also gave me a GOa address of hers.

    WAS IT YOU???????
    LIsa, if it was, and I have always believed it was, it was one of the best days of my life. I wont say why here, it will go into pages.

    Lisa , when I was 18, I was diagnoised with Cancer, I was supposed to live for 6 months. Only thing no one told me, so I forgot to die.

    I would like to share with you a special medicine I took, cause I think it will help you. It possibly helped me survive.

    Please contact me on my email ID. I am decent and can be trusted and all I want is your well being.

    Lisa, You have a long and ehalthy life ahead. This will pas. Keep the faith.

    Please reply. Even a one liner will do.

  26. Hi Lisa,

    I am not an Indian but a big fan of yours. You have no great idea how you inspire a lot people with your candid expression and extending your most intimate and private life, not to mention your current medical condition. I felt an eerie feeling when I heard the news cracked from all over the net about your sensitive and delicate case but you took the hurdles vocally as a subtle catalyst to soften people´s reaction when they hear it. It was a very admirable gesture you did revealing your sensibilities.
    My boyfriend is also diagnosed with a relative illness and he had no courage to unravel me of his condition until I found out not long ago. So, I felt a deja vu feeling when I heard your news.
    Anyway, with regard to your use of english expressions, I think you carry on writing according to the mood and tone that suits your feeling and emotion. I like your vocabulary preference and I learn a lot in intellectual level, it is very inspiring, inciting and thought provoking. Widens my knowledge how to express thoughts.
    My all support and prayers for you.
    Madrid, Spain.

  27. Hi Lisa
    Away from India, have watched your programmes on TV admirably and virtually of the same age group, this news stirred me to impromptu visit your blog and just say that it feels sad but life has to go on. The yellow diary pages is to be filled, for its existence has a purpose in the world….take rest as often you can…and our wishes and thoughts will always be there to see your radiant smile.


  28. Wow, you are really writing long posts and reading all the comments! Great!

    Blogging is therapeutic you see! :D

    [Note : don’t’ lose your sleep over it].

    You can activate even the comment rating option and threaded reply option too but forget it; I am sure it must be very technical for you.

    You can ask me any blogging query in the contact page of my blog if you find any problem with blogging.

    All the best! :)

    Vikas Delhi [not into hero worship but like you just the same]

  29. Dear Lisa,

    I sincerely hope and pray that you cure yourself and become healthy once again! I would like to recommend a book that may help you in battling your condition – it’s called “You can heal yourself” by Louise L.Hay. The author has healed herself of cancer by positive affirmations that she suggests in the book. Do try and get this book. It has helped me enormously in keeping myself fit and healthy.

    Wishing you all the very best in life,


  30. on September 10, 2009 at 1:26 pm | Reply Neide Oliveira - Brasil

    I knew your work recently and I was charmed by your talent. Looking for more information about you, I found your site and what was my surprise to read the news written by you, about your problem. Every line he read, I was sad at the same time fascinated me more for you, for your honesty and courage.
    I follow every day what you write on the site. You still beautiful and exciting the way that dealing with this situation. Be sure that here in Brazil, thousands of fans praying for his recovery.

  31. Lisa,
    You are one of the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen :) And in your new pics, you look even more beautiful. My prayers with you. Love your smile and the twinkle in your eyes.
    May God bless!

  32. Hey, Do you remember the day you were interviewed on TV and desscribed how you were asked to wear an enhanced bottom for a scene in a south indian movie?

    I will NEVER forget the way you said it. You pointed to the bottom, indicated that it could sit by itself on the dable without anyone inside and dailtly said ‘thank you’ (actually ‘thenk yew’) and that is what makes u so adorable.

    Live for us and for u dear.

  33. Dear Lisa

    I was so sorry to read you are not well.

    Whenever I’ve heard updates of your many successes I recall our childhood summers together with great fondness.

    My thoughts are with you and if you ever need an extra friend I am easy to reach

    Much love

  34. Dear lisa , I am really shocked to read about you cancer problem, you know i am fan of your since, i watch Nusrat fateh ali Khan Song, “Piya re piya re”. Dont loose hope Just do wat your mind says, keep yourself in busy……..I Pray Before God to Provide you Help in this difficult time.

  35. To encourage you, I wanted to tell you that a friend who is in her seventies, in Alberta , has been actually cured. Doctors were amazed at her attitude, she is very jolly and always joking and laughing.she had cancer in her bone marrow.
    A few years now since she recovered.
    I wish you good luck and quick recovery too.
    There are things that can help you.
    Please search the link to doctor Shams ud din in Texas.you can call him for advice, he has something, a natural supplement, that has cured his mother.
    Ask questions about diet too. Alkaline diet helps.
    Don’t give up, be very positive, pray and meditate and we will pray for you.
    You are going to recover and have a long life.

  36. Hey Lisa,

    You knw wat…it was just yesterday that i was talking about you with my fiance!! As in she was telling me “Varun, did u see the promos of this new Lisa Ray flick?.” To which I replied, “Its been released abroad earlier (I cnt think straight).”

    Then my reply to her was- dude she is hot!!! I reaaaaalllllyyyy like her man!! wish I cld have met her once in my life…at the least!! She agreed (she’s such a swthrt) and acknowledged- saying ya hot toh hai!! The conversation ended at the mention of how beautiful u looked in the Afreen video!!

    This morning when i read the HT City colomn regarding ur cancer….it was quite heartbreaking…..but then I still tnk ur reaaallllyyyy hawt and beautiful and wld still hope that id have the opportunity to meet with u smtime in this lifetime!!!

    Especially after reading ur blog it seems to me that ur a fighter and trust me in tiday’s times only fighter’s like u turn out to be winners…..so fight on my frnd am with u…..always!!


  37. As a two time cancer survivor and now suffering with a chronic life-changing disease, I understand exactly where you are coming from and how you are feeling. I wish you the very best my dear lady and you will remain in my thoughts and prayers.

    Take care,
    Jeannette XX00

  38. Hey, Do you remember the day you were interviewed on TV and desscribed how you were asked to wear an enhanced bottom for a scene in a south indian movie?

    I will NEVER forget the way you said it. You pointed to the bottom, indicated that it could sit by itself on the dable without anyone inside and dailtly said ‘thank you’ (actually ‘thenk yew’) and that is what makes u so adorable.

    Live for us and for u dear.
    Sorry… forgot to say great post – can’t wait to read your next one!

  39. Dear Lisa,
    I’m Prachi Rege, Correspondent and Copy Editor with Daily News and Analysis(DNA) a Mumbai based Newspaper.
    It was shocking to hear about the cancer. But your blogs are really inspiring and I’m sure u will fight this one.
    Your fans in India are shocked too and would like to know more about your strength to overcome the illness.
    I humbly request you to please reply to the following questions which will be published on our website http://www.dnaindia.com:
    1. You say you it was a relief to hear what was wrong [from the doctor who told you about the cancer]. What was the first thing that came to mind?
    2. Even after being diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, you seem positive and strong about overcoming it. Who are the people who make up your support system?
    3. How do you balance work and treatment sessions? Have you been advised to take a break?
    4. You’ve gone public about your condition through your blog. What prompted the decision?
    5. How has your family reacted – to the diagnosis, and to your decision to share this information via a public forum?
    6. You mention in your blog that you want to help find a cure for Multiple Myeloma. How do you plan to do this?
    7. What message would you like to give other people who suffer from this disease?
    8. What drives Lisa Ray today; what’s her raison d’être?

    You can send the replies to rege.prachi@gmail.com

    Regards and All the best…
    Prachi Rege

  40. Lisa,

    I suggest you get a Nadi astrology reading done. The best place for doing this is Vaitheewaran Kovil in Tamil Nadu. The reading usually gives the reason for a challenging event in life and suggests remedies. For more on this see

    I am a scientist by profession, so I am suggesting only something I have tried and tested. In any event, our prayers and good wishes are with you.

  41. Hi Lisa, my brother was diagnosed with multiple myeloma over 12 years ago and is still in remission. He was also treated at PMH. He went through chemo, radiation and had a stem cell transplant using his own cells. Although the treatment was long and arduous he returned to a normal life working full time and enjoying his family. He does have some lingering side effects such as easily tiring, some soreness and sensitivity to cold however all very manageable.

    I wish you all the best as you go through your treatment. You have a great attitude so I know you will succeed.


    • hi – my husband was 48 & dx with MM – this was Feb. 08. He has had chemo & a stem cell transplant with his own cells at PMH. Aug. 18 /09 was his 1 year aniversary – he is in remission & doing wonderful. He was in a hell of a mess – got salmonella when his immune system was down after the stem cell transplant – was on kidney dialysis because the MM hit his kidneys more than his bones – but the bottom line is that he is here today & doing amazing – even off of dialysis. http://www.cancercompass.com is an amazing site – register & then click on MM on the message board -a wonderful group of people with the disease & who are full of advice – good luck – Shannon

  42. “Dr.” Leo Rebello – Nothing can destroy her beauty.

    That’s all really….

    Looking forward to reading more though!

    • hahhahaaa at “DR”

      u are right..
      but who cares she is also an amazing person…
      her inner beauty is also totally out standing..!!

      • both of u r rite..
        HAHAHAHA again 2 ”DR”

        its not just her beauty that made ppl like her,its her accents.. n inner beauty..
        wish u all d best Lisa,u r goin 2 pass through.. and i like ur writing very much.. much more than i like ur beauty(rite guys?) coz its our inners all that matters.. but u sure a one of the beautifull women ive ever seen..love 2 read ur writing,tat i would alwiz
        wanted 2 c ur’s writing again..wish u all d best 4 ur treatment live life happily..

    • Exactly Yuri !!

  43. Hi Lisa
    Although i have always admired your work i never thought i would connect to you like this.After reading abt you in newspaper reports made me to search for your blog on the net and i wish you speedy recovery. Nothing is impossible. (Even imposssible says ” I M POSSIBLE”. And lastly “NEVER GIVE UP” .With lots of luv and tonnes of gud wishes – Suchit

  44. yes lisa As long as you are healthy.
    Don’t care your Physical appearance. just be who you are.
    “if you had an ounce of self-esteem, of self-worth, of self-confidence, you would realize that as trite as it may sound, beauty is only skin-deep.”
    By the way,you really like a high school prankster, it seems that you don’t sleep too much. Please get sufficient rest.

    Love and Prayers.

  45. Dear Lisa,
    You look beautiful, as always..

    A relative of mine was diagnosed with cancer in 2007, and after 6 rounds of chemo and 8 rounds of radio, she has been cancer free..

    I admire your spirit of positivity, hope and openness, and I know you will fight this disease to be a beacon of hope to millions of people..

    May God bless you..


  46. Yan, sister likes green tea ah. China is the origin of tea culture. his sister like it, I can give her sister mailed packages of tea. I will feel very honored. Sister, really carefully. In order to take care of the feelings of fans, but also to learn the language of more countries. ╭ (╯ 3 ╰) ╮(China, traditional Chinese medicines, very good, as recorded in ancient books can cure many incurable diseases. Sister can try. I would ask us these next few days old here Traditional Chinese Medicine to see if there is no way. for the sister’s illness), sisters take more rest and pay attention to the body. Love you forever!

  47. Lisa, you are a gorgeous person and I thank you for writing this blog to share your journey with us. When I found this blog yesterday and heard about the news, I first reacted with sadness, but then I read through your blog and your spirit is amazing. Your entries are funny and serious as the same time, and that is an amazing skill to have as a writer.

    I have faith you will recover 100%. Never ever give up!

    Much love,

  48. on September 10, 2009 at 2:02 pm | Reply Christina Santolin

    Hi Lisa,

    My husband and I adore you and were shocked to hear what has happened. My father had prostate cancer and was treated at the PMH as well. You are in great hands, the staff is fantastic, you will get through this. If you need stem cells, let me know, as I have banked my children’s core blood, I am half Polish too. Keep well this will pass. Lots of Love and prayers coming your way. – Christina

  49. Hi Lisa,

    My best wishes are with you. Since you are in Canada, I suggest that you try and pay a visit to TROID. Their address is 874-A Weston Rd., Toronto, ON. Canada.

    I hope that you also surf around the website http://www.islaam.ca and read the Qur’an. It will definitely benefit you.

    Get well soon.


  50. Although steroids will make u hyper u need to lie down and get rest. If u can’t sleep try a soothing book….not too much psycho analytical piece though…..
    n for your treatment option good to know that u’ll have chose the state of the art aggressive medications. Hey no problem trying to find peach in Himalayas but honestly u need medical intervention here…not divine intervention! Please do not misunderstand I’m not a atheist.
    There’s a saying in bengali “joto moth totoh poth”…this kinda translates if there is will, there is a way…..i agree but in this context u have only ONE WAY…get the best treatment available and if all hell break loose don’t be afraid to experiment with the non-tested research drugs!
    Bhalo theko,

  51. Although steroids will make u hyper u need to lie down and get rest. If u can’t sleep try a soothing book….not too much psycho analytical piece though…..
    n for your treatment options good to know that u have chosen the state of the art aggressive medications. Hey no problem trying to find peace in Himalayas but honestly u need medical intervention here…not divine intervention! Please do not misunderstand I’m not an atheist.
    There’s a saying in bengali “joto moth totoh poth”…this kinda translates if there is will, there is a way…..i agree but in this context u have only ONE WAY…get the best treatment available and if all hell break loose don’t be afraid to experiment with the non-tested research drugs!
    Bhalo theko,

  52. hi lisa,

    always be happy……;-)

  53. Nice to hear from you again. Its a nice thing you have got going on here. More than anything this will create awareness among people. You also have a nice and witty writing style, hope to read more.

    BTW cool T-shirt.

  54. on September 10, 2009 at 2:14 pm | Reply Raj Kumar Ahmed

    Hi Lisa!
    It’s very painful to me.
    This is the month of fasting.
    And I’m going through fasting.
    I’ll pray to Allah for your health.
    Continue treatment and consult with best doctors.

    Take care.

  55. Hi Lisa
    I’m glad to hear that you’re doing well for the most part and wish you all the best with your treatments so that you will live a long and happy life. When I read the article in the Globe and Mail today, it reminded me of when I was diagnosed 22 years ago. It’s hard to know what the future will bring, but it’s a good thing to plan for the future and live for today.
    I don’t know if you’ve had time to take part in The Healing Journey at Princess Margaret Hospital but the work of Dr. Alastair Cunningham made a big difference to me in my healing journey.
    There are many resources out there, but it’s important to find things that speak to you, and to take care of your own needs so your body can heal itself.
    I have been around the cancer community for many years and I’m now a Wellness Coach specializing in Cancer Recovery.
    Please see my blog at: lynnroodbol.wordpress.com
    Best wishes,
    Lynn Roodbol

  56. It is not only difficult but impossible to decipher why things happen the way they happen…!

    I read about your illness as others yesterday…! What can I say except that I am dismayed…! What matters is that u do not give up ur fight & certainly never let ur spirits be down..! There will be times when U will feel so…however just remain positive & have faith that things will become better..

    Most of all, have belief in the one who is above us..whatever form you believe in..:)

  57. Hi Lisa,

    A fellow indo-Canadian, I have followed and admired your work. I love the way you write – so please do not change that at all … shows us your intellectual side … something I really did not know about until I came to your blog today for the first time after finding out about your diagnosis on CTV.

    I really do admire you for going public with your journey to getting well again. I know that I would not hide any kind of illness from my family, friends or co-workers – they have been my support and I would want that most was I in the same condition. Of course, I don’t lead a public life like you do so I cannot fathom how hard it may have been for you to talk about it so openly. But kudos to you for doing this regardless.

    I know three people close to me who have been battling different types of cancer. One common trait in all three women, is their positive attitude and their amazing will power that gives them the courage to say to this disease every day that I will beat you. I am happy to say that all three are winning the battle.

    One suggestion that I would like to make to you – is to use your public profile not only to bring information about this disease to the masses but to please also talk about how stem cell transplants are done. Many people are still under the misconception that you need to donate marrow through painful bone invasions. That is simply not true.

    These can be collected from the donor without any invasion except a needle. I quote “They are collected from the blood through a process known as apheresis. The donor’s blood is withdrawn through a sterile needle in one arm and passed through a machine that removes white blood cells. The red blood cells are returned to the donor. The peripheral stem cell yield is boosted with daily subcutaneous injections of Granulocyte-colony stimulating factor, serving to mobilize stem cells from the donor’s bone marrow into the peripheral circulation.”

    Many people of Indian heritage do not go to blood banks to donate blood or register themselves in the One Match donor registry. All you need to do is go give one vial of blood – give your information and get registered. You never know when you can be the one person who save someone’s life by simply registering. They keep your blood and check for possible matches and you are not called unless there is a posibility of a match. More information can be found at http://www.onematch.ca/.

    Be well Lisa … and continue to inspire people. This will all be a distant memory one day because you do have to will to survive.

    Take care.

    • Lisa –

      I found your blog through youtube earlier this week and was captured by your writing and openness – not to mention the subject matter. I can’t pretend to understand the feelings your are dealing with but do feel such empathy for you. My immediate reaction was to offer my own stem cells as a way of supporting your positive attitude and my selfish wish for this to never have happened to you. Not really understanding that I didn’t have a clue what I was talking about, just wanting to help you.

      Having read Sherry’s comments, I will search out and get myself registered for the One Match donor registry. Perhaps my lofty goal of helping you will now be translated into a more realistic goal of helping anyone I can. I really appreciate Sherry’s comments and the detail she included. It has motivated me.

      Lisa, love your writing and was already a fan of your work. Now a fan of your personal story.

      Wishing you the best.

  58. Hey hi Lisa…. hope this msg isnt just another coment
    Get Well Soon…
    I hope to see you soon

  59. As a fan, I was devastated to hear that you were diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. However, as a doctor, I’m pleased to see your spirits are still strong and would just like to reaffirm that many, many a time we have seen the will of the mind overpowering that of a disease leaving us docs scratching our heads. Never let a bad day get you down.
    I’m also happy to see so many people sending their wishes to you from all across the globe. Like them, I too wish you happiness and a successful treatment course… God bless.

  60. I met someone this year who was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. She was close to your age when diagnosed. She is in full remission now. She believes that the chemicals that are in the products that we use on a daily basis could have been the cause of her cancer. Since her diagnosis she is determined to reach out and help other people. Her website helps guide people to make the right choices for themselves when purchasing products. You can check out her website at http://www.youcare.ca.
    Go to tab ‘Home’, click on ‘My Story’ to learn more about her fight against cancer. It may be helpful. Wishing you the best. Alison

  61. Hi Lisa,

    My aunt passed away this year…leukaemia. And no one told me when she fell ill, because they were afraid I was too emotionally fragile to handle it. When I read your posts, I see such bravery and strength, it’s awe inspiring. And I understand now how important it is to be there…and present… 100% percent…not only for yourself but for others as well.
    I follow your journey, because I draw strength from your attitude and realise how small so many of our daily concerns are. Through these posts you are doing more for others than for yourself…even though they may seem cathartic. I have like so many young girls in India admired you right from the time you first emerged in the public eye. Get well soon, your life and journey are an inspiration.

  62. I was heartbroken to read of your news in this morning’s Bangalore Times, but I have every confidence that you will overcome this test.

    I’m a Toronto native, and a cancer patient too – I did my treatment at Sunnybrook. I was just 22 when I was diagnosed. Actually, I should say that I’m a cancer survivor (4 lucky years of remission this October.)

    Oddly enough, that’s not the only thing we have in common. This March I was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia (bone marrow failure) and as a result, practically lived off steroids for about 2 months. I’m still a tad round :)

    Anyway, I’ve always been (and continue to be) a great fan of your work. You’re in my thoughts and prayers, and I wish you the very best during your recovery.

    Love and support,

  63. Everyone here cares about you. we love you. we pray for you. but do you know what makes me really “near” you? the fact that it really seems that you care about us as much as we do with you. and that’s great from you.
    you don’t just write about your situation.
    you try to make in contact (platonic of course) with every single soul here.
    you know we love you, but I’m starting to think you love us too.
    thanks and keep on!!!

  64. Lisa,

    I am a big fan of your work, Water has been my favourite (is that the right word for a film that tore me apart, leaving me in a million devastated pieces? I don’t know….) film of the past five years or so.

    I am also the mother of a young leukemia survivor (Sam, http://www.caringbridge.org/canada/sam) and I have some idea of what you are going through, but admittedly I can’t fully know the pain and fear and craziness.

    We are thinking of you and wishing you the very best in peace, courage and your continuing quest to slow down and listen to what the universe is telling you.

    Take care,


  65. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes July8th of this year… I was dumbfounded… always been a healthy, positive, athletic woman… eating non-processed fresh foods….how the hell could this happen?!

    What had I done to myself to cause one of my organs to totally shut down… how come I had so much acid in me I could only walk across the room and be out of breath… how could I be so tired just from being awake?

    Now four shots a day and the constant thinking of what to have for breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks to keep my energy up.. balance my sugar and carb loads. How to eat the healthiest, most nutritious foods to repair my health as fast as possible. I am greatful I have never had food issues as I am constantly thinking of food now..

    There was no choice. It doesn’t matter that a virus had caused this. The choice of course is to do the best you can with what you have. Take the bull by the horns and do the best you can, your potential is limitless…

    I don’t hide my new condition from anyone.. its just there, apart of who I now am. I drag my needles and pokers and testing materials around with me where-ever I go.. the backpack transforming from the once limiting, ever present person I did not know to the friend I now embrace…

    I am lucky though… Being a network and computer geek in my work means I have to hide nothing from anyone. Although its tough right now… having that pre-existing condition in the US right now is not a good thing… no matter how healthy you were in the past.

    I wish you every positive thought I can muster. I have truly enjoyed all of your work and wish you a full and speedy recovery.


  66. Dear Lisa Ji,
    My best wishes are with you. Don’t worry. Just keep taking your treatment dutifully and without a miss and everything is going to be fine. My maternal grandmother underwent cancer treatment at the age of 78, two years back and now she is doing really well. So just stay happy and think optimistically.
    Take care and all the best!!!!!!!

  67. Dear Lisa,

    My mother had Multiple Myeloma in the early 70s. Then it was even more rare than it is today, and because of that, she agreed to discuss her experience with the treatments and their affect on her with the medical students at Queen’s University in Kingston. She also agreed to have an autopsy to help them learn more about the cancer. They found the original site of the cancer production and it was HEALED. What killed her was the strength and toxicity of the chemo treatment which broke down the cell structure in her pancreas and it erupted. This was already a weakened area because at the time she was diagnosed she was being pre-checked for gall badder surgery. It’s possible the chemo wasn’t the culprit but that a gallstone escaped and blocked the pancreatic duct causing inflamation. Whatever, your cancer specialist may be able to find the medical report of her treatment and autopsy in the Queen’s medical archives. Her name was Rhea Mae Thompkins.

    I pray for your continued strength and focus. As you write your blogs, remember to surrender your body to God. Blessings! May you “see” the white light of healing pouring through your body as you are God’s beacon.

  68. on September 10, 2009 at 2:56 pm | Reply Vikram Shashi Mohan

    As my brother keeps telling me, ” The Game’s never over till YOU win it”!! Keep fighting indeed. My hopes and prayers are with you. God Bless.


  69. dear lisa,

    i wish you 100% recovery.

    last year, i went through a strange period in my life — lots of pain, no diagnosis, and uncertainty about recovery. i started to recover the day i began to believe that i could actually make the recovery. i really connected with your writing. It is true, the most intense experiences make us stronger than ever.

    I did a lot of inspirational stories to help me along the way…thought I would share them with you:

    1. Ask and it is given — Esther and Jerry Hicks (takes you step by step into the Power of creating our own reality)
    2. My Stroke of Insight — Dr.Jill Taylor
    3. Perfect Health — Deepak Chopra

    A friend/teacher of mine had created some very powerful meditation/visualization practices to help us create the realities we desire. I used them everyday, they became a part of my life. You can look for the 5-minute miracle and the Healing Meditation on http://www.lovingsilence.org.

    Yoga teaches us that we are made up of 5 layers — body, breath, mind, perspective and emotions. Healing for any deep rooted condition must occur at all layers for it to be effective and permanent. I also used a lot of energy healing to work with all the 5 layers.

    Just wanted to share in case something here catches your fancy. I wish you complete recovery.

  70. Hello Lisa,
    I have been reading your blog since yesterday and look forward to reading more …in a way guilty for the fact that the diary is about your pain and endurance and that all of us should know how you feel…every time the needle pricks you. But I am trying to read it again from a readers/writer perspective, and feel its great job..considering the fact that due to your treatment there must be sometime during the day..when the medicines make you feel powerless and so vulnerable, that getting to the computer must be a challenge in itself. I admire your strength and your will power, cause many others can’t face reality as you do. We all habe a reality check at some point in our lives …and thats when we realize that there is so much to do …and just as much that we can achieve. Never let your present become your obsession…to an extent that you forget to see beyond… Do all that your heart thinks you can and go every where that your body takes you…keep your mind as active as you do right now. Enjoy every day in your life …and have no regrets what so ever. This time will pass and soon you will be as healthy and beautiful as ever!
    Love always,

  71. Hey beautiful…
    i m sure u ll get fine..n it wil al end lik a bad dream..
    so better concentrate on gud things in life..
    m still expecting a superhit blockbuster n sexy movie out of u.. ;)
    god does sometimes throw d most diffcult of d tests to d best of us..
    n V have to prove dat he was not wrong..

    u must start thinking about “kil kil faster faster part 2″;)hehe

    keep fighting..god bless u..
    luv u..n m there wd u.

  72. Dear Lisa,
    I was stunned to hear about your condition.I had always admired you and I can not express the grief I felt.Why do these things happen to good people…..May God bless you with a smooth and speedy recovery.My prayers are with you.I read your blog for the first time today.I found it very engrossing.Not only are you beautiful, you are also a very good writer.I’ll keep coming back to you.
    You know Lisa, life is beautiful and so are you.If life can go on, so can you.Beauty is divine.I am sure, your divinity will pull you out of your present crisis.Rest assured.
    With all my love and regards.

  73. Hi,
    Please try out this doctor his name is Dr. Munir Khan and has cured cancer permanently.

    Versova Bowla, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400061
    022 26349391

  74. Lisa Lisa Lisa,

    Somehow I made on one of your blog, being the first one comment on it. So I was trying to do it again. Be the first or last, but with your sleepless hyper state, I am, even three hours behind you, I need go to sleep 2am, that was too early 5am for you to go to bed… so I missed for being the first one. Thought maybe I try to last one? with the endless love and cares from around the world, that’s not going to be a end. So now I am just settling for being in the middle… :) BTW for having over 500 comments on one blog, it’s going to take a while to get to end of page to find the place to leave reply, so people starting to reply on my reply, see i start a trend… even have someone ask me Nairong can you tell me how to reply… :) I think I should start a class to show people how to reply Lisa’s blog… I hope that made you smile… :)

    I think I am a very “selective” reader, somehow I am happily remember “getting membership into the FULL REMISSION club” and “I am aiming for a stem cell transplant and to be symptom free by December”(with my limited knowledge of MM, i do think stem cell transplant will gets you there) :) :) :)

    • “high school prankster with sticky fingers” made me laugh so hard…:) Beautiful stunning face and Baby cheeks… most people will happy to have one but you have both… lucky you… :)

  75. dear lisa
    I was shocked when i saw news about you as i was also sick and taking rest that day. But when i knew that your disease is not revealed by yourself this showed us how brave you are. Anyways allah will show his mercy upon you and he has done.but how, let me explain have you felt such a close touch of your well wishers like a family around you and their emotions to you will give the strength to fight. But you are a great fighter i salute you and i forgot to give you compliments about your last pic you look very bful but like a wrestler. Thanx a lot for giving space for this nacheez to express something what i feel about you

  76. there really is only one proven cancer treatment in the world.. medical marijuana. Research it yourself, look up “run from the cure” or go to http://www.phoenixtears.ca for information on how to make the medicine. Remember you control your choices not the government or medical establishments.

  77. Lisa,

    You look beautiful. I am praying for you. I believe you will be cured fully, completely, absolutely and will live a great, fulfilling, full, fun, and oh-so-long-and-lovely life.

    All my love,

  78. you look so angelic these days, hope u r feelin better

  79. I really enjoyed your movie Bollywood/Hollywood and became a big fan of yours.. the movie was great ur acting even better..

    I was hoping to see some more of ur movies until i heard of u getting cancer.. hope u get better soon..

    I used to have a aunt who had cancer and the doc gave her 6 months tops.. she survived 20 years, stopped taking medicine.. she died of heart attack… Go figure.. so have faith.. I say it is all in the mind..

  80. Steroids or not , Puffy or not, you still look gorgeous :) Rock On!

  81. Hi Lisa

    I read in the newspaper today. I got the address of your blog there as well.

    I’ve been an ardent fan of your impeccable personality since long, which is out of this world. And now I’m even more impressed by your geniality that reflects in the blog.

    I feel privileged to be able to write to you, so easily through this medium, that never was possible before about 14 or so years ago, when “Afreen Afreen” came out and I was doing my undergrad.

    I get a feeling that you are a very good person, and I’m a firm believer of the adage that good things happen to good people. Time tests our patience, but time heals, sometimes with wonders that we never thought could happen.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts so freely, with your fans…


  82. hi Liza,

    I read about you in the Globe and Mail newspaper this morning. I wish you well on your healing journey.

    Have you heard about Kangen water? Kangen water is anti-oxidant, alkaline, and hexagonal … properties which help the body to heal itself. I’d be happy to tell you more if you are interested.

    Many people who have cancer drink this water.

    sincerely and with love,


    blog: http://www.ionizedwatervancouver.com

    website: http://www.ionizedwaterforhealth.info (INFO)

  83. hello lisa,

    I’m writing to you to tell you that I am concerned about your well being and that there is only one way for you to get completely healed without medicines and that is by coming to Lord Jesus.

    I know you are a woman of today who has the power to think. So I urge you to please come to Jesus and be healed without the trauma of the complicated medicines.

    I believe you are well able at the moment to move around, so I suggest that you taste this healing power of Lord Jesus yourself by going to the venue below:

    Metro Toronto Convention Centre
    South Building
    Halls F & G
    255 Front Street West
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5V 2W6

    September 10-11, 2009
    Thu 7:00PM & Fri @ 10:00AM & 7:00PM

    Trust it’s not too far from your home. Please come to the living God who can and will heal you of your sickness when you come to Him.

    You can also go on the 12th Sept 2009 to the same venue. Sat 2:00PM. Doors Open at 10:00AM. Please make it a point to go on all 3 days.

    There is no one else who can heal you and deliver you from your pain except Jesus. I know you are educated and well informed about your condition but coming to Jesus is what you need to do now to live a long, happy, peaceful and painfree life. Please take this as a sister’s advice.

    Hope and pray that you will make it there. Trust you WILL go! Please do… please please please go. I don’t live in Canada, otherwise I would have by some means taken you there by myself… I am miles away but I know this is your real chance to be perfect again. so please go.

    I have tasted the love and power of Lord Jesus and invite you to do the same and be blessed forever. Believe me you will have your healing and new life.

    Lots of Love

  84. I am so sorry to hear this news. As a breast cancer survivor, I do know the power of being upbeat and positive. I also know that some days you might need to allow yourself to be sad and downbeat, too. There is no one right way to endure this shit.

    Frankly, I did get weary of everybody telling me to stay positive all the time because there are so many people that are far more positive than me that didn’t survive. It almost feels like blaming the victim and violating their memory because in a way it sends the message that if they’d have just fought a little harder and wanted life just a little bit more, they’d be alive today. I know that’s not what people mean when they say “staying positive will help you beat this”, but it sure felt that way to me.

  85. Your smile is a sunshine, please don’t stop!

    hugs from Mexico!!

  86. Lisa,

    You are a wonderful beautiful talented being. I pray that God is with you always through your difficult journey ahead. You can do it!!! Remember, always have faith. Thank you for sharing your difficult journey with all your fans, we are all here to support you and bring your positive energy. God Bless you and keep you safe, always.

    Christina Baldino
    Newcastle, Ontario

  87. Hey Lisa
    You Know what

    “Hope is a Good thing, may be the Best of Things and no Good thing ever dies ”

    One true to life quote from the Movie “Shawshank Redemption”

    Best of my Cares


  88. discovered your blog by way of cbc’s the q… thank you for sharing your story. it can’t be easy but you do it with humour, charm, wit, hope and cleverness. bon courage! enjoy tiff :)

    ps- still looking as gorgeous as ever!

  89. “hugs”

    This hug better help

  90. Hi Lisa

    Your belief in yourself and courage will make things easier for you. Please don’t ever let go of that smile. People admire and love you this.


  91. Hi Lisa

    I dont know if you will read this reply, nevertheless, I wish to share my thoughts. I have no suggestions or words of wisdom, as I can see you have that in tons! Infact, we all can learn a thing or two from you, salute the fighter in you!!

    You blog is an eye opener to many of us who go on with our daily struggles thinking what could be worse than this, and, when we come across things like these, it stuns and make us think. Its so important to be grateful for whatever one has and am sure, reading your blog and how you are dealing with this personal battle, many of us would realize a lot.

    Thanks for sharing your views and yes, do take good care, your battle has become battle for many, because they would be praying and hoping for your best.

    Lots of love

  92. Lisa,

    You are a beautiful and brave person, and I truly admire your strength and will. Thank you for opening up to all your fans, and keeping us all updated on your progress, we truly appreciate this.

    I will pray that you will be well very soon, and that your Cancer will be in remission. You are an amazing person, and God will be with you always, stay strong and be positive.

    Christina Baldino
    Newcastle, Ontario

  93. i heard the news of cancer on television..
    i dont know how to reach u other than leaving a comment on your blog..but i need to tell u this..
    pls give ur heart and soul to jesus.he died for you..he is the one who gives life.please go to him and cry out to him..
    eternity is a horror for people who dont know God..
    pls get right with God for whatever time u have…
    i pray that the Lord heals you and you are saved..
    read about being a born again..pls i have love for you and i dont want u to die…but jesus is the only savior.pls get right with him..repent of your sins and ask jesus to forgive u..
    he is real and alive..

  94. Dear Lisa

    We are all wishing you the best, healing, and growing from this experience. Godspeed on that!

    And I respect your decision to not mix alternatives with the treatment you are getting from your doctors.

    But I also want to share with you my experiences with Multiple Myeloma. You see, in 1995 (after a second broken bone– which turned out to be another lesion) my mom was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. They told her she has about three years to live. Well two things about that– one is that the medical treatment has evolved incredibly since then (even during those three years), and the other is that it’s 2009 and I’m happy to tell you, my mom is still around, and enjoying life!

    But also, about alternatives (and I know pretty much everyone will tell you to do something), when my mom was first diagnosed she told me sternly that she did not want me telling her about all my crazy ideas. so i held back and just wanted to support her, but then after her first chemo she decided that my crazy stuff couldn’t hurt, and she started doing a few things that I am going to tell you about (but I totally respect your decision not to mix stuff).

    1– she started eating live food– not 100% but was sure to have sprouts with almost every meal (to make her do this i actually went over every day and rinsed/soaked sprouts for her… sunflower spouts, lentil spouts, alfalfa… they call it “biogenic” or life-giving

    2– she called it her “mud” but she drank Essiac tea every day (as much as she did not care for the taste– the fact that some universities have had good results with it. made her accept it. I think Essiac is one of the best healing tonics on this planet.

    3– she did the Hulda Clark cleanse (Hulda C is a pretty controversial person in the cancer world, but I have since seen her treatments work with a variety of cancers– in Montreal, where I used to live, I found a nurse who did the clarke techniques and sent a young woman, acrobat from Cirque du Soleil with horrible stomach cancer to her, and she too is still alive and kickin’ …there are two parts to the Hulda Clark treatment: one is de-parasiting your body– the average person has many parasites it’s not the end of the world, but apparently very often cancer patients have the parasites in strange places, like toxins in the body allowed them to migrate and wreak havoc. The other Hulda Clark technique uses a frequency generator that you hold on to and it send frequencies through your body, the concept is like resonance: how an opera singer can hit the right frequency to shatter a crystal. But on a microscopic level…. it’s pretty amazing stuff and if you study the history of this technology, you will see that it started in the ’20s (Rife) and went on being developed through to the 60s (Antoine Priore) before being perfected by Hulda Clark (originally a cell physiologist for the Canadian government).

    Long story short: after my moms 3rd chemo they tested her blood again, and were shocked. she had 0% in her body. The cancer was gone. Now, moms didn’t change her entire lifestyle after that, just got back on with living life… 10 years pretty much to the date, she started to get lesions again and the cancer was back– that was four years ago now. The second time she didn’t do alternatives (she’s in her 70s now, I don’t blame her). And again, the cancer is gone! There are residual issues (the last bouts of chemo did a number on her immune system and now she has to be really careful. Also some of the last lesions were in her spine, and that plus some of the radiation hit nerves, and so she has a lot of pain. But she’s alive 14 years later, takes care of her grandkids, goes to galleries, theatres, the opera, and her and my dad are happy and taking care of each other in their golden years.

    …..Something I am certain you will live to do as well!

    warm regards,
    your fan,

    PS: if my mom was a Yogini, i would have also tried to get her into Chi Gong (or Chi Kung) which you can do yourself! ….Not sure if you’ve come across Mantak Chia on your travels, but his Iron Shirt Chi Gong is an accessible self- healing technique, all prana/chi based, and you seem like someone who has grounded positive energy, so this healing tech. is at your fingertips Lisa, it’s in the “So Ham” inside you

  95. Lisa,

    We love you from bottom of our heart.

    Since I saw you in “Aafreen Aafreen”, I couldn’t forget that mysterious girl. this song was released when I was in the college and we guys Loved to watch this video just because of you (I must admit).

    Now, I am married and I have a 1.5 years old son, who dance almost every day on your song called “Rang Rang” from the movie Bollywood Hollywood. There is a music channel that keeps playing this song and my little devil starts dancing along with you.

    I can see, two generations, dancing on your beats and it will continue till this world last.

    It’s a heartbreaking news for us (your health) but I know you will be fine Insha Allah.

    Me and my wife praying for you from the core of our heart.

    You will win Lisa, don’t worry.

    Love Ya
    New Delhi

  96. I am a believer in natural remedies so
    I hope you will try these suggestions
    & get better soon.


    This is dedicated to Jacquie, my loving ex-mother in law who was a surrogate mum to me for a good decade.
    If I had known these things 5 years or so ago she might be still with us now but when I press send on this button here I know she’ll be behind me with the biggest cheesiest grin and she’ll be happy.

    I’ve been giving dietary advice to various friends who have been passing this information on to relatives with differing forms of cancer.

    So far all the ones who have taken this advice are alive and also free of cancer, this is over a period of 3 years, 2 had surgery first and no more, one had surgery and chemo, one had chemo and radiation.

    Writing this is an attempt to get a my interpretation of the cancer phenomena out of my head, to describe with proof what I think the data means and to come up with simple, affordable and doable self treatments that can be used with whatever other therapy is chosen.

    I’d like to see the work of oncologists who treat cancer get easier.
    I also want to see people get better and get on with their lives.

    Take up to 2 grams of Bromelain with meals.
    To get some form of Selenium food either from 3-4 Brazil nuts a day or from Broccoli and Garlic.
    I now recommend a bottle of Cod Liver Oil a week.
    (Hemp seed oil is even better!)

    I suggest Green Tea as Green Tea and Cod Liver Oil work synergistically.
    Some Lysine tablets, at least 3 grams worth.
    Vitamin C, preferably from food such as lemons though Sodium Ascorbate powder will do.
    I haven’t advised people to take B3 or Nicotinamide but I now think I should.

  97. Hi Lisa,

    I don’t remember exactly the first time i saw you on screen. Maybe it was that “Afreen” song… It was some time during my adolescent years that i remember. Since then i have always wished if ever i could know more about you. I always wished to look beyond the beautiful eyes that you have. The emotions that flowed through them. Maybe it was my adolescence, innocence or something like that, but the memories are so sweet that even now they are fresh like morning dew.

    I will call it destiny that the way i got to know you came more like a shocking news. I could not believe it is the same Lisa when i read an article about your health in “Hindustan Times” today. I was obviously worried and while at work i could not stop myself from opening your blog page. As i started reading the words written on screen, a feeling started building up somewhere inside. It was a totally a different kind of feeling. Like sorrow and joy coincide. One part of me was feeling sorry about the pain you must be going through. While the other part just wanted to say “Hats Off to you Lisa! You rock..” Really! This is the best positive approach i have ever seen in my life. You have given me an example and a reason to be normal in challenging situations of life. Persons like you are rare in this world and it gives me joy that i got this opportunity to know about one such person in my lifetime.

    Lisa, Thanks for giving so much to my life. i really owe you a lot. In return, I am not capable to give you anything, not even an advice as i don’t know the ABC of medical science.

    However, i wish you live a long life and keep on enlightening the lives of millions like me. I hope you are already on the right path of spirituality; please continue evolving on that path.

    You look beautiful and you will always look beautiful. Please keep posting your pics on this blog.

    There are millions like me who love Lisa, but there is only one Lisa they love. Thats you. :)

    Hoping to get a word from you soon.

    Banny Sidhu

  98. Translating machine too bad
    only know about some

    mmm, No can share the story.
    Only can refuel to you
    Our strong lisa
    To have a good rest
    wakes tomorrow to be able to be better

    pray,Every day.


  99. First, yes, cancer can be beaten. My god-daughter, who is 25 and just had her second child was just diagnosedwith cancer and she begins her treatment at the cross cancer clinic in Edmonton. It’s a hard battlebut this is somethng we have to win.

  100. Love you!!

  101. Good day Sunshine,

    You are, God’s favorite child, and well loved by all.

    New day new blessing. I’d like to start my day by sending you my blessings:

    May love and laughter light your days,
    and warm your heart and home.

    May good and faithful friends be yours,
    wherever you may roam.

    May peace and plenty bless your world
    with joy that long endures.

    May all life’s passing seasons
    bring the best to you and yours!

    Enjoy every moment of your day!

    Much love & light,

  102. So excited to see your smile, don’t stay up tooo late the next time. Love you.

  103. Like they say Lisa, Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies: It can be done, check out this example:



  104. IN the last two days , I could’t concentrate on my work, worrying about you even when holding a meeting. Now ,I feel extremely happy to see your smile, you’re really a part of my life.

  105. You rock girl ;-))

    Looking forward to seeing you in that sari/dress and oh….. not all of us are slim and trim …… so bet you’ll have a new fan base due to those curves!!!!!

    Loads of Love Hugs & Blessings.

  106. You read EVERY single comment? Wow, respect! How long did it take? Like 6:30 in the morning? ;-)
    Jeez, you’re as beautiful as always, even a little cuter :-) baby cheeks really suit you perfectly though you’re getting in trouble because of them hehe. But honestly how can this shop owner suggest that someone with those cute baby cheeks is even able to shoplift ;-)
    A forum would be awesome! Your comments section is getting crowded…so in a forum you can read all our comments more comfortable…til 6:30 am ;-)
    “I was looking forward to teaching this class cause I don’t like to talk a lot. Which is why I became an actress of course.“ Dear, I’m still laughing hardly! I also don’t like talking a lot (especially as in teaching a class) but had a LOT of fun in the theatre group back in school. So, yeah it’s definitely possible :-D
    Uhm, I don’t think there’s a “yes, tell all your work colleagues” or “never ever tell them”. You know, I believe in intuition ;-) Just tell them if you’re 100% positive about it…oh sorry, I forgot, you don’t like to speak…;-)
    So far, so well. Send you much love and – as I see – lots of smileys :-)


  107. Dear Lisa:
    First, I want to tell you, I love green tea, truly!
    As for the grapefruit, I like it, but I can not eat. After I have vertigo and Meniere’s disease, I rarely eat the citrus fruit, because they will let me break out, and feel uncomfortable,especially orange. I miss the taste of orange and grapefruit.

    Second, I love this photo very much, you look so lovely!

    Last, I will always support you, love you, no matter what. You have to take good care of yourself!Promise me!

    Your fans from Taiwan

  108. It is sad to see the blog about Lisa Ray’s pain with the disease Myeloma. Her confidence is really appreciated.

    However we would like to help her get rid of this disease. It can be cured through Reiki treatment. We have helped many people to get rid of such problems. It’s our pleasure to treat Lisa Ray also.

    It would be great if anyone could give us the contact details of her or inform her about this. Should you have any doubts regarding this, we would be happy to clarify them. Please email us at reiki.nirmala@gmail.com.

  109. I pray for your well being. A celebrity ,that too in show business, confessing so frankly is rare to find. You will win this battle and you have to .You are a brave woman. Trust yourself , have faith in god, and keep believing that you are getting alright .Victory will be yours.

  110. Dear Lisa,

    Read the G&M article this morning first, then your blog. I must tell you that it is taking a bit of courage from this old and rather private fellow Multiple Myeloma patient that lives in Ottawa to post (what is a blog anyway?). But what the heck, you are a talented storyteller, and you are already doing much more than I’ll ever do to raise awareness about MM, and the journey that cancer patients go through. So, I think that the least I can do is share some of my own experience.

    I get a kick out of your capitalizing Multiple Myeloma – just like me – whereas most others won’t. Trust me, it does not merit the capitalization. I can pull seniority rank on you, both in age, and as a member of the club. Otherwise, it is almost fun – did I say that? – to read about the details of what you are going through, and compare them with my own, the memory of such details sometimes fading, because after all, it has been a few years. You see, I was diagnosed with MM back in 2002 at age 58 and I have followed much of the road you are now engaged in. I feel just fine now, thank you, and better in many ways, than a few years ago. And over all these years, I have not spent one night at the hospital in Ottawa where I live, on account of MM (I have, because of other, “more benign” reasons!). I, too, have tricky veins, and when I go for my monthly pamidronate IV, the nurses, all of whom are old friends now, tend to duck! So, this, and memories of my PIC line, have been about the most trying aspects of my treatment.

    Did they tell you that not very long ago, the treatment of MM patients involved keeping them undeneath an isolation tent at hospital for close to 6 months? Do you know that your own treatment, Velcade, as well as Revlimid and other tools in the box were not even available when I started my own treatment, and that many more are already in the pipeline? So, just one word of warning: When, many years from now, you will be going about your business and regular activities, friends that you meet will look you over with that inquisitive look that seems to say “Hmm…so, what is all the fuss about, and what is it again that you said you have?”

  111. hello lisa,

    I’m writing to you to tell you that I am concerned about your well being and that there is only one way for you to get completely healed without medicines and that is by coming to Lord Jesus.

    I know you are a woman of today who has the power to think. So I urge you to please come to Jesus and be healed without the trauma of the complicated medicines.

    I believe you are well able at the moment to move around, so I suggest that you taste this healing power of Lord Jesus yourself by going to the venue below, where pastor benny hinn is holding the meetings:

    Metro Toronto Convention Centre
    South Building
    Halls F & G
    255 Front Street West
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5V 2W6

    September 10-11, 2009
    Thu 7:00PM & Fri @ 10:00AM & 7:00PM

    Trust it’s not too far from your home. Please come to the living God who can and will heal you of your sickness when you come to Him.

    You can also go on the 12th Sept 2009 to the same venue. Sat 2:00PM. Doors Open at 10:00AM. Please make it a point to go on all 3 days.

    There is no one else who can heal you and deliver you from your pain except Jesus. I know you are educated and well informed about your condition but coming to Jesus is what you need to do now to live a long, happy, peaceful and painfree life. Please take this as a sister’s advice.

    Hope and pray that you will make it there. Trust you WILL go! Please do… please please please go. I don’t live in Canada, otherwise I would have by some means taken you there by myself… I am miles away but I know this is your real chance to be perfect again. so please go.

    I have tasted the love and power of Lord Jesus and invite you to do the same and be blessed forever. Believe me you will have your healing and new life.

    Lots of Love

  112. Hey Lady, watch Russell Peter, he is kind of funny. Dont you get sick of talking cancer all the time. Screw cancer man. Enjoy your life to the fullest. Cheers to living! and believe me you are stuck talking about cancer now even if you win an oscar. And stop working in that Shamim whatevers movies aghhhhhhhh.

  113. Hi Lisa,
    We got hindustan times newspaper yesterday and I read about your cancer, and I am very sad. I dont know u…u dont know me..but having this feeling of loosing someone ,with whom u have once shared the pic frame is very bad..
    I wish u all luck,and God is with you always.
    If you remember the cola cola promotion 2001(after u did kasoor)..do reply back

    With Love
    Dipin (dipindhingra83@gmail.com)

  114. The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do!! – Walter Bagehot

    My Nanna was diagnosed with SCLC at 71, and was given one year. Being ” blessed with the attitude of a jackass” and a colourful character, her response to her diagnosis was that she would not be told ‘when’, farless ‘how’- For she still had suitors waiting ‘hand and foot on her and she never disappointed and was not about to begin diappointing! (ofcourse I toned it down, lol)

    She did this battle on her terms, just like everything else in her life. Anyone who has experienced chemo or been in the presence of a loved one who has undergone the treatment would know that IT’S NEVER EASY!. Nanna never complained, never entertained the ‘pity parties’, cussed plenty though. She said that bitching only extends the suffering. She signed up only for pain !

    L, I use my Nanna as the epitome of determination and a lover of life. She did things her way and I know that you will too, accompanied with the support of those who love you. For the fight is not over unless YOU say so!

    By the way, my family was blessed to have her for another 5 years

  115. Hello
    I am not your fan; actually i do not believe on fan following and all. Well; i read the news about you being diagnosed with multiple myeloma. So, i thought to give you some information about its presumable cure. I know; there is no cure in so called “modern medicine”; but if you look for alternative medicine; this condition can be cured. I do not know whether you are aware of “Miracle Mineral Solution” so if you have time; go through this page..


    Jim Humble; is guy who discovered this. It was down to me to spread this information; but it is up to you how do you look at it…

    “Life is not measured by number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breaths away”…Cheer up

  116. English is not my first language, but i’m so touched by your words. So great what you have done. Bon courage!

  117. Lisa!
    You are the most beautiful person I’ve ever come across. Your mind is as beautiful as you are. Remember god is always with you. All are prayers are with you. I will surely pray for you everyday! You will surely be fine soon. Be positive. I know initially it is tough. But you can Lisa! Cheer up! Take good care. Spend time with people you love. You will feel relaxed! Don’t worry!
    Good Luck!

  118. hi,

    i just found this news and searched for this site. i’m a fan of yours from the days of bombay dying Ad’s.

    just at the time your career is showing in films, hearing this i felt very bad, feeling unhappy wont improve any thing, be positive, energetic and hopeful that every thing turns right.

    with lost of hope & love,

    p.s: miracles do happen if we ‘will’ it.

  119. hi lisa,
    watch dusvidania if you havent … make a list … and do it … and always remember that god loves you more than us … btw i love you too :)

  120. hay Lisa…
    Once I met you here in Osho international meditaion resort pune..just had few Osho peoples interviews who have canser…and found what Osho say…yes take your good care…

  121. Dear Lisa

    Can I request you to seriously consider treatment from Dr Anil Taneja who is a regular MBBS Doctor who practices Ayurvedic based herbal and mineral treatment. He has prolonged life of many a patients with your condition and cured many with incurable conditions. You can contact the doctor as given on his website http://dr_anil_taneja.tripod.com/
    while present treatment may give you a sense of healing you need to get holistically cured
    Happy Healing
    Good Luck

  122. Lisa Lisa Lisa :) Just Chill baby, Nothing can harm u believe me.
    L Life
    I Is
    S Surround
    A About
    What I mean ur name mean Life is always close to U. Though when I lost my sister last year 22 Oct 2008 i too got afraid with this terror of Cancer but now I m very positive nothing can Harm U as ur WILL POWER and Spirit to fight back fear will WIN. We Need U. Its not craziness but truth as Ur genuine gentle and great. :) 3G

    I dont want to comment on medicines as everyone gave lovely wishes and medication tips. sure meditation will help. Blood purification can be done with Neem, Bitter Gourd etc which you may be trying out sure even though u may not like it. My friend just listen to lovely Music of ur choice & some time feel the OM inner u as ur already pure, Nothing bad can touch ur soul.Vibrations will purify blood and relaxation give u good sleep and energy. Stay healthy and in good mood Believe me I do not want to proclaim the truth but my inner power says if I m true my words will do MIRACLES .. Just check out u r Curing, During my meditation I ll surely my Cosmic energy will feel u recover u negativity. Amen God bless u Once u feel good do mail me if u get time bobhalder@gmail.com

    Trust Me Lisa :) Nothing happened to U..Its just a fluke to test how much world loves U
    Bob Halder

  123. Haylo, here im to send you love and prayers on ma part.

  124. Lisa
    You know today i decide to have a look every day on your blog!
    I’m housewife so i have a lot of time ! i don’t understand all but i have a good dictionary and i remember my english lesson when i was young(lol) I would like to see a smile on your face…..! i know, sometime life is really cruel and we don’t choose,but i would like to say thanks to exist Lisa, i’m so happy to know you !
    Kisses from France

  125. Hey Lisa,

    I am into your writing and would have read your blog any given day. What is the basis? U r downright beautiful-inside and outside. U have a certain level of self-respect and u command a lot of respect. Now that flattery is over, let’s get to it.

    We are separated by 362 days by birth and a whole bunch of continents by geography. But i am sure there will be a day when i will meet you and ask for a wonderful relationship with you.

    Yes, you have cancer and yes i will be as one of the million support systems u will have. But let us not just frame ur existence into a patient with experiences. there are other things about you that is common with me and probably a lot of other people too. But what makes me happy is that there is something common between you and me. I have this friend whom i secretly like, to whom i was initially attratcted because – you guessed it – she looks like you. So i thought i got my own lisa ray. How abt that? and now to know that i get to write to the real lisa ray…. What can i say? i just love you.

    We as seekers are never satisfied with what we find or sometime stumble upon or sometimes what finds us. Ur experiences and interest seems to suggest that you are seeking to find yourself. If that is true then join the club. I bet you that this club is equally interesting. Enoughr for today. Off to your other comments.

    Catch you later. Keep it going.

  126. Dear Lisa,

    I remember the first time I saw you. I was in calcutta (now Kolkatta) at that time. I think it was your first appearance, not sure. I am talking about Evita ad. You looked gorgeous, so do you look today. Anyways, I read about your fight today in the newspaper. I felt bad, really bad. I know you are doing anything and everything you can. I can only pray and hope. I will do that. Dont give up the fight, we’ll fight till we win. :) Remember an old saying, fortune favors the brave. You are brave, I am sure you will win this fight. Best of luck. I will be a regular visitor to this blog now. Take care

  127. Hi Lisa,

    I’ve been healthy for 9 years now after a multiple myeloma diagnosis. – VAD/stem cell transplant/ Thalidomide/ Revlamid/ and now Velcade with steroids.

    Our goal, yours and mine, is to stay as healthy, active and positive as possible while the researchers find yet another drug which will keep us around!

    Family is crucial and it is difficult for them. Friends rally around with love and prayers. But the core of our response has to come from within – a positive attitude – a willingness to share/discuss/ support others – a joy in every day.

    Personally, skiing in the winter and golfing in the summer keep the spirits up and the body healthy. It is difficult to be on the steroids, but I’ve read a number of books in those wee hours when sleep is elusive.

    So, LIsa, you’ve joined the “myeloma club” and although it’s not one we would ever have chosen, we’ll continue with optimism and laughter to live this precious time.

  128. You look pretty in that pink outfit! Understand that you are feeling healthy & hyper, but please do try to get some sleep girl… We all want to see you happy, chirping, bubbling, smiling(hot one of course!)….

    Love ya…

    Take good care of urself…


  129. Dear Lisa, it is very painful to hear of what you are going through.I felt disturbed reading about your struggle. I will keep you in my prayers.

    If u are familiar with the Gayatri mantra and Maha Mritunjaya mantra , i would urge you to chant everyday even as you go about doing your daily chores.Play a cassette in the background if u find it difficult to chant. Imagine the rising sun/ setting sun’s rays entering your body and healing you as you listen to the mantra.

    The gayatri Mantra will help direct you to make the right decisions about your treatment and the healing process and the Mahamritunjaya Mantra will restore health and well being.
    It works.

    Keep the faith as that above all is the biggest healer ….I’m sure you’ll be fit and fine and blogging away many years from now as well.You are so intelligent and bright and accomplished ..the world needs you here more than any place else.

    Take care and best wishes.

  130. brave girl!

    all the best from germany.

  131. hi
    You look absolutely stunning. you will always be the dream girl of my life no matter where u are.
    and i know you gonna be fine.don’t worry at all, keep fighting the whole world is with you.

    take care
    love you


  132. Hey Lisa,

    Really don’t know what to say…you are just so wonderfully expressive and brave and clear hearted to face this so openly and share your journey…I pray you get well soon and get a 100% purrrrrrfect!


    You make me think positively!!! You know one tends to forget, but I think many of us have witnessed some miracles in life…I remember there are times when I have given up trying..but not hoping and praying and magically the clouds part and the sun shines. These clouds will pass away…sometimes we need to let go of the steering wheel so God or someone watching over us can take over :).


  133. Dear Lisa,
    My thoughts are with you…yesterday my husband, 47, was told he may have MM or perhaps another cancer (tests have begun) and we will find out in the next few days. His mother was diagnosed with the same disease 2 years ago to the month and she in her mid-70s.
    My best friend flew to Jakarta early this morning and on his stop-over in Toronto read the Globe and Mail article on you and called to let me know about it.
    What stage are you at? I have not had a chance to read the whole blog, but I think it will become my lifeline.

  134. hi Lisa ji
    This is sonu from Delhi. I loved your work in kasoor.
    The news of you having that disease was really upsetting.
    I loved your decision to fight with all might ! thats the spirit !
    You have the wishes of all Indians ! May god bless you with best of health and may you soon recover from this disease !

    And would like you to get married and have kids !

    Now I have few things to share , the one which was shared by someone named – Lisa ray : NEVER NEVER GIVE UP !

    Cheers and god bless !


  135. Dear Lisa,

    Ever since I saw you in the movie Kasoor, I have been in love with you. I loved your style of acting and I’ve seen you grow in each of your movies. One of my favourite movies is Water and you play that role so beautifully. You seem like a genuine and original actress who isn’t afraid to do her own thing!

    I am very saddened to hear that you have cancer. I guess you hear that every day. You are so strong and have lots of courage! You are in my prayers and I extend to you many blessings! I hope that the sickness doesn’t break your spirit nor your heart. That is were the beauty remains.

    If you may not survive this battle know that you’ve been loved and cherished! I hope you’ll be here for a long time to stay! As Buddha said: Carry on! I am with you!



  136. Hii LIsa

    Dere’s a big word in press here in india abt u
    We all luv u, ppl hv sited examples of other celebs which hv came out f dis difficult phase
    never let dwn urself n ur nation

  137. Hi Lisa,
    I’m glad to hear that you have alternative therapies as a part of your “arsenal” to win this challenge. It’s wise that you don’t mix different health modalities together because they can interact with your treatment. You can, however, stay away from foods that will add to the water storage. ;-) Diary and sweets being the two most angelic culprits. You can help your body by giving it warm temp. nourishment as well. Acupuncture, yoga, meditation, etc. definitely help. I’m also glad that someone reminded you that this challenge is about you eventhough it will affect your loved ones. Be mindful of the energy you expend making other people feel comforted because they are scared for you. Please also ask for what you really need.

    I was diagnosed with cancer in my early 30s and is clean for 10 years. I have treated, supported and lost cancer patients. Everyone deals with it differently but one attribute is constant and that is your attitude. No matter how much support and love you have, you’ll still have to walk to the finish line yourself. It’s not about being fearless but about having more courage to do what is needed, to move forward and to live. You need to believe in yourself.

    Sending healing thoughts and wishes your way.

  138. Ok.. First, am late with my comment(s) :(

    Second, I really don’t know if that’s a coincidence (ref: Blue Talk) or you’ve really quoted my words (I just loved it either ways.. yeah, that’s enough motivation to keep the midnight oil burning for my end terms here at IIM ;) )

    Third, well I really can’t get over the excitedness to connect to you everytime – as a fan-fury request, given that a chance meet with you is less probable than a virtual ping, hope to see you comment sometime on something I wrote with you in mind – http://blog.dipraj.org/2009/09/09/you-are-but-a-small-fry/

    Keep Rocking..!

    Khub Bhalobasha & Have a FAATA-FAATI time..!


  139. Hey Lisa,

    This is from some girls from the Chinese fan site made for you…

    you should check the site out, there are full of best wishes and prayers for you on that site…:) I show you and translate for you when I see you… :)

    Love, prayers and support from China

  140. ‘Plus it seems we are creating a Yellow Library where anyone can find information, support and inspiration. From around the world. ‘

    Trying to create that .. A ..etc chip in guys..

    Wrote a long long .. irritating + boring + drowsy mail !
    I am an AH!
    You really read everything . That’s wonderful Lisa.

    “I am aiming for a stem cell transplant and to be symptom free by December.”
    And that’s a good update.

    Keep blogging !

    I walked in a desert.
    And I cried,
    “Ah, God, take me from this place!”
    A voice said, “It is no desert.”
    I cried, “Well, But —
    The sand, the heat, the vacant horizon.”
    A voice said, “It is no desert.”

    Stephen Crane

  141. Hey Lisa,

    I just got your news from Shamim and Hannan. I just wanted to send all my positives and love to you. Should you wish just to have a scream and shout about things, or a good cry or come to London and have your mind taken away from things with laughter…whatever you need…I’m here for you.



  142. lisa hi….

    i just wanted to leave a comment to you on here..firstly just to say i am a huge huge fan i think you are truly amazing!!!!

    my love and best wishes are with you at this difficult time for you just know i along with all of your fans send love to you keep fighting!!!

    take care lisa

    with love



  143. Hi Lisa,

    I read about your cancer yesterday – the press in India is talking about it now. It did come as a sudden shock. It’s hard to understand the ways of nature, and why certain things happen to us. One moment we are so happy and content, and then the next, we get thrown out of our comfort zone.
    But, I think you have already won half your battle – you do come across as a fighter. Your wonderful positive spirit says it all, and I am pretty sure you will win this battle. Steroids or otherwise, you still look as ravishing and radiant as ever – almost like the time you burst into the Indian space with the music video “Aafreen-Aafreen”. You may not have worked in too many films here, but India has certainly not forgotten you. We do feel for you, and personally I hope you do beat the s#$t out of this cancer!!!

    Tomorrow, “I Can’t Think Straight” releases in India (atleast it does in Pune – which is where I live). I watched it a couple of months ago on DVD, and I thought it’s a cute movie. Now, I certainly will look forward to “The World Unseen” and “Cooking with Stella”, just as I marvelled at your power packed performance in “Water”, and laughed my head out at “Bollywood-Hollywood”. To raise a toast to you and your un-crushable spirit, I shall listen to the music of “Water” in my car, on my way to work tomorrow morning.

    God Bless you, and I wish you start feeling much better and get back with a bang – there are a lot of your movies I still want to watch! In the meantime, I shall cue into this virtual space everyday, to see how you are doing, hoping that you feel better with each day gone by.


  144. Dear Lisa,
    I know a lot mails are pouring in for you since the news broke about your illness from across the globe and the silver lining is that everyone (caste, religion, skin texture , geographical location always take back sit during the crisis time!) is praying from their heart for your recovery .

    You need to understand this silver lining that prayers are answered when it is being done from deep inside of us and when we feel so helpless in life …..the divine gets into the action! Believe in it..Just a clue …The Epic Mahabharat
    .. The Gamble …The Helplessness of Draupadi..the rest you know!

    Now coming to realistic solution to this illness , kindly get in touch with any ” ART OF LIVING CENTER ” where you are residing presently and do talk any of the teachers and pl under go the SUDARSHAN KRIYA – A Unique BREATHING Techniques developed by Pooja Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishakarji.
    They have center all across the globe – International ashram @ Bangalore.

    Sudharshana Kriya, The Power of the Breath:

    The Sudarshan Kriya, a powerful rhythmic breathing technique that facilitates physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being is an integral part of the Art of Living programs. It is today universally acclaimed for its effectiveness in eliminating stress, and bringing one completely into the present moment. As HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar puts it, the Sudarshan Kriya came to him like an inspiration to bridge the gap between the worlds of inner silence, and outer expression of life.

    Nature is replete with various rhythms, and cycles – day follows night, night follows day, seasons come and go. Similarly, there are biological rhythms to our bodies, minds, and emotions. When these rhythms are in sync, we feel a sense of harmony, and well-being. When stress or illness throws them out of order, we experience discomfort, and discontent and feel upset, and unhappy.

    ‘Su’ means proper, ‘darshan’ means vision, and ‘Kriya’ is a purifying practice. The Sudarshan Kriya is therefore a purifying practice, whereby one receives a proper vision of one’s true self. This unique breathing practice is a potent energizer. Every cell becomes fully oxygenated, and flooded with new life, bringing a sense of joy in the moment. And when we feel good about ourselves, love flows naturally in all our relationships with others.

    The rhythmic breathing pattern of Sudarshan Kriya harmonizes the rhythms of the body, and emotions, and brings them in tune with the rhythms of nature. The breath connects the body, and mind. Just as emotions affect our patterns of breathing, we can bring about changes in our mental, and behavioural patterns by altering the rhythms of our breath. It flushes our anger, anxiety, and worry; leaving the mind completely relaxed, and energized.

    The results of Sudarshan Kriya have surprised the medical fraternity across the world.

    This one for you……………………………..

    ‘My cancer disappeared’

    A doctor from Germany was suffering from metastatic cancer that had spread to her brain and liver when she came to attend her first Art of Living program. She did the course lying down. Two courses later, the cancer had disappeared. Being a doctor, she was requested to explain this. She suggested that possibly, the Sudarshan Kriya and meditation cleared her cells off stresses, leaving the layer of consciousness (or energy) surrounding those cells; which in turn, penetrated deep into her DNA.

    Independent medical research has documented the benefits of the technique, including alleviation of depression and heightened awareness and creativity.

    * Studies have demonstrated significant falls in cortical levels, known as the ‘stress hormone’ among Sudarshan Kriya practitioners, suggesting greater levels of both, relaxation and resilience to stress.
    * A study by All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi, concluded that regular practice of the Sudarshan Kriya invokes positive emotions, replacing anger, frustration and jealousy.
    * It’s also found that it improves the blood cholesterol profile with significant drops in total cholesterol and LDL (harmful) cholesterol, as well as increases in HDL (beneficial) cholesterol.

    Sri Sri on the Sudarshan Kriya:

    “I was already teaching meditation, and yoga. But I felt there was something that was lacking. Though people do their spiritual practices, their life is in a sort of a compartment. They do their prayers, meditation, and spiritual practices but when they come out in life, they are very different people. So, I was thinking how can we bridge this gap – between inner silence, and outer expression of life. During a period of silence, the Sudarshan Kriya came like an inspiration. After I came out of the silence, I started teaching whatever I knew, and people had great experiences.”

    The Web site: http://www.artofliving.org/intl/

    You can speak to your Friend Rhea Pillai (Now wife of Tennis Player Leander Paes ) , Actress Nagma, Bikram Hazra from Mumbai as they are all AOL Teacher.

    Life is precious… Just Take the first step to reach AOL …The rest of your life , you will be in WOW State!

    Just to say you your illness is cureable( Just forget wht the doc said to u) and your smile will bring back again a lot of smile on so many faces :)

    Thakurer kache yai parthana je Apni tara tari bhalo hoye Jaan!( I am sure you do talk in bangla with your baba and Maa!)

    Moner Jorta hara ben na!

    With Lots of Regards ,

    Oaks Mosaic ,India.

  145. Lisa hi,

    I just read your story in the Globe and Mail and was surprised by the similarity of your case with my mother (except the age of course). So I’d like to share the story with you; you might find it interesting.

    My mom lives in Greece and is now 83 years old, and in very good condition overall. She was diagnosed with multiple myeloma 7 years ago. She went to a oncologist in Greece who has a very good reputation and has done most of his MD studying in the US. They found that my mom was only at the initial stage of multiple myeloma (stage 1) and they started her immediately with the standard, typical medical treatment. I don’t remember exactly what the drugs were, but I’m sure they included some cortisone, because they started affecting my mother and she was gaining weight.

    I live in Toronto, Ontario and I compared my mother’s drug treatment with my family doctor (Mt. Sinai hospital) and they reconfirmed that it was the most advised treatment to start with.

    My mother always had a very active life and was taking care of herslef (homeopathy, herbs, exercise, etc.). As a result, the (relatively) heavy drugs that she had to take had side-effect which she didn’t like.. The drugs worked, and her myeloma indicator was kept in a desired, low range, but she wasn’t happy.

    Her doctor realized her discomfort and tried to stop the monthly drug treatment, but whenever she skipped one or two months of drug treatment her myeloma indicator immediately shot up again (over the accepted limits).

    So, she started talking to friends and to her naturopath and somehow accidentally she started drinking 2 spoonfuls daily of pure, liquid Aloe Vera. The Aloe Vera in liquid form had helped other friends’ immune system, so she thought why not try it.. It was not organic, but it was produced by a German company and was mostly pure aloe vera.

    Approximately 4-5 months after starting to take the Aloe Vera she noticed a distinct change in her myeloma blood results: whenever her doctor tried to stop the heavy drugs, her myeloma indicator didn’t increase anymore..!! Her doctor asked her if she was doing something different or taking some other medicine, but when she told him that she was just taking the Aloe Vera juice he didn’t believe her and dismissed it as “vapoware”.. So my mom didn’t tell him that she was continuing the aloe vera treatment, but of course she did.. The result is that for the last 3 or 4 years now, my mother’s multiple myeloma has not changed (myeloma indicator low, within normal range) and she has Not been taking any drugs whatsoever; only the aloe vera.

    Now, since there is no scientific proof for aloe vera in treating multiple myeloma, I can’t provide any medical evidence or explanation of this. The only thing I know is that it worked with my mom, and that she is now back to her normal weight (no cortisone anymore) and is very happy.

    I hope that helps, and if you want more details you can e-mail me anytime and I can provide them to you.

    All the best to you in your fight against this. Best of luck..!!

  146. I am angry….I am very angry…

    I am really very angry with God right now..

    I just could not believe that you have cancer…

    The girl with so much innocence in her eyes…

    How can God even think of giving even d slightest pain to you …

    Always thought of you as my dream girl… Loved you so much…

    Saw your movies again and again and prayed to god that all happyness be bestowed upon on you…

    But I’m really heartbroken now… The only wish I have on my lips is that you come out of all this stronger and better than ever before…

    Take great care of urself… I’ll love you forever…

  147. hmmm………Sleep well…and wake up smiling

  148. Lisa,

    Wish you all the best. I have no words to express my admiration for you. I really don’t know why but I have read each and every sentence of your blogs multiple times. You are a beautiful person and I have become a huge fan of yours.

    Take good care and have good rest. We hope to see more from you but not at the cost of your sleep.


  149. Hi Lisa,

    It was shocking to read about you in breaking news today.

    I do hope and pray you get well soon and i believe that alternative medicines work.

    Keep up the positive thought and yes Stem Cell transplant works too ,i believe in miracles!!

    Saw your photo -you look good.. a lot different from the “Afreen days” and yes thankfully not as thin :)


  150. Lisa, I send you basketfuls of positive healing energies and I pray that you get healthy soon. Please allow me to put in a few more words. Cancer cells thrive in an alkaline environment. Nature is wise, it has made our blood alkaline. But we consume what our constitution is not made for and make our internal climate acidic – where cancer cells thrive. Cancer cells can thrive only in an acidic environment. The incidence of cancer has become more than never before. It is all because of our faulty diet. May I suggest you to go on a complete, heathy, organic vegan diet. A vegan diet is what the human body needs to keep healthy. I understand you love food and trust me organic vegan food is not only healthy but the taste will bowl you over. Please get well soon.

  151. hi dear,

    may god bless you with his best blessings and you get well soon.
    please try sahaja yoga meditation. it has helped many cancer patients.


    a boy who was once mesmerized by your eyes.

  152. I have always heard beauty and brains is one of the unique and best combination.

    What about beauty, brains, and bravery ?!!

    You are one unique person I have seen.

    And you look gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!!

    So much positive… and so life-giving you are…. when you yourself are fighting with life. In fact, your words dont even speak of any fight. Your meditation and way of life are so visible in your speech that every pain has been given a funny nick name by you !

    Salute to you gurl !!!

    It’s great to know you personally through your blog.

    Lots of love, luck, and positive energy……


  153. I won’t be the only one wishing that you truly recover and soon….and I won’t be the only one expecting to see you in new films, waiting for new releases, wanting to attend film festivals….anything to be sure you are not only OK but awesome as always.

    I truly, sincelery wish you have the strenght to fight, because i’m sure you’ll win this battle. You have to!!!!

    and this one is from Spain, a Canadian lover, in love with Toronto, and a fan of yours


  154. Nope, you’re right, I drink green tea, but I hate it.

    Also, the Full Remission club is yours ! In the bag, no concerns.

    Keep it up !


  155. Hey Lisa,

    When I first saw you in the movie Kasoor (2001). I fell in love with you at that time.. Time passed and grown up so much, Some years later I saw you the same in Pune (India)… was again amazed with your beauty.
    Been very big fan of yours and I have related you always with my beloved at that time… playing your songs.. omg! what days was that… !

    Things changes and past becomes history some days, my that Beloved is no more with me, but still when ever I see you it remind me of my beautiful days.

    You are in pain right now and I feel like my heart is sinking with this thought.. I could nt say more but will wish you all the blessing from the god.

    Bhagwat gita Quotes right-


    17. Those who have their intellect absorbed in That, whose self is That, whose steadfastness is in That, whose consummation is That, their impurities cleansed by knowledge, they attain to Non-return (Moksha).


    Ravi k

  156. Hi Lisa,
    Reading your blog reminds me of my aunt who passed away recently but had courage to take on life in its purest form and not getting dejected or overwhelmed. What i am trying to state is that she used to always try to live with a smile inspite of all her suffering which not only healed her from within to live better but also made people around her feel less hurt of her loss. By reading your blog i am proud of you that you possess the same fire to lead your life and make most of it rather then complain over it. I wish you all the best for your treatment and hope that even i can repeat what you ave done in my difficult times.
    Enjoy your life its the most precious thing!!!

  157. Dear Lisa

    Now I want to let you know, you are my absolute favorite of all time.

    How sad when I know your news last night, it’s makes me wanna cry.

    But forget it !! Now we need to go forward and I love your words “I’ll beat my cancer…”

    I’m with you Lisa.

    I’ll follow you.

    I wish you the best and keep fighting.

    I Love you Lisa.

    from Thailand

  158. Hi lisa ,
    I bet you’re tired of reading the various remedies and cures suggested by people which range from tulsi to cow urine !!
    I ‘d just like to suggest a great book, it deals with one man’s fight against an ‘incurable’ illness.
    Norman Cousins- Anatomy of an Illness.
    It also talks about our body and how the things we do affect it.
    The book was an eye opener for me and I am sure it will inspire you too.
    I’d love to mail you my copy if I can get a PO box address or something. – you can mail me bruntig@gmail.com

    (SO youre on the right track. thoughts become things and a positive attitude is the first thing thats needed)
    I have always been awed by how unbelieveably gorgeous and you are and I am sure you will overcome this little hurdle.
    They say everything happens for a reason but sometimes I’m confounded ..

    keep smiling and dont let a frown crease that beautiful forehead.

  159. hey lisa

    u r hot :)

    u will be alright soon

    err..i really dont know wht to say,just keep fighting girl!

    btw nice blog…keep blogging & smiling!

  160. Lisa,

    Your beautiful soul is appreciated dear friend so far away…

    Much love!!

  161. My Goodness you can write!! Are you really teaching Yoga class on Danforth? What is the address? I’d love to switch to your class. Please email me at casey_ge@hotmail.com THanks.

  162. hi! lisa welcome to the club! ha ha.well iam a radiologist 33,male,from india,was diagnosed with colorectal ca last year(stage iii).i underwent surgery from lilavati hospital by a renowned surgeon,underwent chemotherapy (dr advani and sr sekhon)and chemoradiation(dr aiyer fromhinduja) as well….first thing i would like to say you that nothing is iimpossible…..so keep trying.as far as your question is concerned about telling your disease most of my ffriends and relatives know of my condition.i started working within 2 months after surgery. going to work has taken my mind off from my disease and it gives me a lot of satisfaction.also i religiosly go to gym for 4 to 5 times a week.no alcohol.planning to visit dr yashi dhonden in macloadganj dharamshala.well side effect of getting ca in young age is my engagement was broken n nobody wants to marry you(not a big deal).so many of them hide their diseasse,just to get married and are sucessful.fortunately i am in radiology so i could manage my work even when i was on chemotherapy….keep practising yoga,pranayam BUT BELIEVE IN WHAT U DO.
    do visit me in ludhiana when going to mcloadganj.
    reply if u please i have a lot of ppls struggle to share,my email id is amakkerjee@gmail.com
    wishing you a lot of menntal strength.be brave keep smiling ciao maxsyin

  163. on September 10, 2009 at 8:25 pm | Reply Sallie Castillo

    L, you look lovely in your photo, healthy & strong.
    While you were blogging @ 6am I was in Chicago waking up to start my day. I am keeping my word to myself (& To you)that each and every morning as I wake I mention you in my prayers. This morning was no exception-as I lied in bed cuddling my dogs I said a prayer (God & I have a good relationship, I try not to be a pain in his ass & he provides me strength & comfort).
    I hope that you have a chance to read my coment, if only to know That I got your back here in Chicago :)

  164. Lisa,

    No words can console your current state of mind, so i will stay away from that.

    You were my teenage obsession when the Afreen video came out, but i never knew you were so beautiful beyond your screen image. When i see your picture and read your words i am telling you, you are beautiful in every sense and a person filled with loads of positive energy. I am not a big fan of god but a huge believer in energy and good souls.

    I have a feeling you are going to be just fine and will live long to pass on your good energy to many more sufferers and eventual survivors in this world. World needs good people like you. Good luck and try to keep smiling always:-)


  165. Dear Lisa

    I’d like to start out by wishing you well in your treatment and recovery. I personally have been going through some tough times for the past 5 years. I was being attacked by my demons. The worst possible experience you could possibly imagine. During this time my cousin in India was diagnosed with terminal cancer( In the mouth). The doctor said my cousin had 6 months to live. He found someone near a village who is a healer. This man to our surprise has cured his cancer. To say we were pleasantly shocked is an understatement. I have gone to the same guy for my problems. Although because I’m In Canada I’ve spoken to him over the phone and he has sent me my treatment. I am improving but in my case it is taking longer. My problems were due to drug use and alcohol use. I’m the typical story of a guy who got carried away with his problems and fell into the hole. The hole where I was guided by a demon. Where my mind no longer seemed to exist. Thoughts of revenge, uncontrollable urges to use. But through prayer and cinema. Yes I did say cinema. When I was barely able to function watching movies kept me going. Eventhough I never followed it. My dream as a child was to be an actor. Yes, Yes, Yes I too dreamed of running around trees and being the hero in bollywood. But now it has evolved in the sense that when I get better I may go to acting school. I would love to portray the villain in some of these hollywood flicks. Quentin tarintino here I come. I commend you as an actress. I applaud you in your decisions. You weren’t my fav actress a year ago . But I’ve done a whole lot of soul searching. You are now. Shit, your born and raised in Toronto. You were acting when their were no Indian Canadians in North American movies. I didn’t forget the porteguese who could. As an actress your whots pa and range is undeniable. As a fan I was like when will these fuckers in hollywood give her a shot. You are the one who deserves to be in top billing with some of those hollywood bigshot actors. Anyhow, My heart and prayers are always with you. I know you emboddy the fighters spirit. If you need info on the healer dude in India E-mail me. My stage name River Shah. What do you think?

  166. Dear Lisa,

    I’m writing you from Switzerland and it’s ten o clock in the evening in my country. How you wrote, is English not everyone’s first language – so it’s not mine too. Normaly I’m speaking German but I’m sure you understand my words in English.

    One week ago I don’t know your name, have never seen a film from you before…since I became the two films with you and sheetal. From the first time I was bounded from the story and the actresses and I want to know more about the two women. So now, one week after looking the film “I can’t think straight” I am here on your yellow diary.

    I was very sad to read your lines and I’m thinking of you during the day. I want to thank you for share your thoughts with all these people here – I admire your courage. To read the yellow diary is how to be a little part in your life. Look forward beautiful girl…

    I pray for your so often as I can…god bless you.

    And…what’s wrong with green tea? ;)

  167. on September 10, 2009 at 8:30 pm | Reply Aniruddha Acharya

    Dear Lisa,

    I just saw in news about this illness, and I must say, you have been such a brave girl.. no doubt.. you have shown the courage which is a must.. rather, just as your fan.. I would like to request you to do anything and everything your doc says.. please just do it.. stop stressing yourself.. try to calm your self.. let your body act and give this illness a touch fight..

    I pray to god.. and I so want you back to be completely fine.. please dear.. dont surrender because I know you can win… Just fight.. and all of us are praying for you..

    God bless you! May god make you all fine and you come back to india and say.. “I am alright.. I fought my battle and I won.. ”

    Please stay away from anything unhealthy.. dont stress yourself.. be happy.. be with family.. love works faster than anything dear..

    Good luck.. and keep fighting lisa..

    love ya..!! Mwaaah… !! I am with you dear..

  168. ps sorry the name of hinduja doc is dr kannan.

  169. Lisa,

    Have a look at http://sbfhealthcare.com/index.html.

    They have successfully treated various types of cancer in a non-invasive, painless manner. It wouldn’t hurt to talk to them.

    Good luck!

  170. Dear Lisa,
    well even i live like an owl i am usually up all night watching tv… internet and various other things. I don’t know why i don’t get proper sleep.
    Any way well i don’t know some how or the other i have started to visit your website every day. And i believe i would visit it every day to see how are u doing? Well you have gained weight but trust me you are still the same lisa ray the gorgeous one.
    After reading the blogs on your website Lisa i have realized what an amazing an harmless woman u really are. I mean u are a beautifull person deep inside. I am again out of words. U are an amazing person LISA.
    Please take care of your self. There are millions of ppl out there praying for u of various religions. I simply love the way u write your blogs. Seems as if we are having heart to ehart conversations. LIsa u are simply the best.. mind blowing.. out of this world….
    One more thing i am a littel worried about?? If u gain weight and if you start chemo will you still work in movies????

  171. Dear Lisa,

    Please………………… get well soon dear. Me and my entire family loves you and have great respect for you as a talented actress. We wish you lots of hugs and well wishes and we are sure you will be smiling again in your next movie with your lovely 24K golden smile.

    My two girls are still little (around 3 – 5 years). So, you have to work till they become young. So, they can enjoy your fantastic movies.

    Take care, and have wonderful years ahead….

  172. Hiya sunshine,

    loving the blog!

    just wanted to share this pic with you..never give up!


  173. Love and Prayers

  174. Get Well Soon

  175. Have a Speedy Recovery
    Love and Prayers

  176. Ms Ray

    My wife and I may only know you by what we see on film, but we are fond enough of you to be delighted that you live in our neighborhood! We were surprised and sorry to hear of your health issue, but if you are anything like your on-screen persona, we have no doubt that the combination of your moxy and Toronto’s many and various agents of health and well-being will chase the Carcinoma Biker Gang out of Raytown.

    On a different note, I thought you and the rest of the cast were wonderful in Toronto Stories. It was a lovely ivory of a film. Compliments.

    Please accept all good wishes from we friendly strangers!

  177. Namaste Beautiful one …. ! ! :)

    It’s your one n only Sara ji….. glad you can talk to us when you cant sleep, always know we are here 4u! Thank you 4 doing this blog and connecting, you dont know how much that means to me. :)

    Gr8 idea, lets do the “Yellow Diaries” forum. As 4 using easier language, just keep writing with your heart and soul and we will follow. :)

    And thank you for being an inspiration 4 so many here, I too have read the comments and this blog is truly being shared by a wide audience. Its great. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, a shock 4us all! but by the grace of god, thank you Almighty, a year on, and she is doing amazingly well. CLEAR!

    Your taste in books 4 alternative health mirror what i have on my book shelf! lots of books on massage, yoga and alternative therapies. I have more books than sense! :)

    Loving your attitude to spiritual diversity! After all, it is all one! thats my belief anyway! we all come from once source! and above all, love rules all!

    I let u into a secret, i mix my green tea with my peppermint tea and then add huni! hehe, i know, strange but it tastes good! and rest of the time its Earl Grey!

    Come on December, and come on “Full Remission” here we come! Loving your honesty and can tell thats how you love your life and choices you make! You are not alone baby! keep up the Yellow talking. …………………

    My Georgeous Mammacita!! … :) x

    —- and join me anytime if you are in London, we’ll go 4our green tea! hehe ;)

  178. Hello Lisa

    I’ve always been a silent kind of person myself (out loud) but your blog has and inspired me to write a few words. Less of the silence, these are times for words. It’s odd to write a personal message to somebody you don’t know, but I do know your work has touched me and that is a link of sorts. We’re all of us linked anyway, so I hope you’ll feel the energy and light that comes your way from a small corner of London.

    Be well.


  179. Keep fighting to get well soon ! You’ll be Rocking again in no time .. I look forward to hearing of your healing! Stay strong and hang in there, everything is going to be ok.

  180. on September 10, 2009 at 9:25 pm | Reply Mayté Tavárez

    Hello my dear Lisa!

    You are a hero!!, not only for having the strenght to share your cancer with all of us but to have such positive energy that is what will all need at times like this. I admired your carisma and your so unique personality. You have my support as your friend and your number 1 fan in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I’ll have you in my prayers every day.
    Never lose your hope or your faith!!
    God bless you!


    Ps. i hope you have a chance to read my comment… :)

  181. on September 10, 2009 at 9:28 pm | Reply Lisa in Vancouver

    Hi Lisa,

    A couple of days ago I watched I Can’t Think Straight and also watched The World Unseen for the third time, and was going to write to you to say thank-you for such great work – I have been very proud of you ever since Bollywood/Hollywood and Water.

    When I heard Jian Ghomeshi on CBC mention your blog, I looked it up right away.

    My mom has had three different kinds of cancer and was one of the few people (5%) who survive one of them. (She was in 4th stage and it had metastasized throughout her upper body)

    She made it through by being determined that she was going to eliminate it – and maintained that perspective throughout all the chemo, radiation and years of medication.

    It was nice to read your very positive outlook on your situation and your vision of eliminating the cancer. I really believe that it makes a huge difference in someones well being even in the tough moments.

    I wish you infinite wellness and am sending virtual blessings. and a smile : )

    Lisa in Vancouver, aka paradise

  182. All my best wishes for a speedy recovery. May God bless you.


  183. Keep the faith.. you are going to make it through as long as u think u will…

    i just have one prescription for you.. its this movie called kill bill, it has this quote called ” its not what u have.. its what u think u have..” cliched i know.. i dont know man.. i just dont want you to give up alright.. AND also please do not get overtly philosophical.. I DONT KNOW WHAT THE HELL IM TALKING ABOUT>. alright meditate.. its not scientific or anything.. but i just somehow know it can fix anything.. anyway.. i just got out of college and im working this is all really new to me.. but whatever.. i write movie afterthoughts.. mention your favourite movies on your blog and im going to write “after-thoughts” on my blog.. so u can check it out or whatever,, whatever,.. maybe its the booze.. but im not going to go all negative like everyone else. i somehow have faith.. the big dude upstairs (if there is one) doesnt chuck people who believe in art for the sake of art.. maybe i just got you all wrong.. but i wish u all the best in your recovery.. if u need anything.. what am i saying.. u are like uber equipped already.. anyway.. ill pray.. even though i dont belive in a god.. muahh.

  184. Hey Lisa,

    I hope everything works out well for you.. Keep up with the blog.. Definitely you will have atleast one guy checking it :-)

    P.S: Since you said that you are reading all the comments, lets do this.. I will sign off everytime with “guy who grew up on your ads” so that you will know who I am :-)

    Keep Smiling

  185. I dont usually post on celeb blogs but i have made an exception! firstly, i have to say im impressed with your writing – i find it easy to read & understand. Secondly, of course, like with most folks, i am sorry to hear about your situ but your determination is admirable and i pray it goes all the way – youre right; plenty of us go through pain and trials every day, we’re all humans, we’re all going to be tested, and its those who will boldly fight the waves that will succeed.

    keep your chin up and keep writing. its cathartic :-)

  186. Hi Lisa

    I will be a bit different and not talk about your cancer, recovery, natural remedies, your weight, future plans etc etc..
    Let me start by saying by saying that I am really proud of you! Proud of you because of of all the courage you have shown not only to fight this battle but also courage to follow your dreams and be different. I have been your fan and admired your career since a long time. Your blogs have only proven me correct on the amazing girl you are…
    Yes you are battling the worst kind of pain anyone could ever imagine, but in my eyes you are still a very lucky girl! Lucky because you followed your dreams, achieved the success and now is making a difference in the society through your work.
    I am a 24 year old girl in Vancouver whose ambition and dream was to enter the world of theater and acting not for the glamor but just because of my passion but ended up being an electrical engineer (very typical!), if not cancer cells i sure do have a lot of mental cells that torture me every single day on how my life is not going where I wanted it to be! and trust me …at the end of the day, if you are mentally where you always wanted to be…if your dreams turn into reality…if the world sees you as an example for others is when you can fight any kind of physical battle that may come upon you. And the best part is, even if you lose the battle …you will never be considered a loser! because you and world will know that you lived your life to the fullest!
    I am sorry if I mentioned the worst case, but as once said by a very dear friend of mine…God only tests his toughest soldiers…and you are one of them! So next time you go through pain just think of how lucky you are and how many people look up to you and feel proud of who you are!
    Good luck..I will always read your blogs and wish the best for you.


  187. Dear Lisa: Your courage in coming forward with the news about your cancer is inspiring.

    A dear friend of mine lived with myeloma for several years. He found a way through his disease to be of service to others. Although it finally took him this spring at age 56, his final years were the best of his life. He enjoyed a renewed richness in his marriage, grew closer to his children, realized some of his most treasured dreams. He was grateful for each and every day and infected all of us around him with his wonderful attitude.

    We humans always tend to get confused about how impermanent life is. This leads us into erroneously grasping at things that are transitory and illusory. The result is deep dissatisfaction. Your focus on the permament worthwhile things in this life (i.e. helping other beings and cultivating love) will ensure your days are fulfilling and meaningful. In this way, your myeloma may be a disguised blessing.

    You are doing a very noble thing in sharing your story. I hope it reaches many suffering beings. I pray that you continue to have the garce, courage and wisdom you have displayed in such abundance.

    R. MacKay

    PS It’s also very cool that you support Plan Canada. By coincidence, my missus and I just began sponsoring 2 kids in Bangladesh and Sudan.

  188. BABA re BABA tui bangla bolis? …. raat biraat jokono ghumote parish na …. adda marthe parbi.

    Your words do make a picture in my mind so keep writing may as one of your thousand fan says you might just forget about everything and be cured.

    Bangla gaan sunle boltam “Mohiner Gorah Gulo” a late 70’s band, kolkhatar.

    Tor yekhono kidhe pay? Danforth after the greek town there is muslim restaurant oppposite the mosque. Bangali radhuni besh Halim banaye.

    Jaak amar ghum paache … bolish adda marte parbi ki na. Forum and green tea darun kombination.

    Besh Takhis DasVidania

  189. Lisa,

    Always remeber you are true beauty no matter what comes your way. I was born with my heart looking like swiss cheese. As I have gotten older, a few holes are getting smaller, but I have to becareful in my daily life. This year on March 11th, I turned 19 years old. Although I spend time in the hospital a few times a year, it has never kept me down. I am a sophmore in college pursuing a degre in both Bioengineering and music production. I also play softball, track and field, and football to name a few sports that i play.

    You are an inspiration to everyone around you.

    My e-mail is Panama990@live.com if you would like to keep in touch. Thank you for hearing me out.

  190. Hi Lisa,

    You mentioned yourself to be a seeker, and ‘Truth’ can be very helpful when you are going through something like this. And I hope you dont develop a fighting spirit with your condition, because what you resist, persist. Let the docs do the fighting. I suggest you read Eckhart Tolle’s writings to make yourself spiritually strong and from the inside.

    Get well soon.

  191. Hi – you should call intuitive dowsing near Toronto and for a session.

  192. Hi Lisa,

    Really sad to hear about the cancer. I pray and hope you can brave through the rounds of chemo and radiation.

    Hang in there girl, u bet 37 is so young to be goin thru this. But then again life is not fair yeh. Like when I was diagnosed with ” Clinical Depression ” at 24 yrs old, I felt life was just not fair, and today I am 32, but still struggling with it and wondering ” Why Me ” and then I remember this answer a wife of a person at one of the depression support grp I went told him. She herself struggles with ” Bipolar Depression ” and this is what she told her husband – ” Why not u ? Wht makes u so special , so itz ok if others suffer with ” Clinical Depression ” , but it just should not be u ? “.

    So now, everytime the thought ” Why Me ” crosses my mind, I try and counter it with ” Why Not me ” and it does help me to some extent.

    Take care and keep well.

    Chk out my Blog @ http://www.ramyahegde.com

  193. Dearest Lisa,

    I came to know about your illness and blog via Mr Bachchan’s blog to which I am a regular member. One of the members from the blog had actually confirmed that you also had a site and that you were suffering with this dreaded illness.

    Immeadiately, I posted to you. I am so sorry to hear this it is awful news, one just never thinks it can really happen to those dear special people that we learn to love n cherish. Although I’m afraid to say that I do not know that much about you, but I have seen the odd film or 2, really did enjoy ‘Kasoor’. However, I am was deeply sadened to find out about this tradedy, hence am posting.

    I wish to express my love and best wishes in any treatment that you are getting, and I pray that all is delivered to you in the most relaxing and deserving method totally PAIN FREE….

    We can all join in at times of celebration, but very few in life join in at times of need, that is completley unconditional. Look we do not even know each other, yet I feel your Pain and despair, and wish n pray to God that you are set free from all this heart ache… May all good, positive, and spiritual vibes cross your path of positivity forever.
    Hey girlfriend, The Lord has many mysterious ways of working, I pray that all your sorrow and heart ache for both you and your family disappears in very due course.

    May you be so blessed with strength and courage, you are so brave and strong, this I already sense… GOD BLESS YOU LISA…

    I remain in your thoughts whilst in prayer

    My love to you always



  194. Hi Lisa,
    Hope you are ok. Since, ‘afreen afreen’ I have been your fan and always will be. I hope you get better soon. You can do it, girl!

  195. hello lisa

    i m from NY and my names priya

    just tell that stupid disease to back off…it’s been getting on my nerves …nothing can happen to you because we all love you

    when i read that this stupid thing is playing with you in the news this morning i was @ my college and kinda froze.. stayed like that 4 ten minutes and then i thought u may be kidding and while i was in my art class i was thinking about it

    get well soon …kill that stupid thing ok:)

  196. Hey Lisa :

    where there is a hope there is a WILL and where there is a WILL then definetly there is a way out…………

    so chill nd tak d pills…!!

    “The more you think about things, the weirder they seem. Take milk for example. Why do we drink COW milk? Who was the guy who first looked at a cow and said. “I think I’ll drink whatever comes out of these things when I squeeze ‘em!” – Calvin and Hobbes



    B.E.(Computer Sc & Engg)
    MBA (Finance)

  197. Lisa. You have FFF: FAITH, FORTITUDE and FIGHT.
    I’m one of your fans from Rosario, Argentina, the Jorge Luis Borges’ native country.
    I’m not speak english very well, but I send you a lot of kisses. God bless you forever.
    Be happy and please enjoy every moment in your life and take care of yourself.
    Please mail me to ximeavila78@hotmail.com if you can. It must be really the most beautiful honor in my life.
    Fight. Fight. Fight.

    • Lisa, I can tell you that my mother and grandfathers had cancer. This is my experience with the disease. It’s very difficult, but you can, because you are a warrior.
      Thank you for reading this lines.
      Fight. Fight. Fight.

  198. Dear Lisa,

    It’s 7 pm here in Brazil and I’m still at work! I wanted to read your blog before going home so I didn’t leave at 6 as I was supposed to…Ooops!
    Thanks again for sharing your stories.
    In my family my mom died of stomach cancer when I was 9. My dog when I was 15, she had cancer and epilepsy. Nowadays the mother (breast cancer) and father (multiple myeloma) of my stepmother have cancer and my grandmother (multiple myeloma) . We sometimes say at home that if we go through this year we can go through anything in life. I don’t really know exactly what helps us to keep going, go to work, and live our lives, perhaps is the love that we have for each other, me, my dad and my stepmother, even though we are going through all this we still laugh and sometimes when I laugh i see that it really made a difference in my day. I love to laugh, to listen to my dad’s laughter and my stepmother’s. We also have our dog that it really makes a difference into our lives. I’ve seen some pictures on the internet of you with cats and dogs, I just love pets and I think they are like a therapy. Just to think I will get home tonight and see my dog waiting for me it makes me feel better.
    I think those small things that makes a difference in our lives and maybe we only realize that when something is not as it used to be. Nowadays I’ve been having breakfast with my dad and I guess I never appreciated that as much as i do now.

    Love the picture of the cat, so cute! I think he is doing some yoga haha, he is certainly learning with best instructor ever!!!

    I’m happy to hear you are going well and I’m here praying for you! It’s great your father supports you so much!!! I’m happy for you!!!
    Lisa, I’m making a video and I will post on youtube tomorrow hopefully…I’ve been so busy but i always find some time to read your blog and make videos.

    The idea of a forum is great!

    BTW I didn’t know there were so many types of yoga! Thanks for the information!

    I can see india is really the majority here and is great to see they support you so much! I can see there is a brazilian who posted as well! You are also very loved here!!!

    Have a great day!!!!

    I believe there is a cure and I believe you will win this battle!!!

    Greetings from Brazil!!!!


  199. OMG!!! I cant believe you have a blog

    i would have been on here pretty earlier if i had known

    gosh where do i start!!! u are so beautiful and i noticed u the first time on B4U it was in the adverts for kasoor!! haha i bet your thinking that was ages ago but you were so gorgeous i mean not like hindi actresses today but your beauty was breathtaking!! you rocked that role as simran and kasoor is still one of my favourite films even today

    and then i read rumours u were gonna be in raaz but then bipasha took the role and so i saw less and less of u and then i read u were gonna be in dil ka rishta then i bought this magazine with you in it i think it was stardust and i liked u even more

    AND then i watched bollywood hollywood and u were great in that too i liked your dance in the saari

    and i’ve now heard u have cancer and i think its very brave of u to come out and yes many hindi actors today would not do that because they still fear it is a stigma of sorts or they wont be cast in films or something!!!

    but i hope u get better soon lisa!!!!!! love u xxxxx

    and i know u might be busy but please try to respond to this message on madzy16@hotmail.co.uk i will really appreciate it i mean were any of those film rumours even true ?????????????

  200. Hi Lisa,

    I’m Just a NewBie Here, Commenting First time to someone, I heard about your cancer, and

    I think there is a Hope in Ayurveda, according to me ayurveda has Solutions for all, consult some Indian Ayurveda-Expert. but go as an Unknown (Simple person, not with a whole force of peoples around you) to them.

    If the Expert is a good one, He’ll surely suggest you something related to Tulsi and similiar Medicines, and I believe that will cure you.

    I’m neither a Doctor, or expert or even a medical line person, I’m just a Engineering Student. Who believes in Indian Ayurveda.

    Just take it as an Advice, I Don’t know what you’ll think about me, but I’m just a Person, who think that saving a life is more than a Worship of God.


  201. Miss Ray

    Blessings and prayers from Dominican Republic! May, God give you the strength and courage.



  202. Dear Lisa, u were in my prayers last night n today…n u look fantabulous…keep smiling…Love u!..Xxx!

  203. Hello Lisa,
    I read about you in the Globe today. I too have Multiple Myeloma and am being treated at PMH–Dr. Christine Chen. What a cutting edge dept. I had a stem cell transplant at PMH in June 2003–during the SARS stuff. It was very lonely to be isolated in the ward, but the staff were amazing and I am now in partial remission. I was diagnosed at age 46 and now I am 52 AND STILL HERE!! My mantra during all the chemo and treatments was ” A Bar Mitzvah for my son and a Chupah (wedding canopy) for my daughter” I have lived to see the Bar Mitzvah and now that my daughter is 19, I am hopeful to attend her Chupah. Andrew, your stem cell transplant nurse and Margot, the nurse with the lilting accent, will help you through this trying time. Now that I am in partial remission I only attend the hospital every three months for an I.V. bone strengthener and my check ups. I am on steroids for life and was in a Thalidomide drug trial. That drug messed up some nerves in my feet and fingers, so I stopped taking it after a couple of years. Now I am only on Prednisone and my bloodwork seems pretty stable. Being on the steroids is like being on 10 cups of coffee. My kids and my colleagues can usually guess which are steroids days (every other day) because I get twice as much done and I experience EVERYTHING bigger, brighter, louder and funnier. It is good for the artist in me, but a little hard on those who are not in on the joke.
    I continued to work as a teacher of Deaf and hard of hearing high school students during my chemo. I only took off for a little while during my transplant and recovery. Another time I will tell you about working and taking treatment. I will be at PMH next on October 22 for a check up. If you see me or I see you, we could greet one another. Ask one of the receptionists in Hematology to point me out. I know what you look like from your wonderful films. All the best for a full remission.

  204. Lisa,
    There is only one hope that can heal you completely from the cancer…Don’t look to other religions which are dead..look to Jesus…He’s real not some made up dead god….I hope you set this this message apart and heed my words. Jesus loves you..girl.

  205. Dear Lisa

    I am a Canadian Author of the book ‘The Higher You” & a spiritual/inspirational speaker .. You are embarking on a great test .. healing is possible .. I am telling you again .. healing is possible .. you must believe it feel it breath it see it live it be it and become healed .. I am including you in my supplication tonight that you find the righteous path and then begin to heal from within .. I repeat healing is possible .. it is all inside you .. healing and damaging forces .. if you need to speak to me then email me at higheryou@gmail.com I dont want money or anything or even a mention .. via email I will do my best to help you .. May you find the righteous path, awaken, and begin the true permanent healing .AMEN
    Loay Ragheb

  206. Hello Lisa:
    To be honest I never heard of you before tonight when surfing the net something caught my attention:”multiple myeloma and 37 years old…”, then I started to look for info about Lisa Ray. I was curious to know who she was..(sorry for my honesty).
    I read everything you posted in your blog and believe me when I tell you that I do understand every feeling behind every word you wrote.
    I was diagnosed with MM in 5/2001. I was 32 years old, now I am 40(will be 41 soon!!).
    Feel free to contact me if you wanna know about my experience, feelings, knowledge on this life journey!.
    With time you´ll realize that in a way MM has been a blessing in your life..you´ll learn and live life more than anyone else…the hard part is to find people who can see life the way you´ll see it from now on. Good luck Lisa!!!
    Itziar from La Palma

    • Hello Itziar,

      My wife’s younger brother just got diagnosed with MM last week. He is 39 which I thought was rare after some research but it seems it not so rare anymore.

      Anyway, we’ve been searching for MM specialist in LA area and I see that you are in La Palma. Is that La Palma in CA near Cerritos? I used to live in Cerritos.

      I was wondering of you can help me out and let me know who is you MM specialist doctor?


      You can email me at geneyoo@netzero.net

  207. We love you Lisa !

  208. Oops… just missed quoting on the other front – My second cousin Anurag Basu (you’ll probably find it easy to contact him – he is into film-making having done Life in a Metro, Gangster etc.) had been diagnosed with acute leukemia in 2004 and doctors then had in fact stated that there were only a couple of months or so at hand.

    He has subsequently undergone chemotherapy and is on medication and back to his usual film-making ways.

    Waiting for today’s post from The Yellow Diaries Dah-ling herself..!!


  209. It is a dream

    This is but a dream
    A withdrawal from the reach of eternity
    This body I dwell in
    A drop of rain in a thirsty forest
    I have come and I fight
    I do not want to head home
    My love is eternal my wisdom is deep
    Yet words make me crumble
    Words make me weep
    From zero I have come
    To zero I return
    Judged for what’s within
    These zero’s to begin
    The circle of light
    The spirit of delight
    This enormous fight
    Within me strength of a thousand lions
    Three hundred men
    And I begin
    Another battle that can only be won
    From the deepest within
    No touch no kiss no dreams
    No summers no winters
    No autumn any spring
    No order no harmony
    But utter bliss
    I choose to fight
    Ascending with might
    With prayer from God
    Creator of all and taker of all
    From zero to zero
    The birth of my sight
    My wisdom my healing
    Begins tonight

    Loay Ragheb
    Author “The Higher You”: The journey within & The rise from defeat

  210. i saw your story on the television last night and felt compelled to write a few words to you to commend your bravery. My sister suffered the same form of cancer you have. multiple myaloma. I applaud your bravery and how forcoming you are in your battle. You are in my prayers.
    lots of love. cheryl from Wellad Ontario

  211. Dear Lisa

    Just wanted to let you know that there are a lot of people hoping and praying for you. I havent always been hugely religous having been forced through the catholic education system from childhood.

    I am a primary school teacher in Ireland and we have just started back to class this month. Last term one of my kids was diagnosed with Leukemia. This was heartbreaking news for all of us and very difficult for my students, who are all 7/8 years to understand.
    I answered a lot of questions from “why cant her mummy kiss it better?” to “will Olivia ever get better?”

    Although Olivia missed a LOT of school last year I am delighted to say that she attended class last week (although she is still undergoing treatment)
    Since Olivia got sick at the beginning of every morning and at the end of every day we all say a prayer together for her.
    Yesterday when I heard your news, in afternoon prayer I asked the kids to offer up a special intention for a very special lady, Lisa Ray, who is sick and would appreciate our Prayers…
    This morning at the beginning of the day one of my little boys said “Miss, is the lady better yet? I prayed for her last night before bed but I forgot her name…can we pray for her until she gets better?”

    So just so you know there is a class of 27 children praying for your health and happiness everyday.

    My heart sank when I read it on the internet, I am a huge fan of your work and you seem to have a tremendous heart. No one deserves to have this illness, least of all a beautiful spirited person like you.
    Keep smiling your beautiful smile…and I will keep you in mine and my students prayers.


  212. My dear Lisa – I have always appreciated your cinema and look forward to seeing more of your stellar performances. I am glad that you came public – I believe in the power of prayers and just like you I have a strong feeling that you will be just fine. Hugs my dear.

  213. Hello Lisa,

    I heard about your story and wanted to share this with you.
    I knw it is incurable. Let me come to the point directly than talking about it and hurting you. I can understand every thing about it bcox my Mother had cancer. I could n’t save her.
    I am a believer. I met the servant of God and it changed my life. I am in Calgary,Canada doing my Masters. I was born Handicap. However, fighting all challenges by God’s Grace. I have seen many miracles that God performed through his servant (pastor Sebastien) he is an apostle. I am so unfortunate that i didn’t meet my pastor well before or I could save my Mother.
    I know it is kinda different in this blog talking about God and healing. But I am saying that cancer is no greater than God. Jesus Christ is the healer. Trust in him and he will heal you. I pray that some how if you can meet my Pastor and follow Jesus Christ, trust me Lisa you will be completely healed. You can mail me for further details. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen!! Wish you well soon.

  214. Hi Lisa, I am a regular reader of Mr. Amitabh Bachan’s blog and somebody posted the site for your blog and asked all of us to pray for you. I have watched few of your movies and enjoyed your work. Lisa, my friend , you are very brave and you will definately beat this. Just be possitive and you are in our thoughts and prayers. wishing you a speedy recovery.
    Paramjit (Brampton)

  215. “….no one loves green tea!”
    FYI, there are a few handful of people living on this ‘salt grain’ of a planet who relish the sweet aroma and refreshingly delightful taste of green tea. To make a comment such as this is not only disrespectful to (Green) tea lovers out there, but it’s downright ignorant. What you need, my half Bengali friend, is a large bowl of nice, warm and frothy Tibetan Po Cha. I have had the great displeasure of sampling this unique brew at the World Food Exibition held many years ago in Dubai. The taste has remained with me since. I wish that I had eaten the bowl instead.
    Lisa, the one thing that life has taught me (WARNING! lousy attempt at being philosophical coming up) is that no matter where you end up, it’s always the tea from that familiar kettle on the stove in your kitchen that tastes the best. Life goes on.

    I hate typing. My fingers hurt and I think my pinky’s pulled a muscle :(

  216. until the article in the t.o. star, i haven’t heard of you. but reading that you have multiple myeloma encouraged me to write. my mom has it too. my mom is proof you can lead a normal life. being optomistic is the key. all the best.

  217. Hey Lisa,
    My mom was just diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma this year. She is going through her stem cell transplant right now. I hope everything goes well for you, I am sure it will, you are young nad have that on your side. Thank you for bringing the much needed awareness to this type of cancer. I am sure very soon it will be considered a ‘curable’ cancer.
    God Bless you!

  218. Hi.

    The statistical odds of you reading this are even slim, maybe you will see this, maybe you will not. I ask myself why I take the time to give the life saving advice to an actress whom will probably ignore the information and discard it as invalid. But there is a slim chance you might read it, might heed it, and from it beat your cancer, and maybe, just maybe you will become a proponent for alternative methods.

    I am a ‘alternative researcher’ in that regards I specialize only in suppressed information that the public does not know about. Because of this you probably may not have heard of this information at all, or only small portions of it.

    Firstly here are some tidbits if you want to beat your cancer, choose to ignore this information if you like, it is heavily suppressed because it would remove billions of profits from the coffers of the Pharmaceutical industry. No I’m not joking, yes the research is sourced, and I welcome you to do your own research, and I please ask do not believe a word of this until you check it out for yourself.

    1. One hour in the sun will produce 10,000 IU’s of Vitamin D3. Therefore do not let people tell you that D3 is toxic in high doses. ALL cancer patients have VERY low amounts of D3 in their systems, and it means you need to supplement lots… Period. Don’t be afraid to suntan, it will greatly help fight the cancer.

    2. All Cancer patients are Magnesium Deficient. It takes MONTHS to get the cellular levels of Magnesium up (not your inter-cellular levels). You need to supplement with Magnesium Citrate (high bio-availability)… eat greens, or take Epson salt baths. The stuff sells at Wal-mart, for 10$/bottle..

    3. Alkalizing is a must. The is accomplished through juicing which can reset your PH back to 7. Or simply drink V8 cocktail mixes. DO NOT drink Clamato juice it is loaded in Monosodium Glutamate, an excito-toxin which will cause your cancer to spread like wild fire.

    4. Statistically many Chemotherapies have a profitability through the roof but a success rate near 0%. I’m not judging your treatment. However over at http://www.cancertutor.com they can bring back a stage 4 with 60% success rate, and a Stage 1 with a 98% success rate, some of their successful protocols are the Budwig Protocol.

    5. The Budwig Protocol. Go to your local pharmacy or bread store, and buy a pint of flax seed oil. Mix in Cottage cheese and eat it. Every day okay? Believe me there is a LOT of research from world class PHd’s in the 50’s behind it. It is a stage IV protocol, and the documentation on it again is at http://www.cancertutor.com This is a VERY important part, don’t ignore it.

    6. Monosodium Glutamate will metastasis your cancer like wild fire. Don’t believe me, go listen to a world class neurosurgeon named Dr Russell Blaylock, and his years of research into the dangerous compound. When the FDA was confronted with this information from his research, they simply told the food manufacturers if they cut MSG by 2%, they could use about 30 different names for it, such as Autolyzed Yeast Extract, Vegetable Protein, Sodium Caseinate, etc… Goto video.google.com and type in ‘Food from the Matrix’. It is my documentary I manufactured from a talk interview he gave.

    7. Sugar is rocket fuel for cancer. Don’t eat it.

    8. The objective is *NOT* to ‘beat’ the cancer that is foolish, the way to beat the cancer is to let the immune system take it out.

    9. Cumin Spice, VERY anti-carcinogenic from its myriad of compounds in it. Don’t believe me read the research on it yourself. The key is it is a STRONG immune system booster, especially if your knocking your immune system down with chemotherapy, don’t believe me check it out yourself :

    10. Tumeric Powder, take in a oil or dark chocolate to increase the bio-availability of the curcumin that is in it. curcumin is currently the study of many pharmaceutical agencies for its potent anti-carcinogenic properties. Again don’t believe this stuff I am telling you check it out for yourself.

    11. Laetrile, Vitamin B17. It is a harmless compound found in ditch grass, apple seeds, and apricot seeds. However it has a special property, that in the presence of a cancer cell it will break down, and convert into cyanide, killing the cancer cell. That is why your dog or cat when it is sick will lie down and eat grass, they are not such stupid animals at all. The dirty secret was bears in the wild never get cancer, and they supplement with grass, bears in captivity cannot get this grass, and get cancer… Don’t believe me again go to video.google.com and type in ‘A World Without Cancer.’

    12. Your mind. The number one problem I see with cancer fighters over and over again is they are dumped, overwhelmed with information. They get scared, and run to the standard medical practitioners. I’m not going to tell you what to think or do, that is your choice. However all the above listed protocols are just natural compounds that really work. They are something you should have the free choice to take in abundance without fear, in with whatever everybody is telling you to take. They work, I’ve been researching it for years, they WORK.

    I’m not selling you anything, I’m just taking the time to maybe help you. I’m not promoting a product, I don’t sell, I research.

    I wish you the best of luck, and if you ever are looking to chat online, or pick my brain drop me an email to the following:

    msn : itsmylife77a@live.ca
    Yahoo : zebra77a@yahoo.com

    Good luck ok?

  219. Dear LisaRani,

    My friend is a high notch pharmacist in the USA. He always recommend Homeopathy. He also mentioned about a Bangali Homeopathy from Kolkata. Please check the website below and please(pls) talk to them. This is the month of Ramadan – I’m fasting and will pray for your full recovery.

    Shahid Hafiz


  220. Hi… I just want to tell you how much that I admire you! I have seen a couple of your movies and I have to say I fell in love with your performances.

    So, I think your are gonna be fine, I trust God is gonna help you, please just stay strong with faith!

    I really love your strenght and I love what you do as well!

    Finally, I am from Costa Rica (in Central America) Here we speake Spanish… But one thing is for sure: that for a good wish to a nice person, there is no frontier.

    Love you

    Fortaleza y bendiciones desde CR!

  221. Natural is definately the way to go – especially if it is basically incurable…..my advice, just go natural, your chances are much better.

    Sugar is bad when it comes to cancer.

    I see a sho-tai practitioner – although I do not have cancer, I have never felt better or experienced better health in my life than now, 2 years after I started seeing her. It’s just another option. The choice will always be yours.

  222. Lisa;

    Thank you for choosing to post about your cancer and treatments. I also have MM and find comfort in the community of bloggers who share their stories.

    Your public persona will bring attention and understanding to this complicated cancer. I wish you the very best going forward.



  223. Dear, Lisa:

    I’m from Mexico, and I must admit i’ve only seen one of your films, (since not that many films arrive here) but I loved it, so I’m really hoping to see another one. You’re a great actress.

    I recently read about your blog, and I decided to check it out. I must say I really enjoyed reading your stuff so I wanted to tell you to keep it up; to keep writing. Your words are full of good thoughts and positiveness (is that even a word???).

    I really look forward to keep reading your entries, so please, don’t stop, I found your way of looking at life real inspiring.

    I hope treatment’s not that tough, and I do pray for your full recovery; I know you’ll make it.

    Happy thoughts from Mexico,

  224. Hi Lisa,
    Have been a big big fan since your early days…Dont

    even have enough words to express my love for you…

    recently came to know of your medical condition…your

    attitude and approach ever since has made me an even

    greater fan.

    Keep the faith.This is just another learning curve.

    You Rock big time!!!!

    PS1: I am definitely going to attend the felicitation ceremony when you receive the ‘Lifetime achievement award’ around 3 decades later :)

    PS2: Tried Twitter?Looking forward to hear much more from you.

    PS3:I too am suffering from a kind of Chronic medical condition.

  225. I happened upon your blog tonight by accident but even after reading it I felt I had to throw this out there.

    Three years ago my youngest daughter was diagnosed with an inoperatable very rare brain tumor. She started have seizures are 9 months and after being in and out of the hopistal for 2 weeks they did a MRI and found the tumor. Biopsied at Sick Kids it was another week until we got the diagnosis of Desmoplatic Infantile Gangliolioma. Typically they would remove this type of tumor and it is unlikely that it would grow back but her’s is wrapped around the main artery feeding the right side of her brain. She was too young for radiation and we were told that chemo had not had a good succes rate at shrinking this type of tumor. At the time we were just looking for a way to control her seizure (the meds were not) she was seizing 2 or 3 times a day (sometimes more) a few days a week. Anyway long story short we were given the name of a Dr of Chinese medicine and she started accpuncture. He had the seizures under control in 2 months, and while her first MRI showed some growth, the next 2 should that it was shrinking and it has been stable for the last 2. She is a normally 4 year old girls now starting Junior Kindergarten next week. Her results have been amazing and other cancer patients have had simular experiences. I understand you wanting to stay the course but if you need a back up plan or decide to try something else please feel free to contact me and I will give you his information.

    As far as going public, my family has always been open with our struggle. I think it is perhaps easier for us without having to contend with the media interest but I give you a lot of credit because you are raising awareness about a disease and possibly helping other with all the information that has gone into the blog and comments found here.

  226. Hi Lisa,

    I came across the news on MSN India and looked thru your blog. I am real sorry to hear about it. At the same time, I am really happy to see you take it as part of life. My 3.5yr (now 5.5yrs) old was diagnosed with Brain tumor and it was tough going thru the surgeries and chemo and radiation etc. She is doing great now ………all thanks to God , modern medicine and the great doctors we came across at Stanford and huge support from friends and family. I look back at past and thank God each day for getting us out of those days :-) The whole thing showed me how precious life is and what the most important things in life are.

    I am sure you will come out it and this experience will make more strong.

    You will be in my prayers,

  227. Lisa,

    I had never heard of you before tonight. As I watched the TV I saw a story about you and your cancer and my heart went out to you.

    When I was 34 (I am not 41) I was diagnosed with a treatable stage 2 cancer. I underwent treatment and have done very well. 7 years later, I still struggled with the “mind” symptoms more than the “real” symptoms. I get a hangnail and I Google symptoms for cancer that relate to hangnails (slight exaggeration)….someone once told me it is harder to cure the mind of cancer than the body.

    Keep your mind clear. Keep it focused and positive. Never go to the dark side in your mind. See the future and reach for it. Never believe for a moment that anything other than a recovery is possible. When you are 7 years out like me you can venture onto the dark side once and a while……it is what keeps me living each day to the fullest and to never waste a moment.

    I often say, cancer was the best thing to happen to me. The love that came into my life from the most surprising places was totally unexpected. I see life as fuller, happier and richer now that I know life a truly a gift not to be wasted.

    I am not religious so I can’t profess I will say prayers for you. However, I believe in the “universe” and I will send every positive thought out for you that I can muster.

    Take good care of yourself.

  228. Lisa,you are a brave girl,we believe u will win.You have numerous fans in China,we all love u.Go ahead!

    When i’m in trouble,i like read some Almaas’ books,and i want to recommend you for his books.

    Beyond ambition
    Beyond attachment
    Is home
    Without content

    huge fan from China,Cici

  229. Lisa,
    I thought I would write and give you something to read since this may again be a sleepless night for you. I recently just found out about you as an actor a few weeks ago for the first time when I saw two films my friend lent me- The world unseen and I can’t even think straight. Both characters have a personality that is quite the opposite of eachother and you pulled off both with ease. You are a great actor. I just happend to see a msn news article on you as I am in Canada and find out that you are also Canadian which makes me proud as you are such a positive person. Anyhow I just wanted to tell you I appreciate your work, look forward to checking out your other films, and I wish you well and hope to see you in many films to come.

  230. Lisa,

    Please, please, please and really please read this.

    I dont know where u r right now. If you are in Mumbai, please attend Kalpataru program in Mumbai on 12-Sep-2009. Here you can ask anything you want in life from enlightened master Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

    If you are in Canada, Swamiji will be coming to Vancouver on 23-Sep-2009. He is a great enlightended master who has elevated lakhs of peoples’ lives and cured many incurable diseases.

    Please do not miss this opportunity. For more details you can visit http://www.dhyanapeetam.org or write to nithyasai25@yahoo.com.



  231. Lisa, despite the roids, you look stunning! Good Luck and God Bless.

  232. on September 11, 2009 at 1:59 am | Reply Dr Srinivas Kakkilaya

    >>My cupboards are full of naturopathic, chinese and homeopathic remendies<<
    Dear Lisa, You have it in you to make a complete recovery. But do not try any of your alternative medicines; they are not only unproven, their adverse effects are also unknown. They may even be causing some of these maladies. Lots of vegetables and fish are bound to improve your immunity.

  233. I also practise vipassana, Metta, Shambala and as many other meditation techniques as I can find.

    Do you “enter” and “leave” the jhanas with ease? Apart from concentration practice, how much insight practice do you engage in? Well, I feel those were rather foolish questions to ask someone who does month long meditation retreats in Dharamsala!

    Anyway, you might be interested in visitingThe Dharma Overgound, which is a virtual (and the only Sangha) for a lot of people (like me), who can’t go on long retreats. Of special interest to you, I think, would be the discussion forum.

    Oh, and your pink dress inspires me to dedicate this song to you? There is no doubt you will thoroughly enjoy it!

  234. on September 11, 2009 at 2:15 am | Reply JackieEller (Brazil)

    Hi! you look amazing!
    I’m your biggest fan!
    you always smile and I LOVE YOUR SMILE !!!
    Lots of positive energy for you.

  235. You have a knack for great blog writing. Don’t change it please.

  236. Dear Lisa,

    I wish that you may always find a way to tap into the wisdom, love and endless source of courage and energy that is within you… always.

    May this journey bring the lessons it is meant to, for you and all those you are/will touch by it… and may you fight it all the way through.

    When times are tough, bring your awareness to breath and try to visualize light, illuminating, enrobing and running through your entire being…. giving you warmth, strength, healing, will power and love (as in acceptance).

    May all the joy and goodness of this world surround you.

    In light…

  237. Hi Lisa,

    Yesterday I was thinking for you whole day and night,
    I missed u a lot. I was thinking that What best I can do for you now. This diseases cannot do any thing with you u just need to be aware of what happening inside urself. Start meditation and dont leave faith on almighty .

    because disease can’t touch ur deep being its just on ur body . I am feeling that this diseases happened to me …
    not to u..do my dear friend ur pain is my pain..u dont worry i will take care of this dieses

  238. on September 11, 2009 at 2:40 am | Reply deep kamal singh

    God Bless You Lisa…

    I salute your spirit, you knw its incurable yet you r sooooo much practical about it,, you even crack jokes and write funny punches in your post,, amazing…..

    do you believe in karma? ,, well i would suggest to keep having such great spirit kicking and do as much social and charity work as you can….


  239. Hi Lisa….
    I just found out about your battle with MM. I work at PMH.
    You are being cared for by the most brightest, innovative, competent healthcare professionals anywhere.

    Word of advice….stick to yoga, meditation, fresh fruit/veggie juices. Stay away from sugar. Accupuncture may be helpful for symptom management. Some natural remedies or supplements may help with symptoms/side effects as well.

    Surround yourself with positivity.

    Good luck and god bless. You are on the most important journey of your life…..Getting your health back.

  240. Dear Lisa,
    I was sad to hear of this news but yet very hopeful. Why you may ask? My mom had multiple myeloma for 13 years (from age 64-77). Although she passed away in 2000, I know there are many new meds that will help you. I met you in Calgary with Deepa Mehta a few yrs ago & talked to you while you were smoking outside the hall. Kinda funny!

    My mom’s illness forced me to write a spiritual & meaning of life book in her honor. Quite the experience. I hope you convert your blog to a book. It will help many people.

    You are a strong person & I know you will get through this “minor” bump in the road. My prayers & good wishes are with you. Love your movies by the way!

    Namaste & Om Shanti.

  241. Hi Lisa,

    I just heard and wow am in shock…..I met u in Montreal at ur water premiere. I was so excited….Just remember u are strong, u can get through this…… try everything even homeopathic meds

  242. Lisa,

    Something that may help your condition. It is natural and gets right down to the problem. Far Infrared Sauna.
    Similar to what they used to detox the 911 survivors.
    I bought my unit made right in Toronto.
    The sauna gets up to 48C. At 42C cancer cannot survive.

    Drink high ph water. Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline condition.

    Read Dr. Sherry Rogers MD book (she has written about 15 books and I have been reading her newletters for 10 years) “DETOXIFY OR DIE” http://www.prestigepublishing.com
    She covers the use of Far Infrared Sauna in detail.

    Another approach and not in conflict to Dr. Rogers is Dr. Johanna Budwig “Flax Oil As a True Aid Against Arthritis, Cancer…etc etc ….” There is a very active Yahoo website of users of her method. I read it every day. Read her book and you will believe she knew what she was talking about.

    Any questions, just ask.

    Good luck!

    Henry D.

  243. Sat Nam and Namaste, fellow Yogi Sister..

    I will keep you in my healing circle in kundalini yoga class tomorrow. You are always so stunningly beautiful.. puffy cheeks and all.

    All challenges, setbacks and obstacles are a sign of spiritual strength, the readiness of the Soul to move on; to evolve even further. ~ Neil Donald Walsch

    love you,
    Liza H.

  244. Bone Deep – Although I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, I do know that cancer makes a person go very deep. Deep to the center of one’s Self, where glistening, shimmering, cellular marrow generates the life’s blood. Buried treasure. At last we begin to realize that life is worth saving, worth fighting for. Why is it that only danger of this degree makes it possible for some to open fully; to surrender; to see not just the forms, but the marrow of forms? It is a midnight of dazzling darkness. And it is a painful sort of loneliness to know that with all the friendship, all the support, it’s in your body only. Yet to come through it is a blessing. There is a music in your bones, from then on, that you always hear & feel. So please continue to tell us your stories, your experiences. As a fan of your acting it is even more wonderful to hear the true voice of your writing.

    From a Rumi poem:
    So often I put up my hands
    To shield my eyes from you
    Wild hilarious miracle!
    Your light shines through my bones.

  245. I read about you in the Globe and Mail today, and want to give you my support and encouragement for your continued journey of healing.

  246. Hey Ray,

    Your positive spirits are highly appreciable. I am suffering from cancer(metastatic Osteosarcoma) from past 11 months. Tried many chemo medicines without any luck. I am now using Ayurvedic medicine. Who knows, it may work in my favour.

    There are miracles waiting for us. Hang in there, everything will be going to be okay. As you said, with the accelerating medical technologies any kind of illness can be curable.

  247. Dear Lisa.
    Hang in there and keep healing. You are in my thoughts and prayers tonight. I am confident that you will win this fight!

    God bless,
    Lynne from Calgary

  248. Lisa,
    I wish you all the best in your fight to victory. I was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor on June 2 and I also started writing a blog to keep my family and friends ‘in the loop’ of what was going on. As it developed, it turned out to be more for me than for them though. I plan to live a long and productive live as well, this is just one of those bumps in the road that you have to deal with.

    Your words are inspiring and I am sure that your positive thoughts and erergy will help you on your journey.

    Don’t take this the wrong way, I am not one of your fans (at least not in the traditional way that you have fans), actually I never heard of you until today, but I stumbled across a news story that had a link to your blog and I followed it… and I am glad I did:)

    My positive thoughts are directed your way:)


  249. Can’t say I know much about your work but I enjoy your writing and admire your courage. What are the chances you’re single? Dinner, maybe? Or a more platonic lunch.

  250. LRR,

    Your positive attitude will be the one that keeps you afloat. When you have fought through the wreckage, it will then help you soar.

    I admire your strength to use this platform as a vehicle to bring awareness. As it has been said before, South Asian’s are one of the lowest on the donor list.

    You may share a similar belief; everything happens for a reason. Strive to find yourself, ask for help when you need it and don’t be afraid of the emotions you will feel. You are, afterall, immersed in drugs!

    Our prayers are with you…

    – a fellow Torontonian gal.

    p.s. keep up the writing. It is absolutely beautiful and adds to your already stunning character.

  251. hello lisa,

    I’m writing to you to tell you that I am concerned about your well being and that there is only one way for you to get completely healed without medicines and that is by coming to Lord Jesus.

    I know you are a woman of today who has the power to think. So I urge you to please come to Jesus and be healed without the trauma of the complicated medicines.

    I believe you are well able at the moment to move around, so I suggest that you taste this healing power of Lord Jesus yourself by going to the venue below, where pastor benny hinn is holding the meetings:

    Metro Toronto Convention Centre
    South Building
    Halls F & G
    255 Front Street West
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5V 2W6

    September 10-11, 2009
    Thu 7:00PM & Fri @ 10:00AM & 7:00PM

    Trust it’s not too far from your home. Please come to the living God who can and will heal you of your sickness when you come to Him.

    You can also go on the 12th Sept 2009 to the same venue. Sat 2:00PM. Doors Open at 10:00AM. Please make it a point to go on all 3 days.

    There is no one else who can heal you and deliver you from your pain except Jesus. I know you are educated and well informed about your condition but coming to Jesus is what you need to do now to live a long, happy, peaceful and painfree life. Please take this as a sister’s advice.

    Hope and pray that you will make it there. Trust you WILL go! Please do… please please please go. I don’t live in Canada, otherwise I would have by some means taken you there by myself… I am miles away but I know this is your real chance to be perfect again. please go.

    I have tasted the love and power of Lord Jesus and invite you to do the same and be blessed forever. Believe me you will have your healing and new life.

    Lots of Love

  252. True beauty, from the inside. A peaceful, shinning soul. A joy to watch and listen to…

    My purest, warmest thoughts and feelings will be with you, from this day forward.

    Sad, I am. Not fair. Perhaps I will never get to meet you in this life, but sometime, out there. Be brave, be well.

    Here’s a piece of my heart,


  253. Lisa,

    You are truly inspiring .God bless.Keep the Faith. I am sure you will come out of this .


  254. Hi Lisa,

    I was really surprised to hear about your health condition but I strongly believe that if a person has strong will power with determination, then we have far better chance of success or overcome a hurdle than being sad.

    Recently the following quote from Paris Hilton has made it to the Oxford Dictionary of Quotes and its impressive:

    “Dress cute wherever you go, life is too short to blend in”

    You are one of the hottest, sexiest and beautiful woman in this world
    Getting older is natural but thinking older is always optional.

    I am of the same age group that you are and I feel more young when i see ur charming patented sexy smile.

    According to me the only things I pray to god is ” Good Health and Peace Mind” and to me the only way to achieve this is through spirituality and I will pray to god to give you strength to overcome your health condition.

    Lots of love and Prayers
    Waterloo, ON.

  255. JASCAP is a charitable trust working in India for the help to Cancer Patients. JASCAP is, at present, concentrating on two main activities:

    1. Publication and distribution (sale) of a series of booklets on cancer and its management: The booklets are available in different languages : English, Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Urdu & Punjabi. These booklets are being distributed (sold) to cancer patients and their carers at nominal cost.
    They are available at a bookstall located at the entrance of the Annexe Building of Tata Memorial Hospital, Dr. Ernest Borges Marg, Parel, Mumbai – 400 012

    2. Financial assistance to a few poor patients: This is mainly, but not exclusively, through the Social Service Department of the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai.

    JASCAP would be happy if you could offer your help in whichever way possible.

    We wish you all the best and pray to God for the speedy recovery.

  256. Lisa,
    I have been fighting the “Beast” (MM) for over 8 years. You mentioned buying a house and renovating it. It helps to stay busy. I grew up driving Studebaker cars. I bought a 1963 Studebaker Avanti 4 years ago and startied restoring it. It helped me get my strength back after taking Thalidomide and Dexamethisone. Have you ever seen a Studebaker Avanti in your area?
    I am now taking Revlimid and Dex. Doing well. Keep your positive attitude!
    Uvalde, TX USA

  257. Hi Lisa!

    Don’t believe the stats. Be strong mentally. I will pray for your full recovery from this.

    May God make you stronger every day, every minute, every second and May He help you defeat this disease! Aameen!!

  258. Hello, Please seek out someone with a Quantum Bio Feedback machine because you will be amazed at what you will find. It will help you to get back into a balanced body. Only takes one time and it is amazing! Does Body, mind and spirit stress analysis, and points you in the right direction to balance. You will not be dissappointed.
    Be well,

  259. Lisa,

    I know that the words of a stranger from the internet are not that deep, and I know that nothing I say will really be that insightful…but I want you to know that we are all with you. Living with a disease that never really goes away is extremely difficult. I’m so sorry that you have to experience that. But, don’t fret too much; you’re going to rock Remission.

    Much love,


  260. Hello Lisa,

    I have to admit to being quite shocked and saddened at the news of your diagnosis.

    My father had MM. He was diagnosed, typically, in his early 60’s but defied the odds to live another 12 years. He surpassed everything the literature said was likely for someone with this disease. Even his oncologist was starting to wonder if the initial diagnosis had been right. He had numerous remissions that enabled him to pursue his interests and enjoy his grandchildren. I believe his motto was carpe diem – he did everything he wanted to do.

    Based on what you have mentioned of your treatment, it sounds as though there haven’t been many dramatic breakthroughs since my father was first diagnosed in 1992. With so few Canadians diagnosed yearly, most of them seniors, I suppose it just isn’t sexy enough to catch public attention and research dollars. You, on the other hand, are an anomaly. Very young and definitely sexy! :-) You give a different face to an otherwise unknown disease. Kudos to you for going public.

    I send you very positive thoughts and a sincere hope that you hit the big R(emission) soon.


  261. Lisa,

    I’ve learned after much spiritual seeking that my chronic inflammatory illness had/has many causes. That everything is cause and effect. Mostly that I was disconnected from my body and too much in my head. That even though I no longer smoked, drank or did drugs (clean and sober many years), I still put unhealthy chemicals in my body and was eating too much cooked and processed food, and Sugar!!! P.S. Cancer loves sugar…..

    That I also had a lot of repressed anger and unwillingness to go with the flow, that I was/am very controlling. So I constantly need to turn my fate over to the Spiritual Universe and trust that it will guide me to where I am supposed to go. I needed to learn how to practice unconditional love, let go of shame and guilt, forgive my mother (constantly) and learn how to be loving and accepting towards myself and all beings on the planet.

    I grow my own wheatgrass and juice it, I sprout mung beans and alfalfa. I try to eat more live raw foods and juices. Along with prayer and meditation, these raise the vibration in my body, and help me connect to the inherent goodness and healing/health in the Universe. These vibrations keep me in a state of love and compassion and positive energy, instead of fear, negativity and anger. (Lower vibration foods can cause this, especially artificial sweeteners and microwaving)

    Nothing is incurable. Your mind is your most powerful weapon. The incredible power and healing properties within the human mind and body are no match for the lower vibrational energies/viruses such as cancer, etc….the body’s natural state seeks to live and survive and be healthy. It is a principle.

    I am praying for your healing and am excited for you because I know that you have asked for this journey as another phase of your spiritual enlightenment.

    And I’m so glad you’re letting everyone get to know you even though it may not be under ideal circumstances. You have many fans and people who love you, including me….



  262. Dear Lisa
    I was really shocked to learn about your illness. Last night I was asking my younger brother to look at a little girl on TV who had a lot of resemblances with you and was telling him ‘look, she is looking like Lisa Ray’s daughter. In the morning When I got to know about you from msn website, I was uncomfortably surprised. It might not have any corelation, but somehow I feel that we all living beings are stringed together by a mystical cord whose ends are known only to the Almighty. It has become more contextual in the light of a similar situation I have encountered in the recent past. I fell seriously ill all of a sudden only to be dignosed as a serious case of liver infection. The day before I went to office and never suspected anything horribly wrong with me. But when I tested my blood next day as my my family suggested me for a check up when they found my eyes somewhat yellowish, I found my billirubin content in the blood to be 27 as against the normal 1. Then on it was a traumatic experience for the next 1.5 years out of which I had to spend 6 months in hospital and 6 months in bed at home without being able to move my limbs. The medical examination, doctors reports and their inconclusive diagnostics are beyond the scope of this letter as it might bore you. At one stage the billirubin level reached 39 and at that stage doctors left all hope. At this point my parents sought divine intervention and it worked. Contrary to all speculations and assertions of the medicos, I survived and am in a position now to write this letter. LORD JAGANNATH of Puri saved me. I sincerely request you to come to the holy town of Puri which has been blessed with the footsteps of innumerable saints from time immemorial and seek the blessing of Prabhu Jagannath. I am sure YOU will be cured. You may contact me on my mail ssatyaswarup@gmail.com so that I can explain all the details that ensured my provedential escape from the clutch of death. May God bless you with a long life.

  263. paste a huge poster on all the walls … “I am gonna win” ….btw, have u read Lance Armstrong’s “It’s just not about the bike ….” ??
    I’ll pray for you :) There is a secret I have never told anyone…… but may be I should tell you today… and that is …. ” my prayer works” :)
    keep writing… :)

  264. Hey LISA,
    ****** GET WELL SOON.WE ARE WITH YOU *********
    Hey Lisa, I have been fan of you since many years.
    Never think your are victim of it. It will go away.
    Just a matter of time. I will pray for the GOD, May you have a speedy recovery.
    with loads of LOVE N HUGS
    ****** GET WELL SOON.WE ARE WITH YOU *********

  265. Hi Lisa,

    I’ve ambivalent feelings being sad to learn about myeloma at relatively early age but at the same time, happy to see your spirit of fighting back and spreading mass awareness on dealing with cancer. Being in myeloma research, it seems from your blog that you are having smoldering or early stage myeloma and with advent of newer chemo, you should have very good remission course. To me, your diary gives an inspiration to everyday work in myeloma research and to realize to keep on working beyond all failures, frustrations and personal expectations.

    Thanks for sharing your diary and I wish you speedier remission and eventual cure. Yes! that will come for cancer for sure. Hope to see you sometime if you are visiting Dana-Farber, Boston by chance.

    take care

    When I see bald heads, I see a badge of courage. A badge of courage worn by a little girl to remind us all life is fragile.
    – From Robin’s Reports

  266. Hey lisa
    U seem to be feeling better, me tooo
    and yes even earth shake wont get u out……. ul be very fine to give us many more movies (like,,, ICTS AND THE WORLD UNSEEN)
    yesterday i saw both BOLLYWOOD/ HOLLYWOOD, WATER u r just soooooooooooooooooooo beautifull in those………….
    I read each n every line of ur blog twice and just feel what all you l be going through….



  267. lisa ray i just want to say one thing. you are living up to your name “ray”.

    remember that ray means

    . A column of light
    . (mathematics) a straight line extending from a point towards infinity

    . ray of light
    . radiate

    So to sum it all in one sentence.
    “you are a ray of radiating light which may have a start point but lives on for infinity(eternity).you will always be an immortal ray.

    we love you and wish we wish we could give our share of hours to you.
    don’t be afraid of the unknown. we are with you always

  268. Dear Lisa Rani,

    Nothing galvanizes us into living more than the realization that we are mortal.

    Most among us sleepwalk through our existance believing that life lasts a hundred years, only to be jolted into reality too late.

    You are blessed to have been diagnosed early and to be in capable medical hands.

    You are young and have a long way to go. You will beat the disease.

    Very soon, advances in medecine will reduce cancer to nothing more than a chronic irritation, permanently in remission. You will live to see that day.

    You will come out of this a stronger, better person. Go out there and live your life to the fullest. You have much to do.

    Je vous envoie toutes mes pensées. Je suis certain que vous dépasserez cette petite épreuve.

    Meilleurs voeux, Dyau.

  269. on September 11, 2009 at 5:28 am | Reply Chamandeep Bali

    Hi Lisa,

    Please read this carefully. This is not a joke. I am a Naturopathic Doctor in Toronto, and I have stumbled upon an alternative treatment to battle cancer. Myself, and a great friend (who is in Nuclear Medicine) treated our sister for leukemia. She underwent chemo, radiation, stem cell transplant, and trial drugs however nothing worked. We were told by Sick Kids, that there was no hope and no medicine to cure her, and she was dispatched from the hospital. The oncologist told us, she would only survive approximately 4 days at this point. We took her home, and only morphine was being prescribed to keep her comfortable. Her blast cells were around 400,000 at this point. We decided, we had to try something, and we did. 28 days later we brought her blasts down to 0 with our botanical tincture. This case has been carefully documented by hematology/oncology at Sick Kids (occurred approx 5 months ago), and we are in the process of publishing our findings. Without any chemotherapy since she was a palliative patient, we were able to control her blast cells, bringing it up on down with our dosing regimen, demonstrating a dose/response curve. Since then, we have been able to duplicate our results with another patient. Please email us, and I would be more then willing to share our research, findings, and lab results from this treatment. I hope you will just take a couple of mins out of your day to contact us so that we may share this amazing story of this amazing child and the treatment she directed us towards.

  270. Beautiful Lisa,

    We are praying for you. You will be fine. Keep up with the fight….God is with you and you will win. Love you, Beautiful.


  271. Greetings from Mauritius :) Am sorry to learn about your disease..but think about its positive side, you are getting more spoilt (“,)..take for example probably am the first Mauritian who writing a comment in your blog, thing which i never do:) I find you a very positive person and deep from my heart and prayers I am hopeful that you will overcome this illness. When a person is morally strong, they can fight anything. Know that life is a journey through time, which is filled with many choices.. n each of us will experience life in our own special way.. We all meet with deception, sorrows, frustration, poor health and unexpected responsibilities, but we shouldn’t give up.. Challenges and changes will only help you to find the dreams that you know are meant to come true for you. There’s beauty in every direction you look. Oh shit, you can’t see my face or else you will know how right I am lolz (j/k)..God has gifted you with other things like talent, good look, etc, we thank Him for that. The world is a wonderful place and you are here.
    I dunno if you have been to Mtius, well its worthwhile as it is an island where you will find peace and it keeps you in good mood :) It is also called a paradise island..Come and spend your last moments here.. hmmm at least you will know you have tasted paradise already before closing your eyes permanently (“,) (j/k)..Get well soon.. we all love you.

  272. Hi Lisa,

    I just read your latest update today. Makes me really feel good of how strong you are. I had left a message to you yesterday too. Please give it a thought and ask your colleagues in bollywood as most of them have visited this doctor by the name of Jatin Chaudhry and is based in Delhi. He regenerates cells and has cured people literally from the third stage of cancer. He has literally got magic in him and has cured people of many incurable diseases like nerve disorders etc.It is an ancient form of Korean therapy. Please please give it a thought and consider this option.

    Take care and regards,


  273. This is one of his articles which I have copied from the internet. Do a google and you will find out more about him.The second last paragraph has his mention on the cure of cancer and the diseases he has cured. He is a very selfless doctor and his motto is to serve everyone, which can be proved from the fact that he charges a meager Rs.400 per visit and he treats people accordingly. Please,please….please, give it a thought.

    Last month, Indian tennis ace Sania Mirza skipped the Fed Cup in Perth, Australia. Diagnosed with a three-and-a-half centimetre tear in Melbourne, she was disappointed, but not in despair. She made straight for her the ‘miracle’ doctor, Delhi-based Jatin Chaudhry. Back in August 2008, a wrist injury had sent the star performer into a down spin, and forced her to stay away from the tennis courts for half a season, it was Chaudhry who set her back on track.

    Mirza observed, at the time, “It was scary. It was career threatening. I was almost going through depression. I think the post-injury period is more difficult to cope with and I am happy to be back. But I never doubted that I cannot make a comeback.”

    Treated once again by Chaudhry in February, a day before the Davis Cup, Mirza was back on court and said, “It’s like magic isn’t it? I could feel the soreness in the very first match but you know, I don’t like getting a scan done mid-tournament. In Melbourne, they were saying I would need five weeks off, but here I am, serving without any discomfort! This is the first time I’ve attempted to serve since Sunday and I’m not wearing any tape. It (her shoulder) might be a little sore tomorrow,” she said, “but as of now, there’s no pain.“

    Regarding her earlier wrist injury that kept her out of play for most of 2008, treated with Spiral Therapy she says, “There’s been no pain, and I haven’t even had to ice it once!“.

    There are just a handful of doctors practicing Spiral therapy, or Ingham’s Method as it is also known. Being a practitioner requires a PHD and many years of medical study. Dr. Jatin Chaudhry is one of the few, and he has worked hard at establishing and popularizing this Korean therapy which is basically regeneration of cells, where the pulse of the patient is first found and then various points identified which are then in turn stimulated using needles, current and laser treatments apart from various other painless mechanisms. This treatment is specially popular in Italy. Chaudhry says, “I guess I simply got lucky to have manged it all this early in life. Each session takes about two – three hours and a couple of weeks at least but that depends upon the nature of the ailment.” Sure there are limitations and we can only do so much, but if we can reduce pain levels and enhance the quality of life, then that itself is a high. May I stress again that one needs to be patient…it takes time to heal and for us that time period is crucial.“

    Dr. Chaudhry treats patients suffering from diseases like cancer, AIDS, cerebral palsy, visual impairment, spinal disorders apart from diabetes, kidney ailments. With a team comprising of just four young enthusiasts, together they treat about 80 patients a day in his New Delhi clinic.

    Sania Mirza, Yuvraj Singh, Sachin Tendulkar are just a few of the sports stars who have been treated by and recommend Dr. Chaudhary’s treatments.

  274. Hi Lisa

    As much as it hurts me to hear you have myeloma, its feels great to see you’re writing down your feelings and considerate reflections. I never knew you were such a vivid writer!

    I lost my dear uncle 3 years back to myeloma. He was 47, he was diagnosed when he was 44, and 3 years of constant fighting wasn’t enough to keep him out of pain. Now all that’s left is his widow wife and his two teenage daughters, my cousins.

    I know myeloma isnt curable, but since you have been diagnosed earlier than usual (like you mentioned, the average age being 60ish), it is still manageable and everything looks good right now, so you mentioned.

    All the best, and we will keep you in our prayers. Just one promise, keep writing and keep us updated, since we all love you!

    Good Luck and Best,

  275. Hi…u look stunning…Touchwood!

    It is not advisable to take any medicine without prescription even if it is an alternative medicine like homoeopathy. Saying so as myself I am a homoeopath. Refer the concerned specialtist in the field of alternative medicine who after going through your case history, reports and other medications that you are currently on, will then make the decision for appropriate alternative medicine that won’t interfere with your current line of treatment.

    Take care!

    And Keep Writing…I will Keep Reading!


  276. Hello Lisa,

    I fell in love with the movie WATER and have been a huge fan of yours ever since. I am deeply moved by your spirit and the courage you display in your writing, it is truly inspirational! I actually sent a link to your blog to my best friend who has been diagnosed with a tumor on her optic nerve. You are an extremely positive individual with an incredible tenacity for life, that to me is highly admirable.

    Thinking of you and your journey, and praying! Thank you for your raw honesty.


    I found this article that might interest you:


  277. on September 11, 2009 at 5:58 am | Reply Marilyn Jefreys

    Hi there brave one! This is Marilyn, Nairong’s friend you met in Long Beach. I’m very sorry you are going thru this now, but maybe the Universe recognized your unbelieveable strength and just knew you would find a way to help others in your healing process. No doubt you have given many the kind of hope & strength it takes to win this battle. I have no doubt you will certainly win! I have asked Nairong to deliver to you a very large ball of energy for you to use when needed…and will continue to send them maybe when you least expect it. So if you ever lift gently off your chair unexpectedly, know that it was me, sending you a gift of energy with much love!

  278. Hi,
    after reading news about ur illness I became sad. But hope u get well soon. as u write u are undergoing treatment for this. but I suggest also a alternative for this. i.e Homeopathy. as all we know that British Queen falimy still treated with Homeopathy. So, my suggestion is not leave current treatment but simultaneously treat it with homeopathy.

    with Best wishes

    Rishi Sanuj

  279. Keep writting..coz the whole world is watching you liza…we need more and more…

  280. Love your blog. Proud of you and wish you a full recovery. You’re an inspiration to everyone to be strong in the most difficult of situations. You’ll have to do grandma movies before you quit working, so stick around. :)

    Big hug from a big fan!

  281. Lisa,

    I have always thought you to be very smart and intelligent other than being the most beautiful woman in this world.
    I have always admired your work.
    Reading your blog made me realize how honest, compassionate and wise you really are. You have now truly become an inspiration to me.
    I am deeply saddened to hear about what you are having to go through. I think your radiance and optimism will pull you through all the hurdles and you will realize this crisis to become moments of great opportunity.

    My best wishes to your speedy recovery.


  282. that’s a very cute ‘golu’ pic. keep eating good food and thinking positive thoughts. for what it’s worth, if you ever, ever need a place to stay (or just be), come to Hyd (or wherever i will be then; i move around a bit) .. i almost always have a spare room (and food :)), for weary travelers .. :)

    bless you .. :)

  283. Hi Lisa,

    Just wanetd to send you prayers from Texas. You are a wonderful person. Thank you for sharing this situation and making us all feel a part of your life in more than just the ‘celebrity’ way.

    Take care and please keep writing!

  284. I didn’t know how I came to know about the movies that you were in. I just went to see the first one and followed on with the rest because you are such a wonderful actress. Now that I have read your blog, I would say you are as inspiring as Obama as an individual and I love the way you love life. So, keep going and be brave. Think of good things all the time. You will have every support you need and just give us a shout here when you need a boost in your spirit. You know how much we love you and wish to see you well. Be not afraid and we will be here by your side always. Good luck and God bless.

    Los Angeles / Hong Kong

  285. Lisa,

    What a pleasure it has been over these last few years to watch your talent blossom as an actress, and to see how you invest your performances with charm, integrity and vitality. It was a treat to have you in my home town when you filmed “Seeking Fear”. Knowing that you are bravely soldiering on through your illness and coping it with publically both with humour & honesty I commend you for how you are helping to educate the public on cancer. I wish you every strength in the world for your ongoing battle. May I finally say, having seen your recent photographs where you deem yourself “puffy” – I personally think you look more beautiful than ever!

    best wishes to you always,


  286. hi! there
    dont u get confused and irritated by so much bombardment of so called “knowledge mantras”? hey keep it simple and remember “this too shall pass”! gud luk n enjoy every day of life!
    ps: dont worry about ur tantrums n behaviour(if u have developd during chemo…..part ov the process);)

  287. hi,
    one needs to courage to share this… and you have done this very elegantly. My mom has been disgonised with mm last year…. there have been moments of anxiety but we have pulled on. all the best. fight hard and strong

  288. Hi Lisa ,

    While I can’t offer any advice on the condition or the way your moods dance in and out like an invisible sorcerer – What I can tell you is that , while you listen listlessly to sad stories and absorb all of your heartaches. You’ve repeated those self-empowering mantras each and every day. I have to agree with Maxysin – Keep it simple. From what I’ve seen and heard you’re a fighter and this kind of support is just fantastic to see.

    You’re also quite the inspiration on the screen =) All i can say is that it will get better little by little, until this raw and gaping pain only you can see etched upon your face and weighted on your shoulders is nothing but a distant memory.

    In the meantime people will be here to pull you up when you need it, to make you laugh when you don’t want to, and to dry your tears or just cry along with you because some of them know how you feel.Before you know it, one day will pass when you don’t think about it at all and you will know what it feels like to be living in your own skin, that vibrant heart of yours beating whole, just under the surface.

    Love & Light


  289. Hey Lisa,

    Liked your idea of being courageous even when there is biggest of the problems standing in your way. I add to it that NEVER GIVE UP TILL YOUR LAST BREATH.

    I also learned it the hard way. There were times when I lost everything in life and without understanding how precious and beautiful this life is, I wanted to finish it.

    But out of darkness of misfortune a someone came in my life as a shiny ray of bliss and changed my entire life. And that was my friend from Soka Gakkai International. My life has been changed and I live happily with my wife and two kids.

    This organization work on the fundamentals stated by a buddhist saint called Nichiren Daishonin from Japan. He gave tought a mantra, NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO to to entire mankind suffering from various reasons.

    Today, more then 1.20 million members of Soka Gakkai are chanting this mantra in 192 countries of the world. The fact is that there is something more then chanting this mantra. Thus i suggest you that try to find out some member in Canada itself who can tell you more about this practise.

    Meanwhile you can learn more about this life philosophy from http://www.sgi.org and on “You tube” you can find out in what rythm this mantra is chanted. Once you find out the rythm, please pray for your happy and long life and also pray that soon you should encounter a member of SGI.

    All your relatives, friends and fans must be praying for you and me too. You can contact me through email, “khareanu@gmail.com” to learn more about it.

    We have many people who have won over thier negetive situations and even won cancer. But you can understand this only when you find a member thier. It is very profound practise and not easy to understand so please do noy ignore myadvise just like that.

    India loves you !!!

  290. on September 11, 2009 at 6:47 am | Reply Darned Schizoid Seagull Destroyer Devi

    You’re wrapped safe in the blanket of such incredible forces of energies from all over the world, you’re in good hands, darlin’! Karma, are you listening? You’re knocking but you’re messing with the wrong door! Roar!

  291. Dear Lisa!

    You are a lovely girl. And your spirit is very strong. You are giving a good fight. Also you are thinking straight. That’s what is needed right now.

    Keep up the faith in new therapies and look forward to remisssion.

    I have always believed in the statement of T.E. Lawrence. I want to share with you
    “All men dream.. but not equally. Those who dream in deep recesses of their mind wake up in the morning to realize that it was their vanity. But those who dream with their eyes open are dangerous men, for they may actually achieve their dreams”

    So dream with eyes open.


  292. hey lisa,

    i just came to know this morning and i am in shock, i am a big fan of yours and i so sad.
    treatment will cure it, one of cousin had it and he is recovering after 2.5 yr of treatment.

  293. Dear Lisa,

    contact Distant Energy healer. If you can find the suitable healer you will be benefitted.


  294. This is Anurag once again. . .

    Hey I just recalled, if you have any connection with Tiska Chopra (played mother’s role in “Tare Zamin Per”) or Shweta Kawatra (played Pallawi in “Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki”), they both are also members of Soka Gakkai.

    TC, Bye

  295. Dear Lisa,

    I recently had a relative diagnosed with MM and now after hearing about your condition, it is as if i felt the grief all over again. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I know you will be fine (just like my other relative who went through SCT last year and is back in his normal activities). You are a strong woman and a role model for a lot of us. Please keep up with the fight. And continue to keep your millions of fan updated with your blog!


  296. Dear Lisa,

    First things first.

    Heard many times, may be,
    But Take this word from me,

    I was diagnosed with Leukemia (popularly called blood cancer), and there were no instances of successful cases then.

    But I had hope amidst all fear, frustration and endless agony.

    Took it test by test, lived today and another day, moment by moment, event by event,
    And finally one fine day after a test they declared I am completely cured of the disease.
    Now I am almost 20 years since then! Living with better health than many average people!

    Yes, I agree, those tests, reports, medications, will give endless frustrations; but need not worry, there is light at the end of this tunnel.

    During my turbulent times, I was desperately hoping to see one face who is cured of this cancer successfully. But I did not find one. I know its value, hence I am writing to you this letter.

    Have hopes, Cheer up! (as you always do), danger will run away from you.

    Of course, there is one more cancer which will definitely kill every one of us someday, and it is called AGE! :) :) :) :)

    So why to bother!

    All the best! May all the Gods shower all their blessings on you so that you come out of your present suffering successfully and lead once again your cheerful life!

  297. Dear Lisa,
    Ever since, you first dazzled on the screen (Afreen album), you had taken the youths completely by storm with your beauty. It is very sad and shocking to learn about your disease, However hats off to your spirit and we hope that the Lord continue giving you the strength to overcome this disease. It’s always said that by hook or crook you have to win in Life, same way by traditional method or alternative healing we have to overcome any disease that pose us a challenge. We are a group of professional holistic healers (Pranic healing) in suburb of Mumbai associated with http://www.newageastro.com
    Needless to say, we will be more than happy to help you in healing with all our knowledge that we posses.
    God Bless,
    Best Regards,

  298. Dear Lisa,

    I am inspired by your approach to this challenge. Absolutely certain that you will come out of it a more lovelier person than you already are.

    From Marrow TO Sparrow – so beautiful, so delicate, so humble – AND FREE TO FLY!!! Go for it, secure in the belief that the Divine (whatever you call HER/HIM) is in charge and doing just the right thing for you.

    Best wishes and lots and lots of love. Keep blogging, love it.


  299. Hi Lisa,

    Its amazing the way you are taking your health issue head-on. You inspire me to do the same.Thanks and All the best.

    God Bless and wish you a speedy, long and happy remission.


  300. I am not exactly a fan but I have seen your work in two films (Water and Toronto Stories) mainly because I enjoy watching independent and alternative films. After seeing you in Water, I immediately thought of you tackling on a role of Elizabeth Taylor. That is, if there’s ever a script written and a movie made about the life of Elizabeth Taylor – Diamonds Forever. I strongly believe you would be the one portraying her and you would definitely be amazing in it. So I would sometimes keep an eye on any new developments or possible project about it. Just yesterday when I went online and read about your current life challenge. I suddenly paused for a minute as if the world had stopped spinning during that window of time. It was a very strange affect and so unbelievably weird especially since you are an unknown person to me. I also deeply wish I could be a good match to donate my bone marrow to you to speed up your therapy process or have supernatural power that could heal you and all the ill persons in the world.

    I would be lying if I said I know what you are going through and try to offer advices, suggestions, this and that in this blog comments. I think every situation is different; every experience is personal and unique. Like one of my favorite cousins who was diagnosed with lung cancer last March 2008. The doctor informed the family that he had a few months to live, maybe ‘til November 2008. As of today, he’s still standing and continues to fight the disease. He has been through different kinds of treatments and would seek any possible remedies. He even drinks Chinese herbs provided by a Vietnamese doctor in San Jose, California. He said the herbs taste very bad but are making him feel a lot better. I really admire him because he has forward and positive mindset, great energy, and full of confident and hope that he will win this battle, and above all, his powerful desire to keep on living. He told me that he does not consider himself ill so please do not feel sad for him. He said this is a just dark force that was destined to come to his life in which he must reckon with and he will try with everything that he has and know, hopefully with Buddha’s blessing, to stop it.

    Hence, from reading one of your blogs, I feel you and my cousin have similar strength and mentality. You both are courageous and full of life. As crazy as it may sound, I know that miracles do happen. I know you and my cousin are receiving the best medical treatment so it is just a matter of time you will be feeling fine again.

    As for your blogs, I find it very interesting that you would share your personal experiences but I am sure you have your reasons.

  301. Hi Lisa,

    I am Vanitha from Chennai. Be aware that there are several fans and well wishers like me from every part of the world, we care for you even if we are practically strangers. This is the beauty of love and life, you just can’t stop it.

    So here I go, you will fight it and be successful. Being a celebrity, your fame adds value. More than god, the FAITH of people on god is immense. Believe it!!

    And when you want to know more about brands, do visit http://www.buzzar.tv – its my companies own online product.

    Warm Regards

  302. Dear Lisa:
    This is the first time I think learning English is very important.
    In Taiwan, we have to learn English in junior and senior high school for 6 years. I am not very interesting in it. I just learned it for passing my senior high school and university entrance examinations.
    But now, in order to understand what you say on your blog, I’m learning English hard!

    Today, I want to share some medical information with you.

    Every year, there are more than 400 people are diagnosed as Multiple Myeloma in Taiwan ( Taiwan has 23,000,000 people). Therefore, the doctors in Taiwan have a lot of experiences in the treatment of Multiple Myeloma. There are three very well-known doctors in this area. If you want to consult other doctor’s advice, you may contact with them.

    I am sorry, I live in Taiwan, so I can only offer you the information about Taiwanese doctors.

    Dr. Shang-Yi Huang (Chinese is 黃聖懿 ) and Dr. Jih-Luh Tang(Chinese is唐季祿), they are attending physicians in Department of Internal Medicine Hematology, National Taiwan University Hospital.
    NTUH website:

    Dr. Ming-Chung Wang (Chinese is王銘崇), he is an attending physician in Hematology and Oncology, Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital (Kaohsiung Branch).
    CGMH website:
    http://www.cgmh.org.tw/isc/index.htm (International Service Center)

    In Taiwan, we believe that people’s blessing will become “strong power”, when more people bless, the power will be stronger, then the “strong power” will bring you a miracle.
    Now, people around the world are blessing for you, I am absolutely sure that the “strong power” is stronger than Superman!In other words, you will get a miracle, surely!

    By the way, I have to say, Bobcat is so cute and beautiful!She(or he?) reminds me of my Blacky, she is a cute and beautiful cat, too.

  303. A man can be free without being great, but no man can be great without being free.The significance of a man is not in what he attains, but rather what he longs to attain.You may forget the one with whom you have laughed, but never the one with whom you have wept.We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting.It is slavery to live in the mind unless it has become part of the body.To be able to look back upon ones life in satisfaction, is to live twice.Faith is an oasis in the heart which will never be reached by the caravan of thinking.If I accept the sunshine and warmth I must also accept the thunder and lightning.What is poetry? An extension of vision – and music is an extension of hearing.Birth and Death are the two noblest expressions of bravery.When Life does not find a singer to sing her heart she produces a philosopher to speak her mind.Trust in dreams, for in them is the hidden gate to eternity.

  304. Mentally everything can be conquered, positive spirit is what is going to make you a winner!!

    Don’t ever give up..

  305. I am not exactly a fan but I have seen your work in two films (Water and Toronto Stories) mainly because I enjoy watching independent and alternative films. After seeing you in Water, I immediately thought of you tackling on a role of Elizabeth Taylor. That is, if there’s ever a script written and a movie made about the life of Elizabeth Taylor – Diamonds Forever. I strongly believe you would be the one portraying her and you would definitely be amazing in it. So I would sometimes keep an eye on any new developments or possible project about it. Just yesterday when I went online and read about your current life challenge. I suddenly paused for a minute as if the world had stopped spinning during that window of time. It was a very strange affect and so unbelievably weird especially since you are an unknown person to me. I deeply wish I could be a good match to donate my bone marrow to you to speed up your therapy process or have supernatural power that could heal you and all the ill persons in the world.

    I would be lying if I said I know what you are going through and try to offer advices, suggestions, this and that in this blog comments. You know I think every situation is different; every experience is personal and unique. Like one of my favorite cousins who was diagnosed with lung cancer last March 2008. The doctor informed the family that he had a few months to live, maybe ‘til November 2008. As of today, he’s still standing and continues to fight the disease. He has been through all sorts of treatments and would seek any possible remedies. He even drinks Chinese herbs provided by a Vietnamese doctor in San Jose, California. He said the herbs taste very bad but are making him feel a lot better. I really admire him because he has forward and positive mindset, great energy, and full of confident and hope that he will win this battle, but above all, his powerful desire to keep on living. He told me that he does not consider himself ill so please do not feel sad for him. He said this is a just dark force that was destined to come to his life in which he must reckon with and he will try with everything that he has and know, hopefully with Buddha’s blessing, to stop it.

    Hence, from reading one of your blogs, I feel you and my cousin have similar strength and mentality. You both are courageous and full of life. As crazy as it may sound, I know that miracles do happen. I know you and my cousin are receiving the best medical treatment so it is just a matter of time you will be feeling fine again.

    As for your blogs, I find it very interesting that you would share your personal experiences but I am sure you have your reasons.

  306. Hi Lisa

    Love u since I was kid :). (Though ppl call me emotion less.)
    Feeling real bad but I know that you will win.
    Keep focus and realign your mind. Clean your mind of everything. Forget all the old beliefs and form new beliefs.
    Take Care.

  307. And Yes! You look beautiful :)

  308. Hi lisa,

    There is an ayurvedic doctor in Jaipur, india who has been curing terminal stage cancer patients for over 30 years. his medicine is recognised by international bodies. the only requirement is that you should be able to digest food. why dont you have a look at his website http://www.cancermedi.com
    wish you all the best and if you want to know more, please do mail

  309. you inspire me…take care always!

  310. Hi Lisa,

    keep faith and believe urself, u will do it. Do not leave hope anytime. I wish you get better soon and start rocking. You have millions of good wishes behind you. You will be fine.

    God Bless you.

  311. Lisa san,

    My thoughts and prayers of hope and health for you. The body and mind has a way of healing itself ; remain positive,remain happy , remain active (this is important) and above all love those around you.

    You look fabulous by the way :)

    Will check up on you now and then in this blogspace and touch base via twitter.

    Til next chat.

    Love always.

  312. hi lisa iam architect raj , i know wt is beauty ,when the beautiful things create god so thay always with us,so boost urself
    and get well soon,,,,,we indian always with u,,,,,,,

  313. on September 11, 2009 at 9:23 am | Reply Richa Chaturvedi

    Hi Lisa!

    Really impressed by your mental strength. I am a nutritionist from Jaipur. I have recently come across a miracle diet plan which consists of simple foods that have the potential to strengthen your immune system and reverse the whole process to convert cancer cells into good healthy cells.
    This diet is well known as Dr Budwig’s protocol. There is lot of information on this diet available on internet. Some of the very informative and helpful websites are:
    1. http://www.healingcancernaturally.com/budwig_protocol.html
    2. http://cancertutor.com/Cancer/Budwig.html
    3. http://www.cancure.org/budwig_diet.htm
    4. cancer.about.com/od/cancerprevention/p/flaxseed.htm
    5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EB5MArK-P3I

    The good part about this diet plan is:
    1. It is simply good food and elimination of unhealthy foods.
    2. The benefits can be felt within a period of 7 to 8 days…
    According to Dr. Budwig, if this diet is taken for 3 days, you are bound to see health benefits
    on the 4th day!!.

    . The diet mainly consists mainly of
    1 . Cold-pressed flaxseed oil and flaxseed grains.
    Flaxseed Oil is blended with cottage cheese or hung yogurt.
    Whole grains are to be freshly ground to a coarse powder.
    2. Fresh juices
    3. Fresh home-cooked food.

    According to Dr. Budwig, you need to eliminate the following from your diet:
    1. Sugar [use honey instead]
    2. All oils & fats except flaxseed oil
    3. All processed, packaged and pre-cooked foods.

    Flaxseed is the richest source of omega-3 fatty acids, the Good Fat, which our body needs and cannot make it by itself. It has almost diminished from our diets because of too much cooking and processing of foods as it readily destroys by heat, sunlight and chemicals. Omega-3 strengthens the normal and healthy cells of the body and help in destroying the malignant cells.
    Flaxseed also provides lignans which are plant hormones and strong opponents of cancer.

    This theory has strong scientific evidence. Dr. Budwig, a German scientist and 7 times nominee for Nobel Prize, has actually cured last stage cancer patients, suffering from different types of cancer using only flaxseed and freshly prepared cottage cheese [paneer] or curd.

    I hope you will definitely try this Diet plan for restoring your health.If you need any more information on this diet plan, please feel free to contact me at:


    Wishing you health
    Richa Chaturvedi

  314. Lisa u r a gud figher we know that u will win this battle. In my every prayer i m begging to god to cure u and give stranth to u.


  315. Dear Lisa

    I do not only like you because of your beauty, I like you because every single second you show me been a strong confident woman.
    I truly think that in life we all have several adversities but we always find how to go through…
    wouldn’t it be great when you’re borned if they give you a handbook, because if you have to face a trouble and you have no idea how to handle, just looking at on the book and there will be the answer?
    By the way, I do not belong of any religion, but God exists, I know this because sometime of my life I have felt him.
    Well, I was talking with him last night, asking for many things, my heart’s desires and I strongly prayed for you.(I will do it today and all days will come)
    Someone once told me: God knows what you will be when you grow up and He knows all the places where will you go.
    Before God has created you, He knew the plans He had for you…

    Girl this is just a stage, a proof of life, you only need a little patience.
    One of these days, THIS STAGE will be gone! This is only one more experience, you have what is needed to achieve this: youth, strength, courage, intelligence, your incalculable beauty too….
    You have my empathy, my support, and my love…

    Lisa, I’m from Ecuador but I live in Spain, I’m recently learning english and I’m trying to do my best… I hope you can understand me…

    If I could play a harp to express with music, my feelings for you which do not exist in words…

    With love…

  316. Hello,
    I read about your diagnosis and blog on afterellen.com, where I first heard about your work as well. I’ve read through your posts and your attitude is inspiring. I’m so glad you have been brave enough to open up about your battle- you have truly taken something negative and turned out untold positive results by educating others and providing encouragement for others battling cancer. Thank you.
    Please know that your work has meant so much to the LGBT community and I am sure I will not be alone in keeping you and your loved ones and support team in my thoughts and prayers. You will be joining my cousin (breast cancer survivor) in the Full Remission club.
    With love,

  317. Well Hi!
    Have nothing to say. Drifting on www , bumped into this. Nothing related . Well you may as well call it spamming !
    Ignore !

    The photographs are haunting, and the reflections on the remains of what was once a school books depository are almost creepy. Abandoned places have a strange impact. Either they amaze you with their ability to create a whole new world within, or they fill you with a sudden rush of sadness. The former because some sort of beauty thrives in the air thick with neglect. The latter because they mostly remind you of waste.


  318. Dear Lisa,

    You’ll be fine, just trust in God and have faith in him, make every single moment in your life more meaningful and cherish everything in it, for thee you can achieve a genuine healthy remission eternally.

    You will always be the most Beautiful woman I had ever known inside and out. Get well soon :).

  319. Dearest Lisa,

    You’ll be fine, just trust in God and have faith in him, make every single moment in your life more meaningful and cherish everything in it, for thee you can achieve a genuine healthy remission eternally.

    You will always be the most Beautiful woman I had ever known inside and out. Get well soon Brave Girl ;)

    Take Care,

    We Love You :)

  320. Listen to the natural cures guy up he is absolutely right and read “The HIgher you” get your mind soaked with belief .. believe you are cured .. talk as if you are cured .. walk as if you are cured .. in fact celebrate as if you are cured .. until your brain (subconscious) believes you are cured it will be hard for curing to happen .. it is truly the only mental secret .. not positive thinking . its to lie to yourself repeatedly .. uttering words like
    – I am healed 1000 times a day
    – I am grateful for the healing 1000 times a day
    – I am so happy I am healed 1000 times a day
    – I in amazing health 1000 times a day
    – Thank you God 1000 times a day
    Keep repeating these words .. hold the tears back .. keep uttering these words .. stop uttering the word cancer .. believe .. believe .. believe .. and when you begin to believe believe .. but the words must be turned into true inner emotions .. and pray ask ask ask until you cannot ask any more .. you should have some one with you almost 24/7 pushing you like a personal trainer to constantly do this pushing you into true inner belief where if some one would ask you if you have cancer you would truly answer with the full belief that you dont have it any more .. trust in these words .. I ask for nothing .. no money even the book I will send it for free .. and dont even post this let your team send it to you in private .. Lie to yourself until you believe your own lie .. may this message reach you ..
    Loay Ragheb
    Author “The HIgher You”: The journey within & The rise from defeat
    higher you at gmail dot come

  321. Listen Lisa!

    I don know if you believe in miracles and the concept of God. Well i do! I know people are praying for you and that itself should strengthen your emotions and mindset.

    But believe me there is one thing which can bring you back all you smile and power back to you. I would request you to do following:

    Go to Sainath’s temple in Shirdi and tell sai the following line “I am here in this world because of you lord! Please take care of me and bless me with an extended life, in which i shall always enchant your name O holy one! I shall never forget you!

    Lisa i have seen people coming back to life, getting the things which they thought they had lost forever. Go with the full faith and believe me miracles happen and they happen to make humans realize that God has still not forgotten his children.

    But don forget to mail me, when you become fine. Stay in touch! God bless! Manu!I just wish that you read this mail and not omit it!

  322. Hi Lisa,

    I am so devastated by hearing that you are suffering from Multiple Myloma; the saddest part is that I lost my dad due to this disease.

    Being experienced in this field I can suggest you the following option.

    1) Don’t lose hope.
    2) MM is not incurable. From Velcade to Bone marrow transplant, many options are available today.
    3) University of Arkansas Medical Sciences, Arkansas, USA has world’s best Myloma institute. Please try to get treatment from this place.
    4) Have faith in almighty

    Wishing you all the best

  323. Respected Lisa,
    Today [11.09.2009] i read in Times Of India about your illness; i got shocked. Nature provides opportunity to every entity to live life. I am seeing that you are really living life in true sense without fears; you will CERTAINLY be the winner against myeloma. My prayers are always with you.
    With best regards,
    Prabhat Misra
    Blog- http://www.mynature-myfuture.blogspot.com,
    http://www.onedaywithnature.blogspot.com .

  324. Dear Lisa,

    All I can say to you is to have faith and always be better than you ware yesterday. God never forgets good humans so he will never forget you.
    Stay strong and as you say “Never stop fighting”.
    God be with you …cause in what stands for the fans, you will always count on us.

  325. Lisa,
    I was so shock when I heard that you’re sick. I knew that from webboard here,in Thailand. I’m sorry that you are sick. I don’t have any suggestion or any idea what I can do for you. But I just want to tell you that “I love you” and hope you get well soon.
    by the way, you looked gorgeous. I love your smile. Don’t even think about stop it ok??

    Love you
    T (your fan from Thailand)

  326. Hello mam,
    I’m a heartthrob fan of u, i never see such a fresh n beautiful face in india actually,
    Dont worry we all pray for u to recover from ur illness and do u ur daily routine as usual
    we miss u a lot

    U look splendid in TAKKARI DONGA a telugu movIE

    My wife is also a fan of u, she z also praying for ur recovery..

    we are all behiend u…keep ur mental balance well

    With all the loving smiles…..
    ram shankar

  327. Lisa,

    “Myeloma – Michael Gearin-Tosh ~ Living with Myeloma”
    His book ” A Medical Mutiny”

    I found this by searching the Dr. Budwig/Yahoo site.

    Gearin-Tosh survived 10 years after being diagnosed.

    Possibly with the Far Infrared Sauna you could beat his record.

    I bet you can do it!!!


  328. Hi Lisa.
    I am wowed by your beauty and strength. It is said that when life’s tough challenges show up at one’s doorstep, then there’s no choice, but to be strong. But in reality, it takes a lot of positive thinking to step forward in life in the midst of uncertainty.
    Know this in every moment : you are loved…by your family, by friends, by fans all around the world and by every person who witnessed your grace and your graciousness. We are rooting for you all the way. Be positive and don’t give in to anxiety.
    You are loved… for your honesty…and for your willingness to fight…
    You are with us, in our thoughts, our prayers and our heartfelt wishes for you and your family.
    Is there anything we can do to cheer you up?

    Best wishes,

  329. Hello Lisa,
    I wish you a speedy recovery, I know this is a rather common dialogue which people use to say at times like this and sometimes it feels annoying,as far as for me, it was.And yes about steroids,they really make u hyper especially the itch like pain hey give to you(I had taken hundreds of them,so I know). Your article reveals your optimistic approach,and writing is always a good sport to kill time and a nice way to get distracted from pain.I say so because this was the way I did during my days,and I assume the same for you.Finally I wish to see you again in movies and it would be nice to hear from you and maybe we could share some of our experiences.


  330. Lisa,

    Surfing internet, I came to know about the cancer. But for persons with so much positive energy will recover fast. You are important both as a person and as an actor. I watched ‘Water’ with awe.

    Why do you say ‘no one likes green tea’. I like.

    Get well soon and we will have lots of green tea.


  331. Never give up your determination and hope. With the proper medical care and attention you can lead a relatiely normal life for a long time with this condition. My father passed away from Multiple Myeloma in February of this year but did ove for 11 years with it thiugh he wenthrough many rough periods, overall he lived well. He endured 2 stem cell transplants, as mch chemo as he could bear, velcade, and finally spent 18 montghs on a clinical trial for revlimid. Tis drug was amazing for 15 of his 18 months.

    We have seen so many new developments in the battle agains this condition that I am confident that you will find many comforts and benefits that will allow you to live happly for amny years.

    Stay positive and be assure that there is HOPE.

    God Bless

  332. Keep your focus on wellness. Entertain no other thoughts.
    Treat yourself gently. Love yourself through this.
    I hope you recover and live your life fully and completely.

  333. Dear Lisa,

    My mom has just been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, I have never heard abt this thing b4 in my life but now its a part of my everyday life, She keeps asking me whats wrong with her but I never get courage to tell her abt her condition n illness, I see her in pain everyday, every second, Sometimes it feels so helpless that you feel like…….., It feels so disgusting to see ur loved ones in pain n so much pain n you just cant do anything abt it. I pray for her everyday in Namaaz (just started praying cuz I think when there is nothing we can do, HE is the one who can do everything). I heard abt u yesterday, now I will pray for u too..
    Always Take Care
    Get Well Soon.
    I’ll follow ur blog daily,plz keep on updating.


  334. Hey there,

    We all struggle in our lifes in strange ways and we end up asking ourselves why me? However we are not ready for the answer. But i guess u know. U r a fighter and HE got bored getting defeated by u ;).
    I want u to know that this time u r not alone. If i can be of any help like—- bonemarrow transfusion i’ll be glad to donat. i’m O+ve. I’m sorry i have not seen any of ur movies till date so all i can relate is through ur pics from the web. But i do see a very strong heart behind those words.
    I really want to be of some help to such a wonderful person.
    take care

  335. hi Lisa,

    the fact is that more than a year ago i have started to fell sick, the doctors took some investigations and no results. Therefore at the beginning of this year i went again to do some investigations, i could not stand on feet … i had some inflamed parts at the base of my neck, both parts. the doctors said: “yes, i expected to start the treatment for cancer, bla, blaaaa” after half a year when i was outrageously sick, uncapale of a normal movement. It is more than a year, i am feeling much better now, but i started to practice Reiki. i think i am healed, i do not have that confirmation, but i feel it.

    i am from Romania, the health system is awful, you really do not want to know, if you go to a hospital you have to give bribe for the services you get (even though you pay for your monthly insurance). I cannot accept it but i cannot do anything to change it yet.

    therefore i am asking you to try alternative (as u said you are) treatment and reiki is similar to yoga which you said before you are practicing for 10 years. plssssss try it, it is a way of self treatment, i way of getting well by yourself. For the beginning go to a master in reiki and then start to perform it by yourself. For me it was a solution.

    i really do not know you personal, i come from a world where patterns are really well underlined and perhaps you know it from the Polish society, it is more developed anyway. The communist regime was present there too but in a different manner(political, cultural, social speaking).

    i would like to tell you many things in order to get you better,or just to e a support for you, unfortunately i feel so ordinary now that i cannot write anything else. and you need intelligent ideas and people around you in order to get better.

    there is a book i have read in Romanian, i think you can fins it in English too: “Everything can be healed!” try to read it,it may be inspiring.

    i think this is it for the moment,
    take care of you and set yourself ona positive thinking,
    i will try to do it for you too.



  336. excuse my English language mistakes

  337. Hi Lisa,
    You only live once but if you do it right, once is enough :))
    You are doing everything right so far- doing yoga for 10 years now, trying alternate therapies etc…
    Way to go, girl :))

  338. Vegetarian diet prevents cancer, may help treat it

  339. Look at the positive side. You have bigger breasts – oops, am I allowed to say that?

  340. Lisa,
    I’ve been a great fan of yours for a a while and learning about your disease really made me sad. But I also laughed a lot reading your blog last night. I admire your courage and honesty; and I understand what you mean, there is no way I could live a lie and hide myself. My mother fought cancer a few years ago and she openly disclosed it; she was very calm and straight foward about it and I truely believe it helped her tremendously.
    I am more than certain than with your strengh and will, you’ll get through it in no time!
    Sorry for my english which can be rocky sometimes…

    Paris, France.

  341. I do love your acting. Hang in there. My prayers are with you and your dealings with this. Ted

  342. Dear Lisa,

    Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us.

    Ur truely courageous, determined, strong & U look beautiful!

    All the best
    Take care

  343. Lisa,

    I don’t read blogs. I’m just a fan and that’s what bring me here . You’ve got a million posts up here. I wouldn’t even expect a reply :)

    I’ve watched my closest aunt battle breast cancer over the years. Every day she’s faced with a new story. She smiles through all of it and your posts tell me that you’re just like her. Strong. Maybe stronger.

    That is what tells me that you’ll get through this and I’m sure you’ll be symptom free by December, or sooner, just like you want to be.

    I think what really helps is being happy, and you are , so you’ve won half the battle already love :)

    Take care of yourself,


  344. Lisa,

    I’m saddened to hear your news, I wish you much success with your treatments and a full remission.

    I too am being treated for an incurable illness by the Toronto University Health system, we’re very lucky to have such competent and caring doctors available to us. There may be a few things to be fixed in the Canadian health care system, but there’s a whole lot of things right with it too!

    I admire your bravery at sharing the details of your illness, I write a blog as well but had decided to keep it anonymous (http://withoutamanual.blogspot.com).

    Maybe it’s time for me to be open about my illness, and fully realize that being ill is nothing to be ashamed of. I had been concerned that it would kill my career (which I had to put on the backburner for most of this year, but have been able to pick up again the last month or two on a limited basis).

    Doing the “roids” too – nasty stuff, isn’t it? I could totally relate to your “wetsuit” reference!

    Sending you positive thoughts and energy, and enjoy TIFF!
    Thank you for sharing your story Lisa.


  345. have a monalisa smile…always. TC.

  346. Dear Lisa!

    With your nice, courageous performances in ‘I can’t think straight’ and ‘the world unseen’ you gave me much pleasure.
    So I was really sad when reading about your bad desease. I’m so sorry!

    At first I thought writing here has no sense for you thinking you aren’t able to read those lots of posts. But now you wrote you read all of them in a sleepless night… I picture you sitting in front of the pc and I understand.

    And because I really hope that it may give you a little, little more strenght to battle your big fight I want to say that I wish you much courage, strenght and confidence and, last not least, always good friends by your side.

    So many people from all over the world send good thoughts to you. I believe that brings much good energie helping you to conquer your illness!

    With my best wishes and thoughts with all my heart,

    yours Nina from Germany

    PS. Sorry for my bad rarely-used-school-English! I hope you was able to understand it…

  347. May Lord Ram help you fight this deadly disease and may the person whom we all love so much be soon her bubbly self.

    We all L.O.V.E. and R.E.S.P.E.C.T. you.

  348. Whats best for you is to at least save yourself by accepting the true message of Islam, what you got to lose sister?

    Our Prophet says
    “God has never created a disease but created its treatment, that is known by some people and unknown to others, except death.”

    We read in the Qur’an what means:

    *{And (We sent) Lot when he said to his people: What! do you commit an indecency which any one in the world has not done before you? Most surely you come to males in lust besides females; nay you are an extravagant people. And the answer of his people was no other than that they said: Turn them out of your town, surely they are a people who seek to purify (themselves). So We delivered him and his followers, except his wife; she was of those who remained behind. And We rained upon them a rain; consider then what was the end of the guilty.}* (Al-A`raf 7:80-84)

    A major cure factor for many diseases is the natural immunity that Allah has created in our body systems. The healing of many virus-infected people is achieved through antibodies that constitute a major source of the “treatment for every disease” referred to in the aforementioned hadith. They constitute internal body-built, rather than external, medicaments. The same can be said about vaccines, being antibodies produced in the labs or derived from certain animals.

    In the end, I ask you to read the Gods; Book Kuran, again what you got to lose? nothing. So go for it sister.


  349. Crap. Ever since I read about this Toronto simply does not feel the same anymore, walking down Bloor St…used to vaguely associate Bloor with you for some weird reason over the years, thinking you live there. Will wait for the magic post when you can announce all is super again. Take care.


  350. She was on a mission, to cry her eyes out and talk to death.
    She went outside and took what she hoped would be her last breath.
    Sitting in a chair, she felt too alone.
    So she went down and sat in the two seated swing in front of her home.
    She rocked back and forth, as she slowly let loose and cried.
    She blasted music in her ears, as she slowly wished she could have already died.
    The rain slowed, and she asked for a sign.
    She doesn’t believe in God, keep that in mind.
    But she looked up to the sky, and told him it was now or never.
    She looked down to the ground, and didn’t believe she’d find one, not ever.
    The rain poured down, in two heavy little pokes.
    She looked over her shoulder to the other seat, and listened to the tree frogs’ croaks.
    Nobody was there, yet she didn’t feel by herself.
    She looked toward the mountain, and suddenly felt like she needed help.
    Clouds had covered it, before her silent prayer.
    And now as she looked, she found the mountains were there.
    She could no longer cry,
    But she wanted to still, that was no lie.
    So she sat there, staring into space.
    And the raindrops came and took the tears’ place.
    Down her eyes they slid off her chin.
    Tonight wasn’t the night for her last sin.
    She looked once again to her right.
    She swore an angel was with her tonight.
    “Dear Angel, you might be a sign, but I need a stronger one.”
    Was all she said, before the cold air made her numb.
    She got up and started walking to the door.
    She was convinced there was nothing worth living for anymore.
    But as the door slid open, the rain came down fast.
    And it suddenly seemed that her breakdown was a thing in her past.
    She came back to a message from the only friend that seemed to really care.
    She read the words quiety, and continued to stare.
    Rest assured, she told the friend she was fine.
    She told her death had given her an offer, but for some reason she had given a decline.
    The friend told her how much she cared and how much she meant.
    And that’s when the girl started to believe her friendly angel was Heaven sent.
    Then one more friend took her mind off of the tough time.
    He made her smile, and at the same time made sure everything was fine.
    And that’s when it hit her, that’s when she realized the truth was fair.
    There was always a reason to live, and her reason was right there.

    Love and Prayers

  351. Hi Lisa,

    All the best !

    My wife, 2 daughters and me will pray to God every night for your speedy recovery.

    God Bless ..


  352. Hey Lisa,
    Dont wrry…. Have faith in GOD.. He’s there to help u…. n will take u thru this tough time….
    Do Pray a lot.. coz it is the only way to talk to GOD….
    He has given u the pain…. He would take it away….

    Have Faith in him… n keep smiling as always….
    u’ll be fine…… :-)

    Have ur family besides u if possible…. their support will take u thru this tough time…..

    May GOD bless u n give u the power to come out of this tough time smiling….

    Lots of Love

  353. Dearest Lisa,

    I am saddened to hear about what is happening, but your positive outlook is helping me to not break down into tears, I am sad, but hopeful. I have been a fan of yours since your video “afreen”. Now I see that not only are you beautiful on the outside, but you are a beautiful on the inside too. I remember reading one of your quotes where you said ‘I am a sufi at heart’…your sufi side is definitely shining now in the hours of pain, where you have fully accepted the ‘Will of God’ and doing your best by being positive and raising awareness. I am in your town and wish so much to come and personally visit you, sit with you and learn from your experience. Or even to just be there for you as a friend/fan. If there is anything I can do, please do email me…you have my contact info.

    We pray for a miracle. May Allah be with you in these hours where mankind cannot truly be there…

  354. Woo hooo! You seem to be fighting this hard! That’s the spirit! As I commented in the previous article, you have already been well into naturopathy, homeopathy and yoga. I would say keep fighting optimistically till the end, I pray for you! All the best LISA!

  355. on September 11, 2009 at 2:33 pm | Reply Swetha Sankaran

    Sending prayers ur way!

  356. Hi Lisa,

    As you mentioned in your post that you are a seeker, I wonder in all you seeking if you ever came across sahaja meditation. I personally have known many who have been benefited by this simple meditation and have come out of cancer and many other diseases. If, you have tried a number of things give it a try too. very simple very effective. I hope you won’t discard my request. Try http://www.freemeditation.ca

    I pray for your good health.

  357. get well soon dear, we need you!!

    I’ll pray for for you in my before sleep pray.

  358. Dear Lisa! I’m sorry, but please visit this company’s products. Nu Skin Pharmanex USA
    I also lived through the torture and today I’m fine. All medical treatment in addition to eat. 3 months after the person is expected to complete változás.Jelen Hungary, Hungarian and Hungarian-language descriptions could only recommend, but suggest that the products Tegreen just before going to bed at night. The rest after a meal LifePak, G3, ReishiMaxGLp. The company and its products can be read in many languages interneten.Kitartást very fans. Hungarian fans: Marika

  359. Hey Lisa,

    Loved your acting work by the way..But there are more important things in life. Your positivity and courage are just over whelming!!! keep up hon!!! And the world loves ya!!!!

    You re a ROCK!!! Keep up!!!! We re all praying for ya!

  360. on September 11, 2009 at 3:19 pm | Reply Mayté Tavárez

    I love you Lisa ray!!
    You are an amazing women and i hope you’ll get better soon.
    Muahh!!! ;)

  361. Dear Lisa,
    ur approach is the very best. trust what u are doing before anything and look for improvements worthy and those that you should not miss. Im happy to know all the things u do, I mean yoga, meditation, profession(acting), being the wonderful person you are, loving Bobcat, having a wonderful Dad, so many things we are still to know. I think u are bettter than many,millions of them, intellectual and genuine.

    Don’t take this repeat advice of mine to be a stubborn act or one trying to gain attention, its cent percent the gift of the millenium u could get in your life, how can I standardize myself, unfortunately I can’t but you can trust and thats a strong hope i hold. I know you are an intellect and I know you’ll definitely receive well, only if you begin will u do that, that is my only concern.

    Sahaja Yoga is out of any comparision, I know you said, ull do all that can really strengthen u forever after u got established. I am not asking you to change your schedule but check the centre out in your neighbourhood in Canada, very convenient for you. The website which is more easy for you to check is- http://www.freemeditation.ca, For reasons very important I can’t force you into it, so might not tell you again about it, its only your desire that can work it out. It is, with no doubt, the most powerful gift to human-kind than many others out there. You can’t have a better gift with or without Multiple Myeloma. This is your chance to actually see. Vaashi healing centre, Maharastra, India is a specialized centre for you to whenever you can. the centre in Canada will definitely give you an insight which you shouldn’t miss now and after you are out of the difficult situation of the moment. I am very serious and this is not a superstition at all neither it is comparable to other meditation types. It is very special. With all the affection for you…
    urs truly benefactor.

  362. Thank you for sharing your fight with us. Your story, words, and positive attitude are inspirational.

    I, for one, love your writing. It’s true and raw and thought provoking. I’m a big fan of editing myself – making sure the words on the page make sense and are the same as the ones in your head and your heart – but please, for our sake, be careful not to edit the soul out of your posts. I miss the old words already.

    Best wishes for your fight from yet another fan.

  363. Dear Lisa,

    Recently I watched “I can’t think straight” about 3 times in a row and it was because I thought you were lovely in it, so thank you for that. I think if I had seen a movie like that when I was 16 my life would have been more bearable at that age. Anyway, I just read in afterellen.com about your condition, and your blog post about this, and I wanted to recommend 3 books that have changed my life. The first one is called “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda. You might have come across it since I see you are very much into meditation and yoga. I really recommend it, his teachings are life altering. The other two are about health. I’m kind of a nut about that. I’ve been vegan for a decade and I’ve read a lot books in that time. There is a book I just came across called the 80/10/10 by Dr. Douglas Graham. It advocates a raw vegan lifestyle to attain optimum health in every level. Personally I’ve never felt better physically. It’s very enlightening and if anything I think it would help you see how incredible the human body is in its ability to regenerate if given the proper “fuel” aka food! The last one is called “The China Study” by T. Colin Campbell – here is the blurb from the Times about it “..findings from the most comprehensive large study ever undertaken of the relationship between diet and the risk of developing disease are challenging much of American dietary dogma.” and from the back “The China Study describes a monumental survey of diet and death rates from cancer in more than 2400 Chinese counties and the equally monumental efforts to explore its significance and implications in nutrition and health.” Maybe you’ve already come across these in your research, if not I hope you consider giving them a chance. My thoughts are with you.
    Best Wishes

  364. “I would not let IT win and reminded IT of that fact daily” : Janice in her comment up there. What an awesome attitude to have! I see that positivity in yr writing as well….and, like Jan, you will come out of it as well.

    God bless!

  365. Hello again, Lisa. Just wanted you to be aware of all the support you are receiving on afterellen.com! I also know you are getting a lot of suggestions/recommendations because we all care for you but I did want to share what someone posted on afterellen.com in case you haven’t heard of it:

    “I was telling a friend about her diagnosis and she told me about someone she knows who has lived with myeloma for several decades, so there’s definitely hope of a long and happy life. This man actually started a website, http://beating-myeloma.org, that has lots of good information if anyone is interested in learning more.”

    By the way, you look as gorgeous as ever! : )

  366. You might have seen this but, I thought I would give you a gentle reminder. If you like this I will send you some of my writings. Also… keep smiling you look good when you smile.

    “Even this shall pass away” by Theodore Tilton

    Once in Persia reigned a king,
    Who upon his signet ring
    Graved a maxim true and wise,
    Which, if held before his eyes,
    Gave him counsel at a glance
    Fit for every change and chance.
    Solemn words, and these are they,
    “ Even this shall pass away.”

    Trains of camels through the sand
    Brought him gems from Samarcand;
    Fleets of galleys through the seas
    Brought him pearls to match with these;
    But he counted not his gain
    Treasures of the mine or main;
    “ What is wealth?” the king would say;
    “Even this shall pass away.”

    ‘Mid the revels of his court,
    At the zenith of his sport,
    When the palms of all his guests
    Burned with clapping at his jests,
    He, amid his figs and wine,
    Cried, “O loving friends of mine;
    Pleasures come, but not to stay,
    ‘Even this shall pass away.”

    Lady, fairest ever seen,
    Was the bride he crowned his queen.
    Pillowed on his marriage bed,
    Softly to his soul he said:
    “Though no bridegroom ever pressed
    Fairer bosom to his breast,
    Mortal flesh must come to clay
    Even this shall pass away.”

    Fighting on a furious field,
    Once a javelin pierced his shield;
    Soldiers, with a loud lament,
    Bore him bleeding to his tent.
    Groaning from his tortured side,
    “ Pain is hard to bear,” he cried;
    “ But with patience, day by day,
    Even this shall pass away.”

    Towering in the public square,
    Twenty cubits in the air,
    Rose his statue, carved in stone.
    Then the king, disguised, unknown,
    Stood before his sculptured name,
    Musing meekly: “What is fame?
    Fame is but a slow decay,
    Even this shall pass away.”

    Struck with palsy, sore and old,
    Waiting at the Gates of Gold,
    Said he with his dying breath,
    “ Life is done, but what is Death?”
    Then, in answer to the king,
    Fell a sunbeam on his ring,
    Showing by a heavenly ray,
    “ Even this shall pass away.”

    – Theodore Tilton

  367. on September 11, 2009 at 4:12 pm | Reply Harpreet S.maan

    Hi Lisa,

    The Indian express newspapaer has published a news about your suffering from cancer.I am writing this to you purely on humantarian grounds.
    There is a gentleman in Mumbai , his name is Mr.Munir Khan who give guranteed treatment for any type of cancer >His programme is broadcasted on television everyday which is being hosted by actress Tabassum.
    His website is http://www.cancercureable.com.His mobile number is 0091 922 332 9467/9820 282 146, landline – 0091 22 305 06381 /82.
    If you wish you can contact him and I am very sure you wouldbe cured very soon.I shall earnestly wish that you should healthy at the earliest.
    Wishing you all the best.


  368. Dear Lisa,

    It was very sad to know about your illness. I am your fellow sufferer. I have been fighting with myeloblastic leukemia for the past several years.

    Twice I escaped the clutches of death very narrowly & my fight is still on. Lot can be said about my struggle, but right now, I’ll only say that believe in yourself, that you will emerge as a winner one day! My blessings are with you my friend.


  369. Hi Lisa,

    I truly your admire your courage for standing up to the need of the hour. I’m a practising Buddhist. Will chant for your COMPLETE recovery. Tc :)


  370. Dear Lisa-

    I too am a mm survivor. I was dxed in 3/94 and I have been in complete remission since 4/99. Since mm’s average age patient is a 65 year old black male I don’t think the average stats apply to you.

    Please consider not, repeat not having a peripheral blood stem cell transplant. Consider managing your mm with novel therapies (like thalidomide, velcade, revlimid) in addition to the yoga and mediation you mention along with supplementation (green tea for example, curcumin, fish oil, etc-

    Read up on bone therapy, novel therapy and search the beating-myeloma.org site for info on anything.


    Good luck and feel free to ask any/all questions.

    David Emerson

  371. Hi Lisa,

    You are looking so sweet in picture. I’am a big fan of you right from the days of bombay dyeing ad. I like the movie u done in south india in 2002.
    I am really sad to hear the news of you. At this time you need to be mentally strong and be prepared to challenge the disease no matter what. And i hope u will be always.
    I wish you all the best and success in stem cell transplant treatment. You are in my prayers. i hope science progresses to such a level that there will be no incurable diseases left out.

    Keep smiling and i have this strong feeling that you will be healthier and happier for many many many more years to come.

    Best Wishes and Success in every step of your life.


  372. I see the stars shinning upon you and I hear the Universe sing praises of love and joy. For your yellow now shines brighter and brighter, expanding, reaching, a touching warm Ray of hope as the Sun is to the seed…
    Your yellow… flowing Qi through the cosmos into our world,

    L ike the beat of a Drum
    i nspiring to dance
    s o at last the true warrior
    a wakens..
    r eady
    a nd fearless
    n ever in doubt
    i n full appreciation of all that is.. A
    RAY of hope as the Sun is to the seed.


    I am in tune with all the healing frequencies that surround me at this moment.

  373. Love and du’as your way, Lisa! You look beautiful in your pic, BTW. I’ve done the dexamethazone thing before, too…I know how it feels to suddenly be so puffy! Just enjoy your curves!

    More love!

  374. .

    Hi Lisa,

    Sorry to hear about your illness, I admire your work and think you’re very beautiful. It was great to see your mention the Toronto Star as well.

    As a fellow Canadian, I also feel obligated to share any info that I think might help. Please check out G. Edward Griffin’s documentary “A World Without Cancer – The Story of Vitamin B17″ on Google Video, the link is at:

    It’s a fascinating story and he tells it better than I can, but the bottom line is as long as you’re open to all possibilities then I’m sure you’ll find one that works for you.

    Good luck and keep ya head up! :-)



  375. Dear Lisa,

    Thank you for sharing with us your beauty inside. You’re the truly inspiration for me and an amazing example for all of us. You give me the strength I need to keep fighting.

    When you believe, miracles happen! You’re already winning the battle by staying positive. I’m sure you’ll get over it soon.

    I’m praying for you and sending you positive, healing energy and love, every day, every hour, every minute…

    I love you very deeply, more than ever.

    Take care,


  376. Hi Lisa
    I am really sad to hear this news.
    My hopes and prayers are with you,

  377. Hi Lisa Ray,

    Admirer so what’s new?

    My father suffered and succumbed to cancer (rectal). He battled it for a year but he was 82.

    Until that time he was a great lover of life and a fighter.
    Even when he was in pain (I knew that now) on the phone he used to say ” I am ok la (he was Malaysian born). Don’t worry kanna. I am perfectly ok”

    Couldn’t write more as memories tear at my heart. He passed away in 2007 Dec.

    All I can say is hang in there and keep fighting. Dont let it rule your life. I saw my father refused to acknowledge the shackle of cancer and greatly admire him for his fighting spirit.

    Best wishes

  378. hey lisa,
    i’m soham from newtown kolkata. i just wanna say just keep faith in god and urself..talk with god!!!feels great ..
    life is an incredible journey enjoy every moment ..
    be happy
    and keep smiling..
    smile at god , smile at urself…its a very positive energy…
    love you ..
    have a nice day !!!

  379. hi,
    i just want to tell you that you try prayanamas it really helps & you do contact Baba Ram dev in India. Trust me you will get well , i can promise. I appreciate your fighting sipirts, you continue the same , i am confident that everything will be all right in end.

  380. Just keep yourself surrounded with good people who love you for who you are and live for yourself.

  381. It is 01:55 in Malaysia, 12 Sept.
    Perhaps you there is now 13:55, if my world clock software doesn’t cheats on me.
    So, good afternoon. =)
    Just a quick visit before I go to bed.
    Have a nice day~ =)


  382. Hey Lisa,

    You look great in that picture. Consider me a fan of yours from your channel [v] days hosting BPL Oye! :)

    Anyways, all the best, and stay strong. These diaries are a great way of keeping people informed, and inspiring others!

    Best of luck and hope you stay in great spirit



  383. I would love to see you win the fight!
    I read that you would be considering alternative therapies later, I wanted to suggest to you that while you would not like to mix the things, it maybe worthwhile to do affirmations while you are going through the selected line of therapy.
    There is this wonderful book by Louise Hay ‘You can heal your life’ which highlights thought patterns for most of the aliments and the new thought patterns which could help to heal.
    The probable underlying thoughts for Cancer are:
    “Deep hurt. Longstanding resentment. Deep secret or grief eating away at the self. Carrying hatreds. ‘What’s the use?'”
    The healing thought pattern suggested by the author:
    “I lovingly forgive and release all the past. I choose to fill my world with joy. I love and approve of myself”.
    PLEASE PLEASE consider healing thoughts, you deserve GOOD life and lots of love :)

  384. Get better Lisa! :) I’m sending you positive energy!

  385. Hi Lisa,

    Really can’t believe one can be so open.

    From past 1.5 year I am struggling to recover from an injury which gone bad as it was not diagnosed properly. I am 29 years old, not an age in my opinion to get a lengthy problem like this. :-)

    Knowing about you is making me feel something which I cannot describe in words right now.

    You are looking very cute in your picture.

    Wish I had a friend like yours.

    May Lord give you a lot of happiness and recover you soon.


    Ashish Yadav

  386. Dear Lisa,
    I hope that u recover soon.I became a fan of your enchanting beauty when i watched NusratFateh Ali Khan’s music video “afreen….”,have faith in God and enjoy life,my prayers are with you.

  387. WOW! Where do I start? Well first I’ve never subcribed to a blog, you’re is the first and I’m blessed to be here. Second, when I awoke today and read on the internet about you and this ordeal you are facing, I felt numb. It’s so strange how a disease can make us feel so close to someone we don’t really know. My heart goes out to you!

    I’ve become such a fan of your work over the last few years. Your fiesty, go getter, but down to earth personaliy is remarkable. And I think even more now because you are taking this thing in stride and ready to give than give up.

    I don’t want to ramble, so I will simply say, “thank you” for letting your fans and the world know what you are going through. You are such an inspiration! Please know that here in US your fans are praying for you and we KNOW that you will come out of this perfectly fine.

    With love and hope,

    PS And I love, “Baby cheeks getting me in trouble!” LOL
    I think you just as lovely as ever!!

  388. Прочёл несколько разделов… Добавил в избранное, хороший блог.

  389. hey lisa.

    nice to see ur pic.. u look sweet and healthy… Its made me sad to read abt ur illness.. but we cant help it now u need to fight and win….

    ppl in India love u and we all r wid u.. I m big admirer of urs…God will listen to our prayers and u will be well soon.

    Love u


  390. Lisa you are truly amazing. Our prayers are with you and you are handling this even better than Lance Armstrong. You are such an amazing person, so intelligent, and beautiful inside and out. Your curiosity and openness to so many different threads of therapy (chinese, naturopathic, herbal etc) just demonstrates that you are playing such an active and indeed proactive part in the treatment of your condition, and really gives you the ‘reins’.

    Steer forward and live strong, in the magnificently graceful and keenly intelligent way you seem to have maneuvered your life so far.

    All our love from Delhi, London and New York.

    Project Libra/A.N.D. (Wellness Centres soon to be set up for Cancer patients in India- based on Patrick Quillin’s bestseller on Amazon.com- Beating Cancer with Nutrition)

  391. on September 11, 2009 at 6:23 pm | Reply KRISHNA MOHAN AGRAWAL

    Dear Lisa Ray,

    I am in love with you since I saw you in ads for Bombay Dyeing. I admire you tremedously. I came to know about your blood marrow problem yesterday through htcity. I feel at a loss. I am going through lower back bone loss for the last ten months. I had a fall from a height of 5 feet. I got a crack in my lower back bone. I don’t have nearly 4 inches of it. I travels up and then throughout the body daily. I am constantly in trouble. I can’t sit properly. Thoughout the day I find it difficult to pass. Even then I don’t allow it to take over me. I take it as a penalty for my not caring for my elders properly. I try to bear it as a punishment heartily. That puts me as ease. Again I try to remember GOD as often as possible. I thank GOD for bringing HIM closer to me, through this process of pain, as we remember HIM at such times only. Then I take some exercise and medication as well as medication. I don’t ponder over my problem much. I think I will be all right some day in my remaining life time, though I am as old as our dear Big B. I have problems in my hands too because of the fall. But I keep working constantly. I have lot to do for my fellow beings all over the world. I have to spread the message of love and affections to all on some solid scientific lines. I have developed many theories, that are still to come to limelight, for the benefit of mankind. So I keep myself busy almost constantly. I enjoy as I take pleasure in writing to you, I don’t know you, and you don’t know me. Still I love and adore you. That is sharing of love, pain and pleasure.
    I am Krishna Mohan. My namesake appeared as VISHNU to win the final of INDIA’S GOT TALENT. September 11, 2009.

  392. A lonely seagull flies the winds
    Majestic… soaring…gliding wings
    A single screech sounds from the sky
    Come fly with me… come here and fly

    My spirit floats to be a part
    I feel the beating of its heart
    My soul, one with this bird of sea
    Now knows the meaning to fly free

    I feel the winds caress my soul
    And soar the streams without a goal
    My being trembles of delight
    A treasure I received tonight

    The seagull’s flight of soaring high
    The gift of what it means to fly

    Love and Prayers

  393. Hi Lisa,

    I’m glad you are ok. I hope you’re going to get better, and I know you can.

    You’re amazing, keep fighting!

    Lots of love from Spain,


  394. on September 11, 2009 at 7:05 pm | Reply samujjwala(puja)

    hey lisa…writing frm ur kolkata…hope ur bettr nw…i was really shocked to listen the sad newz bout u….man!! u know what..tuesday morning i waz thinking bout smoking n that i may start cuz my most favourite actress(undoubtedly YOU)do so…n suddenly i thot…i dunno why but that it may cause you cancer n that u shud quit it…..n that night ma frnd told me bout ur “cancer newz”….the worst part waz that she told its “incurable”……i waz literaly speechless n shattered!!i waz abusing her like anything n that nevr abused hr so much…checking n reading all article numerous times as its nt easy to accept..sulking all the time..
    But ur right…evn i believe its curable and you have to get it cured…i really wan to see u gettin older n older n live till 100 n may u do mor moviz like “i cnt think strt”..lol!!
    guess smwhr i kno ur nt gonna read it bt all ma wishes r wid u…trully ur ma most…i mean most favourite actoress in the world n wish u live long so i can meet u sm day…AMEN!! MUAAAH!!!!

  395. Hi Lisa,

    Sorry I came back to bother again :-)

    But it’s your fault really, I had gone to sleep but you refused to vacate my mind :-)

    Actually “I” couldn’t stop thinking and then I thought of something. Something which has given me lot of peace in all this time of my struggle, and that is Rdraksha.

    I had come to know about Rudraksha while trying to get astrological help and they attracted my mind at first instance. I started with one bead and become so attached that my frenzy stopped only when I collected 1-18 mukhi all.

    They say that a wish to wear Rudraksha come only by the grace of Lord Shiva. I am not sure if you already have come across them or not but just thought of sharing it.

    If interested you may want to read “The POWER of Rudraksha” by Kamal Narayan Seetha. I am not a expert but by what little I know I feel a 16 mukhi Nepali Rudraksha would be of lot of help as that is blessed by Lord Shiva in Mahamrithunjay form. Lord Shiva in Mahamrityunjay form takes away our sorrow.

    Rudraksha works best and fast for people having good past Karma. I feel they will give fast result to you.

    Wish you do well.

    Love Again

    Ashish Yadav

    PS: And please vacate my mind now, I want to have some sleep.

  396. Lisa,

    I think you are so strong to come out openly with your disease. It is extremely difficult to make the choice. I should know. I just recently discovered that I am autistic. I am 34 years old, have a business, and am doing okay, but never realized what was really going inside my head. The problem I am having now is decided who I should disclose this information to. I also live my life with a full disclosure attitude, however there is such a stigma that goes along with life long illnesses and disorders that it makes it difficult to decide how to proceed. But, I really appreciate your strength to disclose the information. It has helped me to feel stronger and more confident to live my life and tell people about me without worrying about how people treat me or if they understand. Simply, thank you for your generosity of inviting your fans into your world. It has made all the difference for me.

  397. on September 11, 2009 at 7:13 pm | Reply samujjwala(puja)

    heyfrgt to tell ya,
    u neva looked cho chweet n cute like ur luking in pink top….yummm!!yea!! that’s the first word that stroke ma mind….out of reflex..1s again muaaaaaaaaah!!!
    hey goin to watch ur movie “i cant think straight” tomoro…it gt released in INDIA today……though hv seen it 1000 of times before….bt its nt the movi…its u wat m gonna see….lol….!!!
    keep writing!!

  398. Lisa:

    Tara tari bhalo hoye jao. Tomar misti hanshi dekhtey chai abar kono chayachobi tey khub shiggir.

    Keep the spirits high!!! you will be all right very soon.

    Bhalo theko…

  399. Hello Liza, we guys have grown watching your beauty and were always in awe of it! And suddenly this news about the killer disease makes it very hard to believe for all of us. But I am sure that You will Kill this killer disease and come out of it very soon god willingly. I have got this link where some useful info about the disease has been given. If you find the time please go through it and if it is useful i will be glad.
    thank you and as always love you…….. take care.


  400. hello there Lisa….

    First of all I must say that I became your fan a few time ago and I was shocked last night when I saw the news about this disease your facing and I woke up this morning believing I had a nightmare and then I realized I didnt, honestly I dont know you personally and you don´t know who I am either but I admire and respect you, and that´s enough for me to be worried about all this, mainly because I don´t know about this disease, but I´m willing to learn about it just as many other people, it´s such a lame that sometimes we cant fight a disease just because we lack of information about it, right now I would like to be more active on that sense, I´d like to work as a volunteer or something and just take the message not just about Multiple Myeloma but about many other diseases that are silent, I hope I can do that, anyway all I wanted to say is that I wish you the best and Im sure that everything is gonna be alright, cause I truly believe that everything is so Possible…. so God bless you and let´s keep fighting, cause in the end life is a constant battle, and the great thing here is that you have many other warriors next to you to help you fight it, and I´m one of them, you are in my prayers…

    • Gladys,
      The first thing I did after reading Lisa ‘From the Marrow’ was search for a cancer related NGO in my area. We belong to different geographical areas otherwise I would have shared with you.

      Let´s keep fighting, cause in the end life is a constant battle.

  401. Hi Lisa,
    May be or may not be you’ll notice or ready my comment. I would like to say you one thing do imagine yourself doing something that is your biggest dream all the time feel that dreams becomes true and keep all the thoughts of any kind that is not +ve go away from your mind. The meditation and all will help when your sub-consious mind will order and start new blog with all your dreams and fantasies shared on it and be cheerful all the time.
    We should take every thing as learning phase and everything in life is just a climb never think or feel any thing that is less than reaching at the top and getting all your asked things from the lord. Have a complete rest full sleep nice rounds of prayers to the lord and thank him for every good thing you have and also thank in advance for giving you a new healed life again and promiss him to use the new life for the welfare of the needy person and be a inspiration for others. You know what you are immense beautiful you are so much confident and powerfull having so many welwishers. I hope you just recall all the beautiful moment of your life do some creative work like painting your imaginations and dreams never sit ideal or critise anything its hard to follow but once you start like this you will have full control on your life and all is required to undersand your inner power and the way to use it to make your way to glory. Life of 100 years with not having peace of mind is less good than one second with all the happiness in it. So if you read this post and find it have some meaning so if possible drop me a line..

    One in million welwishers,
    Sourabh Jain.

  402. It’s a cute story that you were mistaken for a teenager or a kid at this time!
    Long back when I was in college in 1992 I saw your pics and to put it mildly “You fascinated me”
    I did have the opportunity to see you at California few years after that maybe 2001 during one of shows and the “Wow” factor was reinforced. I am sure you would have seen me too! I was the guy wearing blue T-shirt at the very back of the public gathering! Hope to see you again at Bay Area soon, and I’ll wear the same T-Shirt again so you can recognize me, and maybe just maybe you can smile. I am a screenwriter and maybe you could even star in my movie.
    I wouldn’t like to give you any advice healthwise or otherwise since it looks like you already have full medical journals in your comments. So let’s just talk of something else.
    Your current pics are awesome(again putting it mildly) and it reminds me of an oft repeated phrase “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever: Its loveliness increases; it will never Pass into nothingness”

    Next time, I’ll write a song for you.

  403. Even though sitting miles away, from Toronto, Canada, In New Delhi, India and typing this from altogether a different part of the globe.. Writing this to you.. I am totally sleepless and restless…I just want you to be completely fine.. totally perfect.. You are a great person with a very strong personality.. I always and really admire you for your gutts, courage & persona.
    And above all you are a Braveheart Lisa…
    I listen to the song Afreen Afreen everyday since i was a kid!! and only because of you, its been so many years!!
    I was very sad after this news and i just cannot see this happening to someone like you.. but on the other side now, I am very positive and quite sure that this sadness in me, wont last for long and will fade away quick as you will be back in action and good health very soon.. :) ..with all the positive energy, undefeatable spirit and outlook you have towards life..
    “Dear Princess Lisa you are capable of winning any and every battle..!!”
    With all my heart i pray for your well being… which i am sure God is also listening to..
    May God Bless You Always..Pls Get Well Soon…and do take very good care of your self…You reflect many and in true terms define a real ROCKSTAR.. Lisa you really do matter a lot…and are always being loved… Continue to Rise, Shine and Brighten up lives……..!

  404. I was thinking today how we are all connected. By we, I mean all of us who are following your blog. Why do we feel a connection to you as opposed to another celebrity? Even without the diagnosis, there was still a connection – why we are all here commenting, from all over this beautiful world of ours. So there is something inside of you that resonates with something inside all of us, and then to take it a step further, something inside me that resonates with all of these beings I’ve never met in person, including you, and something inside them that resonates with me. Out of the millions of people in the world, here we all are, together with you, expressing ourselves at our deepest levels to beings we’ve never even met.

    We are all One, aren’t we? There is only One.

    Peace be with you.

    • Dear Janet,

      Love your post, simply beautiful.

      Yes, we are all One. We Are All Children Of The Universe.

      Peace always,

    • I completely believe that, I love the way you see it Janet WE ALL ARE ONE!!!

    • Dear Janet,

      Well said.
      We are all One, aren’t we? There is only One.

      Peace be with you.

      Though having never met Lisa , you , hundreds others I am deeply moved. This blog , the threads of comments cements my belief in humanity.


  405. Good day Snowleopardini,

    From reading your blog, I gathered that often you begin your day with meditation, me too.

    Next time you meditate, just visualize your heart pumps unlimited amount of love and a positive flow of Chi through your veins and arteries, celebrating. Knowing that you’ll be fortified with renewed physical intensity and mental energy, as you get stronger.

    You will get well faster than you can ever imagined.

    I foresee a global celebration for Reborn Lisa Ray will be taking place, when you are ready.

    Here’s a quote from Dalai Lama I’d like to share with you and everyone here:

    “I believe that the very purpose of life is to be happy. From the very core of our being, we desire contentment. In my own limited experience I have found that the more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our own sense of well-being.

    Cultivating a close, warmhearted feeling for others automatically puts the mind at ease. It helps remove whatever fears or insecurities we may have and gives us the strength to cope with any obstacles we encounter. It is the principal source of success in life. Since we are not solely material creatures, it is a mistake to place all our hopes for happiness on external development alone. The key is to develop inner peace.”

    P.S. Love the picture, you are a stunning high school girl!

    Much love & light,

  406. Lisa you are so AWESOME!!! I am a huge fan of yours. I am so grateful that you let us (fans) get to know you more. I will keep you in my prayers always….

    Much Love,

  407. on September 11, 2009 at 8:52 pm | Reply Chayan KumarPant

    I fell in love with you when I saw you first in the Lakme commercial, remained in love with you in your movies,your stage shows and your interviews. Although I am the vast silent majority who you would probably never meet or the opportunity to meet you will not come for me yet remember you will be in my prayers and my memories forever and I will forever love you.

  408. Hi Lisa,

    A few days back, before this news broke out, they started airing the ‘Garden sarees’ commercial again and I thought how amazing you looked. And now when I heard this, it made me incredibly sad. I don’t know you, and honestly nor was I ever an ardent fan but I know this feels so so wrong. I wish I could send you some healing, somehow help you go through this. My prayers are with you, my thoughts and well wishes too. You will get out of this. I have faith in the strength you’ve shown and I’ve faith in Canada. God bless you and the doctors treating you.

  409. on September 11, 2009 at 9:23 pm | Reply stud.boy99@gmail.com

    Hi lisa,

    i first came across to see you in a video song… the one sung by nusrat fateh ali khan, Afreen Afreen… you look stunning..!!! ..the film ‘water’ really showcased ur acting skills…

    but when i read ur blog, it is then i realised how wonderful person you actually are… and then i read about multiple myeloma, of course…cud not believe something so terrible can happen to someone so nice…

    i will be looking for any news, cures, treatment for it on internet, newspapers, magazines, and i will send the information to you… hope it turns out useful to you…

    my best wishes are with you, i m sure you will be cured of this disease very soon….

    take care…

  410. I write as my 11 month run in the living room and my 3 year old sleeps. I prayed for recovery for you and every single person who is fighting any disease.You are an inspiration.

  411. I’ve seen a few of your comments about your weight during this….quite simply, you were beautiful before….you are just as beautiful now.

    Thank you for sharing.

  412. Love and Prayers

  413. Loads of Love and Loads of Prayers

  414. Im in love wid the the character Tala (I Cant Think Straight)
    Love and Prayers

  415. Lisa,
    You will keep getting messages and comments from fans. But whats most important is SLEEP! Get some sleep please. Your body needs it now more than ever. Atleast TRY to sleep. Its gonna help you with your recovery :) You will be fine again soon, but dont ever underestimate your cancer. Help your body fight it in every which way you can.
    best wishes,

  416. Be strong Lisa, you are gonna be fine :)

    Its just a hurdle in your life, we know you can cross it but just think HOW

  417. Dear Ms. Ray:

    Well, I had tried to send you a message to you on Face Book (which I attempted to use for the 1st time today) and failed (I did manage however to send it to myself) but was lucky enough to find your blog. Last night, I happened to see a few moments of you film “All Hat” and was struck by your beauty, grace and very obvious acting talent. Today, in searching you on the Internet Movie Database, I not only learned of your growing accomplishments in international cinema but also read of your current health situation.

    It is not often that we, the cinema lover, have an opportunity to be touched by the very real individuals who make up the world of film. And, on occasion discover that there are those of you who are not only blessed with great beauty and talent but also great character, compassion and courage. Reading so many of the lovely words written by your fans and reading and being blessed by your own words has truly made me realize what a small world we inhabit. Just a few moments by chance on a small T.V. in Lake Elsinore, CA has provided me not only with new opportunities to see good films but provided the even greater blessing of being a witness to your courage and dignity, thank you.

    Obviously something special has shown through in your contributions to the cinematic community. These many, many heartfelt words from people around the world are testimony to that simple fact. This sometimes sad and hurting world needs your example of courage and grace, you are needed here as there many others whom your are destined to touch.



  418. You are a great example for many of us – I wrote about you in my blog today:


    Wish you all the best.

  419. hi lis….

    not sure wht to write….but i think you will be alright and you will succeed………

    all the best wishes for you only you….


  420. It is truly amazing paganism, nihilism, and relativisim in this thread .. very few believe in one god and the return to stand before him .. astrology .. stars .. idols .. statues .. objects .. how lost can we be from the simple message of the oness of God and the worship with clear clean loving heart .. no astrology, stars, statues, idols or past spirits and all of these confusing monologues .. just ask god ask him and god is not moses or mohammad or jesus god is the sender of these men not them .. he is the source .. you need to pray deeply and remove all the idols and the vodo modo stuff
    wishing you love and healing

  421. Dearest Lisa,

    We met once before at the DVD release of Water and it was so lovely to meet you. I’m writing to you in support of this challenging period of your life as I’m hoping to connect with you with a healer named “Adam.” I had the wonderful fortune of attending his workshop last week in Toronto. Adam is only 22 but a special healer on this earth. He has performed miraculous healings including on his mother who once suffered from MS and a brain tumor. Adam is also famous for completely curing Canadian Country Singer “Ronnie Hawkins” who was once diagnosed with inoperable, untreatable pancreatic Cancer. Ronnie’s story was told on ET Canada and various other forms of media. I met people from all walks of life who had various forms of cancer and are now in complete remission. Lisa I believe in miracles and if you can do one thing I ask that you visit Adam’s website at http://www.dreamhealer.com/ You have nothing to lose but your life to gain. There on his website you will see testmonials including Ronnie Hawkins who is now 7 year’s latter cancer free.
    I am sending prayers for your healing. I am sending healing Angels to help guide you to a complete recovery. I look forward to seeing you in many, many many more movies and projects. I pray for you happiness and continued success on this journey and I pray that you receive the gifts from the lessons that are being presented before you.
    I believe in Miracles and I pray for many for you.
    Angel Miracles and Love to YOU always.
    Farhan Dhalla

  422. Hi Lisa,

    Hope you’re feeling well and hope you will get well soon. I heard the news and I was really in shock. When we see people like you, I mean stars we think : they are so strong and there will never happen something bad to those people, because we see you in films and we only know your character. It is really stupid to think like that, but it’s a other world for us. I was upset and could’t believe it. Nobody deserves bad things and I know people who have or have had cancer and it’s a very difficult period. Hope that you will get well, and hope to see you in all of those beautifull movies. Hope you have a lond and healthy life.
    I did know you as Thala and I was really in love with you. You have those beautifull eyes and I like your smile. I can’t forget in the movie where your were sitting with the character Leyla and you talk about kids ( do you remind that moment) and then you smile and you kiss Leyla…I love that scene and I love your smile. I love everything about you and I think that you are a very strong and model woman. You can teach the world good things and you are very friendy and honest to share everything with us.

    I would tell you some much, I really want to tell you mine personal problems and would aske you for advice, but I know it is not possible and I cant share everything here.

    We know our own problems and sometimes life can be hard. Like your life today and mine and maybe others.

    Love you and take care..

  423. hi lisa,

    you’re feeling better today. i’m ayvee from japan. i was saddened when i heard the news. I know you’re a strong person.
    We have 100% support for you.. We love you and the ONE above LOVES you most… Take care.. EVERYTHINGS GONNA BE ALRIGHT..

    hugs and kisses,
    ayvee xoxo


    I love green tea. do you want me to send you some?! LOL
    Just let me know;)

  424. Hi Lisa

    I don’t know you and you don”t know me… I heard of your illness and I am sorry to hear the news. I just wanted to tell you about a nutritional drink called MonaVie , maybe you have heard of it? It is a juice made from 19 fruits with the main fruit being the Acai Berry. This juice is high in antioxidants which helps with inflamation, it is equivilant to the antioxidants from 13 fruits and vegetables a day. It has done great things for my health and I just wanted to share MonaVie with you, who knows maybe it will help you too.
    Good luck with your treatment and God bless, Christine

  425. All the best with the challenging times Lisa! There are more of us rooting for you than you can imagine, and our prayers are with you always. Take care and God bless!

  426. Gd evening Lisa…just want to say that I realised I first saw you in the show “Bollywood/Hollywood” with my mum and at that time, I say wow – wat a pretty gal and ‘daring”, spunky, to star in a show where the lead “indian’ lady get to kiss the guy in the movies – which my mum say – never happen before..you see she grew up watching the old tamil/hindi movies where ‘kissing’ is just a mere eye contact between the hero/herorine. Ok i digress and this is not what I want to say anyway…so I am never a follower of any celebrity (I mean yeah, I like lots of actors/actresses/movies etc) so I figure its part of life – having slight crushes :D …anyway, the next time I saw you – was in WATER and double WOW that really impacted me. Before then I never had any understanding about indian cultures (lots of good friends thou) but after watching Water – I became more of a Bollywood movie fan (mine you I am not even Indian – remotely not close!). But your acting in the movie which I watched when it first came out and the storyline and the character you portray has been at the back of my mind (somewhere)…Today I managed to get another copy of WATER (yeah I hunt it down thru the rental videos) and this time it has english subtitles (yay -last time watch it like silent movie)….and I cry/laugh and felt now TRIPLE WOW factor…you are an awesome actress and very brave and fiesty.

    Like your characters in ICTS & TWU – you do have a fearless streak, fighting spirit…so after yapping so long about two old but unforgettable movies…this is what I want to say….DONT STOP FIGHTING – You will kick this MMC thingy into outerspace and continue to make more wonderful and memorable movies and I will continue to support you in any of your charitable organisations that you are involved in – mayb not physically b there but a least spiritual.

    Be good….be brave….be always smiling ;)

  427. Lisa –

    I applaud your decision to go public with your struggle as you fight to beat this MM into full remission. It is absolutely the right thing to do. Raising awareness is so important – and you are providing so much hope to others who are fighting MM along with you.

    Since you asked, a little about my life with chronic disease. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes 16 years ago, and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis just 2 years ago. Neither of these diseases have a particular effect on my appearance – at least not yet. But I don’t know how to be less than 100% honest, so I’ve always talked to others about my conditions. It is important for people to know what our lives are like.

    I also had to learn the art of subcutaneous injections when I was diagnosed as a child. Imagine facing your fear of needles in elementary school! I was terrified of needles then, and still hate them. For me, it’s not about getting over the fear. It’s about putting the fear aside for something more important – my health, and my life.

    Now I am on an insulin pump, which cuts down my injections, but means I am connected 24/7 to this pump (through 42″ inches of clear plastic tubing). While every change like this takes some adjustment, I am used to it now. And I am totally open about it. I will take my pump out in front of anyone, and explain what I’m doing. Truth is so powerful. It is amazing how things like this can open people’s eyes.

    Know you are doing the right thing, and know that so many of us are out here supporting and believing in you. I truly believe that challenges like these are blessings in disguise. May you find peace and full remission, and lots and lots of yellow. God bless you.

  428. dear lisa,

    i just learned the news about your disease just now when i opened your fan site in facebook. but i am impressed on how you handle this kind of situation in your life. nevertheless, i know you can get through this. it’s overwhelming to see so many people (though not personally connected to you) show their support to you. keep the faith. i am not an indian nor a hindu, but a Filipino Christian. so even though we have different religious beliefs, rest assured, my prayers will be with you. keep smiling! :)

  429. Wow – you are such a brave and fearless soul!! And an example of courage and frankness.

    My hubby and I saw you at the MMM festival in the summer when you had known your diagnosis already and there you were just an amazing approachable presence on stage.

    We’re utterly impressed and will definitely support you in this next endeavour ahead!

    Looking forward to TIFF!! And know that you have touched and continue to touch so many deeply. Take good care!

  430. Dear Lisa, last night I was sittiing thinking about things/dreaming (I do that aot) and happened to see my numerology book on the shelf n instantly thought of u and wanted to send a message across…..I dont know if u believe in numerology but I believe in the power of numbers, IMO it’s one of those things god created to help us humans…therefore I suggest you to consult Pandit Sethuraman’s son and disciple Sri.V.S.Guruswami on 0091 44 42106523(Chennai,India) http://www.scienceoffortune.com or any other good numerologist who is also spiritual that u can trust…it will help you!…Wish u all the best and god is always with u!…You will win the battle!…keep smiling…Xxx

    P.S- ur blog is one of my favorite places online now…Love ya :)

  431. Lisa my love,i believe that you gonna be fine…i have a friend with cancer too..add me and i will tell you her story…dont worry baby…GOD IS WITH YOU..ALWAYS..I’M PRAYING FOR YOU HERE..my i-mail-kOkota_beauty@hotmail.com

  432. my friend called Rafaela is praying for you…she is a big big big fan Lisa..i would to talk with you soon..kisses GOD BLEss you..ps-you r very sexy huh^^..

  433. Its 7.15 am my time and i was “on call” tonight so kept on checkin for ur blog. im on duty till 2 pm, so ill keep on checkin and leavin msgs. Isnt medicine a tough job lookin at lovely people like you in pain and distress but on the same time only a doctor can understand and feel the happiness on the face of a person and his/her family when he become fine….completely disease free. Well its your blog Ms. Ray and ive started writtin about me :)
    waitin for ur new blog.
    Love and Prayers

  434. Hi Lisa,

    Here’s a thought. Could you design a line of products, e.g. Rubber Bracelet, t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.? I’ll buy them all.

    Laugh more and rest well.

    More love & light,

  435. HI Lisa,
    I want to convey few things to you. I hope this read gives you immense peace and confidence.

    This is the time, when your mind-body has to get best out of you. And remember that you are neither mind nor body, something beyond that. Each and every thought/actions will help you in fighting cancer. This is a miracle world, everything is possible…And i am sure it will. Negative thoughts and actions pups negative energy into your brain. You have to constantly remind yourself that you will heal…and you will.

    Try to heal your body through your thoughts. It will be a magic. Always remain supremely positive and confident. Along with this, don’t forget to take the best food in the world. Wheat germ, all green leafy boiled fruits, all organic, all natural stuff. Switch to best foods, permanently deleting all the junks, sugar and bad oils. Do breathing exercises and watch Ram Dev DVD’s. Feel blissful.

    Your body needs this, love your body, pamper it with the highest quality stuff. In cancer treatment, your body demands rejuvenating diets to fight cancer cells.

    I wish you all the very best. And remember laughter is one of the oldest and best remedy. The hormones and waves produced in laughter can cure many serious disorders. I has been proved and researched.

    I will keep writing you LISA. Live with totality.

  436. Lisa,

    Tumi bhalo hoye uthbay, chintaa koro naa beshi kemon ? :-)

    bhalo theko,


  437. Hi Lisa,

    I am sorry to hear for what you are going through. My family went through the same for 20 months from last year and i know what it would be like to have incurable cancer.My Elder sister was diagnosed with Cancer early last year and she had an incurable very rare cancer.She underwent treatment (Chemo) for 6 months but the cancer kept growing and it went to other parts of her body (Lungs and Skull)..She was 37 years old married and had 2 kids. When Doctors told us they cant do any more we went to traditional medicines and Acupuncture.She had Acupuncture treatment daily.When she was diagnosed the Doctors gave us 6 months time for her survival. But she was one of the toughest woman i have ever met and she wanted to give a fight till her last.She studied for Masters in Engineering when she was undergoing treatment. She always used to tell me “Arjun i will come out of this dont worry”..I could not meet her since i was not in the country. She used to have real pain but she kept saying she will fight it and she wrote her exams(She scored a 95% I have seen this happen only in movies). But the pain aggravated in the lungs and she passed away last month. Close to 20 months after she was Diagnosed.I still cannot believe that she is not with us anymore. But i would like to stress this “Do not give up Lisa you will survive”. I dont believe in God but i believe a miracle will happen for you and you will get through this.I know what it is to lose your loved ones. Love you Lisa and take care.


  438. Wish you a speedy recovery! Have faith in yourself! Be regular in your treatment! Hope MM will be cured, as I find from some websites! Love from New Delhi, India!

  439. Wish you a speedy recovery!

    Love from New Delhi, India!

  440. Utterly Beautiful Lisa,

    I’ve often thought it would have been nice if God had let us order life like we order a meal. I’ll take good health and a high IQ, please — music skills would be nice, and, if it’s not too much to ask, how about a fast metabolism –

    This would’ve been nice; don’t you think? But, when it came to our life on earth, we weren’t given a vote. But, we were given the gift of choice.

    Please always continue to choose to believe — believe in your higher power and believe in yourself. And, never, never, never stop believing that all things are possible.

    Please know that I expect and hope and pray and believe in your complete wellness.

    Please continue to be you. Thank you for being true to yourself and for living this life you love. And, thanks for sharing yourself and inspiring so many.

    Peace –

    Kelly (Chicago/USA)

  441. Hi Lisa

    I was just watching “I can’t think straight” for the first 13 minutes when I started wondering when Lisa Raye was going to be introduced. Just in case there was another Lisa Ray I googled your name and the first headline showed your picture and the story of your health.

    First of all I want to say how great and brave of a thing you are doing by posting this blog. I can really sense from your words what a deep, strong, positive person your are. I wanted to encourage you to keep this attitude always. Never submit your mind to any doctor’s sentence about anything, at most you should take this diagnosis as an important marker and point of awareness of your current total health at this time.

    I see that you want to halt on alternative ways of approaching cancer until after your treatment, but I want to encourage and implore you to consider doing it concurrently. It will not interfere with the treatment you are doing but rather it will reduce the downside of the treatment and give you the immune support you will need to continue living a full life. I want to urge that you read this book and consider the use of a herbal approach to support your overall treatment. http://astore.amazon.com/wsdm-20/detail/0879839686/104-6745254-8710355. The author advocates combining conventional therapies with herbs, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle changes to achieve the best results.

    please feel free to contact me if you have questions. I am amazed at your optimism and approach to this unexpected situation in your life and I can say I have learned a life lesson from you.



  442. Hi Lisa
    I was very sorry to hear you have cancer, after trying to read your blog, with a translator web and my little bit English, I am happy to know as you face to all and the measures you take.
    Are many alternative or complementary therapies, some very rare, like passing you a snake and others like bach flowers and meditation. To everyone who live with cancer must be very difficult. but you need your body to act, to work, so I think it must be more invasive, like therapy

    And that of the yellow diaries, if you want to stay healthy mentally, do not worry so much what the people can say, especially something which is ranked as “tabloids” and we all know what that is and how they make a living. Continue be acting, laughing, singing, eating cake and giving and receiving love from all who love you that we are already 436


    Hola Lisa

    Me dio mucha pena saber que tenias cancer, luego de intentar leerte , traductor más lo que se de inglés, me alegra como lo enfrentas, las medidas que tomas.
    Se de muchas terapias alternativas o complementarias, algunas muy raras, como pasarse una serpiente y otras como las flores de bach, bien
    Para tados tener un cancer debe ser difícil, tu que necesitas de tu cuerpo para actuar y obtener trabajo debe ser algo más invasivo y la terapia
    Y eso de la prensa amarilla, si quieres mantenerte saludable mentalmente, que no te preocupe tanto lo que el resto pueda decir, principalmente algo que es catalogado como “prensa amarilla” y que todos sabemos lo que es y como se ganan la vida.
    Sigue actuando, riendo, cantando, comiendo pastel y dando y recibiendo amor de todos los que te aman y apoyan que ya son 436


  443. Hey,Lisa.
    I believe that you had once said that this is an incurable cancer. What the doctors mean by that is that they dont “know” the cure and you’d be guinea pig or a hamster or a lab mouse in their hands and it isnt the safest thing to be. I suggest you take on to Ayurveda (especially in Gujurat) and Homeopathy(not commercial ones like Dr. BATRA and stuff…just the authentic ones..theres one in mysore…his name is Dr. Khader..he is strict but has all the cures you want..although he always has a busy schedule… but you could take to him… or anyone nearby who does research on homeopathy and is interested in.)

    This is because in Alopathy(English medicine) they are just gonna cut you up…and throw out all thats in you body and say that you are not gonna be affected by it and what it really means is that they havent left any organ of yours inside. Take to alternatives that WORK and are not COMMERCIAL.
    Maybe being a guinea pig might work… but its not always worth the risk…


    Hope you get all right as soon as possible(which also implies that the cure is not impossible) and hope to see you smile and set the ramp on fire and make the silver screen shine .

    But i also suggest that you consult not everyone in the world and take the average or mean opinion but take advice from the right people.

    Most importantly Believe !!!…thats the best cure for anything..

    Your wellwisher,
    Laksh Kumar.

    • But LISA ,
      I am not a doctor.So dont take my above comment seriously without consulting the people who are actually into homeopathy and ayurveda . The above are just personal views. Thats all.

      May God be on your side and save you from this Cancer and give you fantastic years to live ahead.

    • Hi,
      Actually my mother is suffering from Cancer. We are based out of Bangalore. We would like to meet Dr.Khader regarding this. Will it helps?? Please let us know.


  444. I was treated for leukemia in 2005, the day of my 27th birthday. I relapsed in 2008, the day of my 30th birthday. I had a stem cell transplant in April this year and I am in recovery.

    There is no one who can understand what you are up against and how you deal with it. There is no way you can go back to a normal life.

    Take it a day at a time, there will be good days and bad days.

    A stem cell transplant is difficult but doable. I post along with many other survivors on the Lymphoma Leukemia bulletin board under anonymity and it helps . These boards support you through every day of your treatment.

    We define a cancer survivor as a person who has been diagnosed with the disease and has started treatment.

    I agree with your assessment of not letting naturopathy affect your treatment. I’m a huge green tea fan, had it for years.

  445. Stay Strong my sister, know that out hearts and prayers are with you always.

  446. Hey Lisa…
    I am a great fan of yours n i am sure you will get well.
    One thing i would like to say … Please dont accept any advice blindly widout checking its post effects..consult with the best people and decide…

    love you..

  447. Hi Lisa,

    There are is credible evidence available regarding cure of cancer. Please take a look at the film “Run from the Cure” on Google Video. Also look at http://www.norml.org/index.cfm?Group_ID=7008

    I also suggest you take a serious look at Yoga and Pranayama. There is a book called “Yoga in synergy with medical science” published by Patanjali Yogpeeth (Swami Ramdev’s organization).

  448. You are Ray of beauty from the majesty of God, Your strength and attitude makes my head hang in shape. May God bestow
    full recovery on you. I will be honoured to serve you in any way. If you find time, please read Rumi and listen to soothing old music.

    I love you like no other.


  449. Lisa

    I was initially sad to hear about your MM news. Although its serious stuff taking steroids and other chemo drugs, after reading your blogs, I am feeling better about you in general. You are approaching this scary time with such strength, and openness and Humor. By doing this your taking your power back, into your own hands. It’s simple, logical and I get it. Your attitude is positve and GO. Cancer sucks, and well, most of humanity has been touched by the big C through our friends or family, or celebrities with courage. My dad has leukemia, he’s now in remission. Glad you have your support sytem with your dad and your bobcat and friends in CA and around the world. (is bobcat really that Kool Kat with Kool stripes in the picture or did I miss something?)
    Lisa, it was a surprise to observe your writing ability in your blog, you are one funny slightly goofy girl.

    I think its interesting that you are not a big talker yet your chosen career is acting! yet you also have a natural gift for writing. So maybe your internal processing with words works synergistically and that complements your acting. I dunno, your the artist not me.

    bottom line, I am a huge fan of your acting work and l just bought the movies ICTS and TWU. You were mesmerizing in both. Years ago I saw you in Bollywood/Hollywood, and you are getting better with experience. now I must go buy Water since everyone says its right up there as one of your best. Then I will of course have to look for Defender and Stella once they are released, then maybe all your older movies.
    good thing I have a j-o-b huh?
    Yep, count me in as one of your fans with purchasing power that plans to support your career by buying tickets or DVD’s that you will undoubtedly be providing us for years to come. Glad you have this blog so you have something to write and release and keep you occupied so you don’t go ca-razy not acting/working while doing your chemo. Good plan to focus on that. With all this writing practice, ever thought about writing a book? Ok already, I’ll buy your book too.

    Kind regards and go kick some cancer butt.

    USA, Florida

  450. lisa, the very fact that so may have gotten together and begun praying for you, will do the wonders. the power of prayer is much more than the measly power of the disease. positivity, spirituality and firm belief will in no way hamper your treatment, but will only strengthen its effect ! get well soon.
    fond regards

  451. pray…pray…every day…
    for my lisa

  452. Hello Lisa..

    i have never done this before but when i heard about you, my heart went out for you and i made it a must to write a few words on here for you. it’s not much.. but i definitely comes from the heart! :)

    you’re a very strong woman and that’s the kind of spirit that you should maintain during this tough time. i don’t quite understand the treatment that you have to undergo, but i wish you a lot of courage and perseverence on my side.

    i am hesitating to even write about what i wanted to tell you next because i know that a lot of people would get me wrong. but i would still say this to you, as a wellwisher. my deepest wish is that you get back in full good health and kicking.. but at this difficult time, i would like to tell you to take a lot of time off thinking about everything that you went through. i believe that every problem has its solution, provided that you’re willing to look for it. i would not cite anything mean on here, coz i don’t want this post to get ugly.. have you tried finding solutions of answers in other communities though? i think that you might benefit from it.. the rest is your choice really.. but whatever it is that you end up deciding, i’m gonna be with you every step of the way..

    btw, i mean this in the most honest way possible.. you might have put on weight, but you seem like a fighter and you CAN get through this.. :D

    May God be with you every step of the way.. much love <3 A.Z.B

  453. lisa ray,

    you are my superhero.

    battling injustices by lending your voice to those that need it (and looking AMAZING -as always- while doing it). now embarking on an extraordinary mission. i have no doubt that you will conquer all – inspiring the masses along the way.

    perhaps your “wet suit” is your metaphorical superhero ensemble. (after all, every superhero needs an outfit of some sort.)

    wonder woman has nothing on you.

    stay strong. you’re awesome.

  454. Hi Lisa,

    I don’t expect you to post this because it’s rather personal. But after I heard the news I did some independent research and I am wondering if you are aware of this medical advance:
    a new program at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) at the University of Utah is now providing another treatment option that offers hope to multiple myeloma patients—a chance to live 10 or more years following diagnosis.

    The new Utah Blood and Marrow Transplant and Myeloma Program is headed by Guido Tricot, M.D., Ph.D., who recently joined HCI from the Myeloma Institute for Research and Therapy at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) in Little Rock. While at UAMS, Tricot and his colleagues pioneered the use of a treatment technique that has increased the median survival for newly diagnosed myeloma patients from 2.5 years to 10 or more years.


    I was moved by your diagnosis as I am also living with an incurable but treatable illness.


  455. Lisa I am writing to you again. You need not publish my comment, please don’t. I would have written you mail but this is the only way I have to contact you! I am still very, very disturbed since I learnt about your illness. If you can do what I say, trust me you will feel better. I do not have the Canada figures but I do have the US figures and I know India (I am from India) is close on the heels of the US. At the beginning of this century there was 1 in a 1000 cases of cancer in the US and now, the 2008 data shows that the number is 1 in 3! It has been studied that the alarming increase in cancer cases is because of our high consumption of animal protein – meat, eggs, fish, milk! Protein is a “growth” material and IS NOT needed in the body after we stop growing in length. Excess protein only contributes to a “growth” of a different kind – the GROWTH of CANCER CELLS!

    Lisa I understand that you do Yoga and I see that many people have recommened you Reiki and a whole lot of alternate therapies. While Yoga, Reiki, Pranic Healing, AOL all are wonderful ways to tap the goodness of the universal energies into your body, think logically, what can they do ALONE if the diet is neutralizing their effect? Lisa I also understand that chemotherapy is making you feel hungry…. when you do feel hungry please do not eat anything that is or contains meat, fish, eggs, or milk. Eat as much of raw vegetables and fruits as you can! Do not coat them with mayonese because it again has eggs and milk solids. Fruits and vegetables are completely alkaline. They will give tough competition to the growing cells in your body. You need more inputs to beat the acid inside. Nothing is “terminal”, I don’t believe it, please do not belive it either. Please visit this site http://sharan-india.org/ and you will know much more about what I am talking about!

    We have to stop the violence on our plates if have to prevent our bodies from unleashing violence on us! 37 years is too less, you need to live LISA!!!! You need to survive this cancer!

  456. I pray. I pray everyday for you. Wish you have may wonderful years ahead. Take care my dear. You are the miracle. You are the gift from heaven.May God bless you.

  457. Dear lisa,
    There is a tribal medicinal man near coimbatore , aanamalai, tamil nadu. i have heard about him and his medicine is very good for blood related cancers , and i know people who would reccomend him after taking his medicine and got cured . do take a look into it.


  458. I keep on coming to this site with the hope of some new post from your end. Even if there is nothing , I am seldom disappointed because of all the comments that keeps on increasing every hour.

    Yesterday while going to office I heard your name in certain circles. Someone was telling , “Did you hear ? Lisa Ray has got cancer “. To this there was a general sentiment of “Shit Yaar “. (‘Yaar’ is friend in Hindi , mostly all negative sentiments in India is summarized in these two words)

    Coming back I bumped into the same set of people . Now the discussion was your blog ,the numerous comments and how brave you are and how wonderful this blog is turning out to be.

    When people hear about your condition from newspapers , sites etc they do sympathize. And then when they reach your blog , read your posts .. all they have to say is ‘WOW’ , she is definitely going to beat it.

    BRAVO Girl !

  459. Hi Lisa,
    Wish you a speedy recovery. Never, ever give up. God bless you. We are with you.

  460. God Bless You.. May u live long…

  461. Hi Lisa,

    All I can say is that you are strong and beautiful and Im sure you’ll fight this illness with your amazing smile and strong will.

    Please try to read some Quran, Im sure you’ll find inner peace.

    Love you,
    Sasha from Abu Dhabi

  462. It would take you some time to read the feedback from all of us. But please remember to discipline yourself to go to bed no later than 10pm and wake up after having 8 hour sleep. I reckon that you may be feeling restless with your sickness and probably thinking and have a lot in mind. But as someone else here has suggested, I believe “qigong” may help you balance and keep your body in harmony. Just check it our on wiki I don’t really know anything about how to practice the exercise myself but a friend taught me the correct way to breathe in and exhale and it helped me with my sleep. You probably already know as you practice yoga. Anyhow, please sleep well, be energized and stay cheerful! Think of this as a challenge that will make you stronger and better And you are already the best!

  463. 1. who loves green tea? you mean, who doesn’t love green tea?
    2. Dear Dr. Leo Rebello, please revisit bedside manners 101. love, j
    3. Dear Dr. Leo Rebello, is microwaved chicken a clinical term? please advise. love, j
    4. lisa! i just watched Shamim Sarif’s works with you and Sheetal Sheth. just lovely.
    5. [intentional omission]
    6. although i don’t know you, i believe in the interconnectivity we all share. as such, you are in my thoughts and i send you much courage and strength.
    7. “your heart is the size of your fist. keep loving. keep fighting.”

    i’m sure you have much love and support from your family and friends. you also have them from fans and random other people walking this earth.

    with metta & peace,
    San Francisco

  464. Lisa,

    It’s not about the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog!

    You simply cannot lose with so much love in your corner – you rock girl so just gut it out.

    All our prayers, wishes and love with you.

  465. Hi,

    I always admired your beauty.

    But, now I admire even more – your “courage” in you fight against the disease.


    Hang on… From what I read in your blog you are almost there and in good spirits.

    I pray that you be healed very soon!

    God Bless you.

  466. Dear Lisa and Moderator,

    For your reference, please make sure you share the following information with your hematologist, Dr. Ahmed Galal. Hope you’ll find this info useful.

    Here’s a link to a detailed case study report:



    Case Study

    Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology 6, 237-240 (April 2009) | doi:10.1038/nrclinonc.2009.15

    Subject Categories: Chemotherapy | Hematology
    Restoration of chemosensitivity by bortezomib: implications for refractory myeloma


    A 59-year-old woman presented to the emergency department with a left rib fracture and was diagnosed with IgA multiple myeloma. The patient underwent autologous bone-marrow transplantation, and 14 months later she developed obstructive jaundice.

    Learning objectives

    Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to:

    1. Describe the clinical features of plasmacytoma.

    2. Identify poor prognostic indicators in patients with extramedullary plasmacytoma.

    3. Describe the prevalence of extramedullary plasmacytoma after autologous bone marrow transplantation.

    4. Identify common sites for extramedullary disease in multiple myeloma.

    5. Describe treatment strategies for multiple myeloma and chemoresistant multiple myeloma.


    Peace always,

  467. hello lisa,really very shocking to hear that you suffer from myeloma at such young age,am doc in moscow, studied from here and just few months back my guru,who is a senior doc here in internal medicine was diagnosed of this disease, she is russian doc around mid 55yrs,her father also had same disease,but i think u will be fine,almighty takes care of everyone,there is nothing impossible when we belive in almighty,all the very best.
    priya gaur

  468. Hi Lisa,
    life is amazingly strange… just last night I was watching an episode of the L word with my partner… an old one I had never seen before in which Dana is sick with cancer (don’t know if you watched it, it you didn’t, don’t watch it now cause it’s pretty depressing, and depression is “swamps of sadness” for the immune system). Anyway… I was noticing how much the actress playing Elena resembles you. Then today I get drawn to your blog through a post left on facebook by Sharmim.
    Honestly I wasn’t following up anymore with all the updates and related stuff to “I can’t think straight” and “The world unseen” , so i found it bizarre, to find out that you are now in this situation.
    I read somewhere in one of your blogs a line that says about naming things so to deal with them. I personally believe that what Eckhart Tolle says is true (and I’m sure that many other people said the same thing), that instead, any time we name something we are immediately labelling it and judging it, and by doing so it is automatically charged with all these related meanings and labels that are all screens and barriers to reach Yourself deep within, where real healing is possible.
    I can see that by the way you are coping with what you are going through, you must believe this is true. Your positive attitude and openness is a great example : )
    a big big hug to you Lisa.

    the link below is Eckhart Tolle telling us about the power of yes i find very inspiring.

  469. Hey Lisa,

    I am really shocked to know that you were suffering from this. I adore your courage to fight this deadly disease. Being a victim myself after losing my mum to cancer, I would suggest (im sure you must be told this before) that you check with Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. They are one the best and dedicated team of doctors who will surely help you fight this battle.

    I wish you a speedy recovery.

    Tke Care and write back if possible

    Oneil from Auckland (NZ)

  470. Lisa .

    I’m Leaving Tushita to go home and be mum’s caregiver in 8 days . I take you with me , but you know that . We are connected in more ways than we thought .
    To never give up is the message ,. To stay positive , focused on this moment is all we have.
    I watched you grow , and I feel your words. Continuing to touch people is what you do .

    So my friend . Know , that before I go , I’ll make a request with His Holiness for you , for mum , for us all . The only way to deal with this is openly.
    I’ve always admired your courage . Now , I feel it .

    Love you
    Ruthie .

    And to all those out there who are in similar circumstances , never give up . It’s gets you no where .

    May you all be free from your suffering , physical and mental.

  471. It is ok to feel sadness, hopelessness, fear, and anger for moments at a time. It is far more useful to indulge in the mind of the eternal. Knowing that what is beyond is eternity and confirming such thoughts opens a new dimension of understanding. Fear is substantiated due to the unknown. All religions & spiritual teachings agree on one thing and that is “Good deeds” are always rewarded. “Ill deeds” constitute a punishment of some sort. While you seek the physical healing, you must entertain every minute as an opportunity to increase your good deeds. Such as the following
    1- Feed 100 hungry children
    2- Offer a 10 year payment plan for a real Orphan
    3- Mend all broken bridges and express love
    4- Unite all that you believe in into one supreme power in your mind
    5- Know that if you are to depart, you are to meet that one indivisible Creator
    6- Ask yourself, what he would ask me! And what have I done in preparing to meet him
    7- Seek the higher meaning behind this tragic turn of events and come to conclude that it is in fact a blessing in disguise
    8- Take time to erase any prejudice, hate, ill feelings, old wounds, inner beasts, and rise cleansed from it all seeing all with an eye of kindness
    9- Remember that you spent 9 month in your mother’s womb alone but in peace and stillness because you were pure
    10- Become pure before you return and you will suffer no more

    Believe be humbled unite all into one GOD erase ills do endless good deeds and heal for eternity

    Yours with Kindness
    Loay Ragheb
    Author: The Higher You

  472. Dear Lisa,

    I was a shocking news for me. I am praying for u and hope someone find a cure soon. I wish to see u healthy and fine. Be positive , keep praying.

    Yusuf Rizvi

  473. chere lisa,je suis vraiment choquer pour la nouvelle, mais je sais que tu es courageuse, je te prie de tout mon coeur et on sera a tes cotes pour toujours j aime tout tes films,tu es un vrais ange sur terre,bon courage je t adore lisa

  474. on September 12, 2009 at 2:01 pm | Reply ABHIJEET ASHOK GUJAR

    Please take care of your health, God Bless You… Get Well Soon…

  475. Journey of my mind still pending…
    The heart is wound yet not healed up.
    My aches were not filled with care
    A tear touches another tear..

    Mind still not woke up…
    Love that left in the middle of journey…
    My feelings and Emotions are in dilemma
    Emotions has to live up or wipe off
    Mind still restless…

    Those care that tenderly love I deserve?
    My life goes behind the curve
    Journey of my love still pending…
    Even I don’t know where I would be landing…

    Again the fruit of love ripe off
    Now mind behave diplomat
    Feelings are confused…
    Mind still abused…

    Is Feelings and emotions again revive
    Is it so?
    Mind never takes rest…
    Journey of my life still survive
    Life is churning, the never ending journey
    journey of my life still pending….
    journey of YOUR life is still pending…

    Love and Prayers

  476. Hey Lisa..I was really shocked when i found out about your disease.you are a brave girl to disclose it keeping your career at stake.but health is wealth girl.What is the use of Money and career if you are not fit from within?

    Baby,Please Dont let work take a toll on your health.I have limited knowledge about this cancer.I dont even know how you must be feeling.But i Think We All Feel low when We are ill.All i can say is distract your mind from the fact that you are ill.Do Whatever your medicos say..Eat well..Sleep Well..Stay Away From Bad Habits[i dont know if you have one.i’m sorry if u feel offended]..you’ve got such a beautiful smile..keep smiling..that’ll help you to hold on..

    Its A promise..From today am going to include you in my prayer daily.
    I’ve liked you from day one i’ve seen you.I think you r one of the most beautiful women in the world..n you’ve mentioned you r getting fuller these days..That Way you’ll look even more better..You look healthy and i pray you stay healthy..

    best wishes from a sis from india.

  477. Dear LISA,

    I always liked your acting and appreciate your acting prowess / intensity as well as selection of movies. Great job. Your presnt condition again proves that God also loves GOOD people!

    Amongst hundreds of responses, my response may look “similar” , but the only difference is that I had my son with similar genetic disorder at a very young age – he was just 26. I am aware of the complications and can empatise with you and your father and all near and dear ones. The pain and the pang of your close ones is and will be just unbearable.

    However I shall pray for you and look forward to your remission. I am doing my bit aboout this disease in my own small way and if I can be of any assistance , including BONE MARROW donation, I shall feel happy.

    Wishing you all the best and good luck -km

  478. Hi lisa!

    I read ur blog and girl,u rock!! I used to think u r very beautiful and have a great figure but now i also know u r also a strong woman along with the abovementioned :).

    I am a 21 yr old girl from mumbai. I fell very sick with severe jaundice in april 2007 and in may 2007 i was diagnosed with liver cancer. The chemos,the injections,the reactions were quite stressful in the beginning but i guess things even out gradually.

    I had to juggle with my engineering studies along with my treatment. I still am undergoing chemo but i’m in a better position than what i was in a few years ago. U mentioned in ur blog that u wud want to hear from 1 case like urs share their condition with others. That’s y i m writing my experiences.

    I had given my first year exams in june and the result came out i hadn’t cleared enough papers to enter second year (I had to drop a year). That was ok as i knew i couldnt cope up with the exams along with my treatment but still i tried. Back then only 2 people(other thn my family) stood by me. 1 =my boyfriend n 2=a friend from college.

    Somehow word spread that i had cancer n i had to face constant teasing n used to get nasty comments from a few people and at the same time i used to get reactions like “enjoy ur remaining time with ur dear ones” “i dont know who will i copy assignmnts from after ur gone “…

    So i had two choices,either sit at home and cry about it or go and do my work and don’t care about what people have to say.

    So these days whenever i’m out,i wear a wig,use eyebrow pencils and have a great time. Even though my body has swollen,have lost a lot of weight,i’m weak..i feel life is better than what it was before. I now know who my real friends are. I guess life for me has changed and i love it this way!

    By The Way…my boyfriend is an ardent admirer of urs. He loves u more than me…after reading ur blog,now,i know why!!
    rock on gal!

  479. Dear Lisa

    you are a very brave woman..sharing your struggle with the world is amazing

    u are an inspiration to me in many ways

    my thoughts and prayers with you

    stay strong and keep fighting

    love peace and happiness always


  480. Hiya Lisa, love your work!

    I was sorry to read that you are battling Cancer like so many people I know, or don’t know for that matter… It just goes to show that disease unlike humanity truly does not discriminate…
    After being fed up by this so-called incurable disease I recently volunteered to serve others at the Weekend to End Cancer. It was such an incredible experience that culminated when all the survivors walked down the red carpet, toward the stage. By the end, I felt as though I had walked away with an invaluable gift by simply being in the presence of such strong, determined, positive women!!

    Also, your intensely vivid description of the effect of steroids brought me back to when I was 13 years old. You see, I was a severe Asthmatic growing up and when I was 13 the doctors decided that a full dose of steroids would be my course of treatment. Sure I could breathe a lot easier, but as a teenager suddenly being bloated, lethargic and … didn’t do wonders for the self-esteem. It took me a really long time to tell people what was going on with me. I think it had something to do with the stigma attached to steriods at the time…
    I’m now 37 and still an Asthmatic. After sampling every alternative treatment I could find, I have come full-circle and am now back to taking pharmaceutical meds. Unfortunately they all have a certain amount of steroid in them. It is a continuous battle to be fit, but I work at it daily while keeping an ear out for other forms of treatment.

    Stay strong and keep laughing!!

    One love from the West Coast

  481. hi,
    I really like green tea but u r right i don’t love it :)

    you are looking great … hope to see more of you. Take care.

  482. Dear Lisa,

    Hope you are feeling better today…I just wanted to say that to make you feel better try to have wheat grass juice…read about it on the net…I belong to a family with many generations effected with cancer…my grandmothers mother expired because of cancer…my grandmother survived it…lost my mother on 15 June 2009 to AML, my sister has survived it…two things i find make it easier to go through chemo is wheat grass and also neem… that is if your doc is allowing you uncooked eatables… please try…

    Take care…


  483. Hi AFREEN GAL Lisa
    Hope u feelin gr8. really don’t know wt to say as I lost my father wid same condition in march….it is heartbreakin to knowdat u got d MM. Jus stay strong n positve n enjoy ur life to fullest. plz do one fing neva hide nefing frm ur loved onces….my dad did dis to us we all thought he was gettin beta but jus found a week b4 dat it was spreadin n dat week was d hardest week of my life……i jus felt very helpless to do nefing or bring back time. so, plz always stay wid ur nears n dears n enjoy every moment of ur life. Stay strong n keep fighting every ones blessings r wid u. bless u n ur family coz dey go through a lot emotionaly. love u sweetie xoxoxox

  484. hi forgot to ask can’t u go for bone marrow transplant. I hope chemo wrks wonders for u n u feel beta soon love u xoxox

  485. Personal and Confidential-Please do not post publicly.

    Hi Lisa

    This is the only method available for me to directly communicate with you so please bear with me.

    Your diagnosis has moved me beccause I know how it was for me when I was diagnosed. The uncertainty of it all.

    For over 17 years I have been living with an incurable buit treatable disease. Initially my course of therapy also included steroids.
    That is what I wanted to warn you about.

    The preferred length of time you are supposed to be taking steroids is 2 weeks. Do not abruptly stop taking them or you can go into cardiac arrest.

    Also you are sleepless you wrote, But you should also prepare for bouts of extremme utopia and well as profound sadness all exacerbated by the steriods.
    If you are taking steroids in pill form (Prednisone or Decadron) drink lots of water, and you may develop what is known as a “Moon Face” (with Prednisone) which will subside once you stop taking the drug and it is flushed from your system.

    Other symptoms include increased appetite.

    I hope that was informative and if you already know this sorry for repeating it.

    Fans of I Can’t Think Straight and The World Unseen are all taken aback by this news and we want you to heal and we want you to do a series based on I Can’t Think Straight or whatever you want. JUST GET BETTER WOMAN, PLEASE.

    • i m a fan of i can’t think straight…and my hart is crushed…so much…and i dont know why…it s crushed because i m a fan of lisa ray and this is hard for me..i know i m too idiot because i m writting this but i can t stop to say what i feel…i m living in a country that i hate …because this it wasnt my dream…to come here…but after i “meet”lisa ray and i heard that she’s ill…my dream is to meet her…but i know its not gone happen this….and i pray to god to heal her and to recovery
      “please god…i know that i m not an angel…because i ve done so much things…the only holy and saint thing is that i m a vergin…i ve done so much and i m sorry…i m sorry for the hate what i had in my heart and in my soul,i m sorry for everything…but please heal her god heal her and ricovery ,i beg this with all my heart and my soul,if she needs my life for this please take it!!!
      te rog doamne din tot sufletul ai grija de ea si vindec-o
      (is writed in romanin:please god with all my soul take care of her and heal her)”
      bless you
      ana maria

  486. Hi Lisa,

    am 37 yrs. Am a medical doctor and was diagnosed with Multiple myeloma last year.I had my Chemo and stem cell treatment done last January and feeling fine now.I heard about your news and i think i can very well understand the roller coaster u had when u heard the diagnosis first.
    I dont know what to write,since having a similarity with you in such a condition doesnt give me any joy and i always pray,no one should have this at all.
    Keep faith and be positive……Life has to go on…..
    I strongly believe we are here in this world for a reason and if god has given us some suffering..that too is for a reason….

  487. Dear Lisa,

    I’m a big fan of your 2 recents movies, TWU and ICTS. From these two, I found out about your other movie, the Water. Although it is a movie, I hold Water closely to my heart because of its exceptionally educational value. Oftenly, I recommended others at my work and friends to seek out and watch this beautiful movie.
    Since then, I sometimes search for news about you. What I found out about your diagnosis yesterday disturbs and shocks me deeply. But what I wanted to say to you had all well said by many other bloggers. As much as I hated every time I hear someone has cancer, I would have to say it can be a life turning opportunity as well. I strongly believe that you are fighting a fight that worths fighting, and you are always a beautiful person inwardly and outwardly.

  488. Hi there Lisa,
    Im Nicole and im 18 years old, living in Aaustralia. I must say I have been fortunate enough to watch some of your beautiful movies and see what an amazing performance you bring to the film industry. I was very shocked to hear of you diagnosis however I no you can fight this as you are an inspiration for women across the globe.
    I wish you the very best and may you have a speedy recovery! Keep that beautiful smile and bright personality alive!

    Regards Nicole and the rest of Australia

  489. Knowing our insignificance is a blessing .. believe .. utter words of healing .. supplicate .. ask .. become ..\

    Loay Ragheb
    Author: “The Higher You”

  490. Life is every where
    It is in you now and forever it shall stay
    Life is the wind blowing sideways
    Life is the winter and the summer
    I am Life You are Life We are Life
    I love Life and Life loves me
    Life and I play beneath the midnight sun
    Life and I play beneath the morning moon
    Life brings me soup when I am ill
    Life kisses me good night and greets me with a smile
    Life is sad and it is lonely
    Life is evil and Life is blunt
    Life is a true friend and never lies
    I am Life You are Life We are Life

    Love and Prayers

  491. Just wanted to say that I give you all my strength to fight this battle I know you’re going to give everything to win, you seem like that kind of person, strong, stubborn, that never gives up and I know that that is going to get you through this.

    I really want you to get into that full remission club and I’ll keep checking back until I read that entry so you better write it! And believe me, I’ll toast to that ;).

    Huge kiss from Spain.

    PS: You look amazing in those pics…


  492. Hi Lisa,

    I recently lost my mother to cancer, believe me that is one of the most devastating things that could have happened to me.

    My mother had underwent 12 cycles of chemo before she succumbed, but my mom never flinched and during her last hours she was very happy for the life she had. I have seen my mother undergo the various changes in her body and all I would like to tell you is have no regrets and enjoy your life.

    Accepting is a very brave thing to do….you are a very beautiful person and be proud of it….All the best and you’ll definitely recover and prove medics wrong.


  493. lisaraychannel on youtube, all about Miss Ray. See, enjoy and apriciate :)

  494. Very Important Information that you should know:

    Multiple Myeloma: Increasing Response, Remission, and Survival Rates in a Complex Disease


  495. One of my best friends has Lupus. She’s been on steroids for years. Puffy face to the point it didn’t even look like her. She was in so much pain from the Lupus, which there is no cure for, either. Why she had to take steroids. It’s an auto-immune disease. She was so self-conscious b/c her look totally changed. Now SHE did not change, just her physical appearance, and there is a difference. But it was really hard for her and to be honest, for those who know her. Thank God we are spiritual beings. A lesson in that for us. We are just NOT these bodies!

    I’ve only followed Shamim’s blog before. It’s a great blog as you know. That’s how I found out about your MM. I don’t even know why your story is affecting me so much. My friends ask me why. My niece succumbed to cancer when she was 16. She had Ewing’s Sarcoma, which is another incurable cancer. It’s rare. Edward Kennedy’s son suffered from it, too. She was diagnosed when she was 12. She was my sister’s only child. Now THAT was tough. Back then, you just didn’t talk about CANCER. It was a ‘dirty’ word. This was in 1980. People thought it was contagious. So I hardly ever talked about it because then I was not aware I was a spiritual being in this human body. I wish I’d of known then what I know now so I could have helped my niece, Anna. But I was ignorant. So Lisa, for some reason we may not understand, you are opening the floodgates for hundreds of people all over the world who are affected by this dis-ease, and who’ve been afraid to talk about it. Or even other dis-eases that can be deblitating. Thank you for that.

    My Guru says, “Love with your mind, think with your heart”, and I think that is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard.

    Thank you for giving a voice to us. We are connected to you for some reason, and I guess the reason why will be revealed to each of us one day. Until then, may peace be with you.

  496. Hi Lisa,

    you are most beautiful actress I have ever come across. I know accepting is very brave and difficult at the same time. I can only share with you my personal experience. I was 8 (1980) years old and did not know why my mother was sick when my mother went thru breast cancer operation in mumbai, india and my mother was really worried about what will happen to her two kids if something happened to her…. at that time there was not much break thru in cancer operations in india and lot of other patients did not share similar faith as my mother did on the same day she got operated…..

    Its been 29 years now and she is healthy and visited me here in Toronto, canada last year…….. most important thing she shared with me…. is that she had very strong faith deep inside that she was going to beat it… and she did…. I guess only thing I am trying to say is KEEP the strong faith” cause half the battle is won right there….

    I wish you the best and may you have a speedy recovery….


  497. Hope when in hiding, must be manufactured. This is the spirit of the believers. Aspire to a higher self vibrating in belief of the oness of GOD and the seperation void between us kneeling in complete worship in asking for forgiveness and praying for deeper healing, the healing of the hidden self”

    Loay Ragheb
    Author: ‘The HIgher You” The journey within & the rise from defeat

  498. Hi Lisa

    I just want you to know that my father suffers from the same cancer, multiple myeloma as you. The cancer was diagnosed in 2001. He is doing fine at present but age is not on his side. He is 70.
    But the most important thing is that he has the will to live & that is the only way that you can beat this disease.He has undergone chemotherapy….different medicine..powerful steroids, blood transfusions. He is an eternal optimist & his will power is amazing.
    We may at times get worried but he always has a smile on his face & always encourage us to work hard & live happily.
    Since the age is on your side i would recomment u to undergo stem cell therapy..it is quite effective.

    All the best.

  499. I’ve been a huge admirer. I’m very saddened by the terrible news, I pray for a speediest recovery and a very bright future ahead.

    “Faith is a strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light.”

  500. Lisa,

    You will require a lot of inner strength. As a fellow Canadian (used to live in Surrey, BC) who moved back to India after being diagnosed with Renal disease, I can understand how frustrating it can be when you don’t get timely treatments.

    India on that front is so much better. I have had instances when my body just gives up and even family members sometimes get frustrated as I can’t do simple things in life which I used to do when normal. A single second changes your life..i.e the time when doctor tells you about your chronic disease and you know that from that point forward you have to have so many restrictions, i.e travel, food habits, partying.

    I have been living like this for 4 years now and have now got used to it. I have started Medical Tourism project – “Kosansh” – http://www.kosansh.com. There is “Health Queries” forum for patients where patients can ask queries and other patients/doctors will reply via Kosansh.

    I am also trying my level best to give back what I know best is developing Health 2.0 Social Networking website which will help many patients like you and me discuss our cases with best doctors in the world.

    If you visit Ahmedabad, do give me a call on +91-9979853010

    It would be great if you can be involved in promoting Kosansh. Not sure if that interests you but just thinking out loud.


  501. Hello Lisa:

    Your mind seems to be even more beautiful
    than your looks. I salute you.

    It is apparent that you are goin to be an
    inspiration to me, my children, Manjiri and
    Manjit, and my wife, Smita.

    God bless you, (and he will..).

    Regards and good luck.

    Rajan Patil

  502. “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” Holy Bible : St. John 14:27.

    Lisa, the Word of God is a powerful healer and may it be your strength. We are all with you….cheers life !

  503. Hi Lisa,

    You look very nice…Hope you know about Ayurveda. Its very good for many diseases. Here is the address where you could get a very good treatment:

    Athulya Ayurvedic Medical Research Centre
    Mundikkal Thazham, Medical College – Karnthoor Road
    Kottamparamba Post
    Calicut – 670 008, Kerala, India,
    Email: ayurvediccancertherapy@rediffmail.com
    Phone: 91-495-2358016 ,2356391

    Be confident, and smile always..You have a perfect smile (10000 watts).

    You are already practising yoga isnt it, it is a very good for relaxation of the mind


  504. Hi Lisa ray ! i am worried for your health.

    there is doctor and scientist Munir Khan go for treatment.

    other treatment is baba ramdev or jiva.com

    take care do not worry. Death is truth of life . we all love u lisa.

    • There’s no time to speak of death, there’s too much life still for Lisa to live. Be well Lisa and Never claim or otherwise “own” this illness. My prayers are with you always.

  505. Repeat
    – Oh Great Creator forgive me 1000 times
    – Oh Great Creator create faith in me 1000 times-
    – Oh All Merciful shower me with mercy
    – Oh All giver give me the righteous path
    – Oh All Healer Heal me 1000

    in the depth of the bleakest of nights, a light in the heart begins to grow .. glow .. and shines if we let it so .. believe before all is gone

    Loay Ragheb
    Author: The HIgher You

  506. live like a winner
    give life all you’ve got
    make your best shot

    live like a winner
    rock what you’ve got
    just don’t get caught

    live like a winner
    try your best
    put your mind to the test

    live like a winner
    and you will do great

    Love and Prayers

  507. Hi Lisa,

    I’m sorry to hear about the Cancer thing … Don’t loose hope … I wish you get out of that problem sooner and be back to your regular life …


  508. Lisa Ray on Canada AM talkin about Yellow Diaries and her movie Cooking with Stella
    Watch, enjoy, appreciate and Pray.


    Love and Prayers

  509. Hi Lisa,
    never give up, that´s what I always said. My doctor diagnosed me cancer two year ago. But now it seem, that everything will be ok. I know how you feel. Be so tired that you can´t sleep…

    I hope everything will be better with you too… Feel better and be less tired.



    P.S. Sorry of my English (not my native language)

  510. My words will not be more comforting than those that you have already read.
    Then say to you most simply about the world: I love you my mother always said to me that one ” I love you ” warm the heart.
    yours is beautiful… Sorry if my grammar is not correct, I am better in French!
    Bye Lisa

  511. Dear Lisa,


    I will restrain myself from saying the usual bit. My grandfather too was diagnosed with the same, he was my everything. He brought me up…..so was my mother, father and friend. But one thing which he tought me and others suffering from cancer was to face it and fight it.

    The girl that you are, I and everyone knows that you will fight this and would be an inspiration for many….just the way you have alwas been.

    Just as life is a sum total of various phases….this too shall pass!

    I suggest, you read the Gita…..it will give you immense strength to move on!

    You are a gem….and as gita says:

    “Nothing ends….but there is always a begining of something new”

    Love you my little Barbie Doll……….

    Diya Sharma

  512. Dear Lisa,
    How are you? I want to write to you as I would to one of my own friends whom I have not met for more than a decade. I hope life is treating you fairly.

    I came across a beautiful link, which I thought of sharing with you, its a series of Last Lecture given at the Carneggie Mellon by Dr.Randy Pausch. As you scroll down the link you will find a one hour video on Reaching your Childhood Dreams.

    The series is named so as its the lecture given by outgoing professor to students and faculties. Its a fun lecture which I thought can make your today better.

    If you get the time do take a look at the link below.


    Take Care and wishing for your speedy recovery.



  513. hey , Lisa ,

    How ar u today ?

  514. Loads of Love and Prayers

  515. Hey Lisa
    It would be lie if I say that I am big fan of urs. Nevertheless i do appreciate your work and as a person I think u r an amazing soul.
    This is not coz u r not well..I am writing this as u have actually given me a hope in my so-usless-life !!
    My prayers are wid u and trust me u will bounce back(not that u r down now)
    I really loved ur views on life…Stay strong and my prayers are wid u…
    Do visit my blog sometime…and it will be priviledge if u do so and leave ur views !! Get well soon!!

    Thanks and Regards

  516. Hello Lisa, I am making it a daily habit to check into your blog. I send you healing energy and prayers. As someone also living wit an incurable illness I pray that medical development will advance to the point so that what you live with beomes nothing more than a managemeable chronic “pain in the neck” <>. Stay strong and open to the healing energy of the universe.

    Moving On: The other night I watched Toronto Stories. OMG I loved that movie! Well, I’ve always had an affinity for what I consider “small films”. The attraction for me is that an independent film allows me to “suspend my disbelief” to a greater extent than a studio blockbuster.

    Next on my list is: “A Stones Throw”

    I look forward to seeing and purchasing “Cooking With Stella”.

  517. I have been a fan of you for quite a while. I admire you very much.

    I’ve just noticed about your health moment ago and I would like to let you know my very best wishes to you.

    I do wish you a soon recovery.

  518. Thank you Lisa!!

    I too am an unusual case, diagnosed with MM at age 34 (almost 4 years ago now). I am also one of the incredibly lucky ones to achive complete remission thanks to Revlimid.

    At diagnosis my back was so badly damaged that I could barely walk 100 metres and now because of a vertebroplasty, I am skiing, playing tennis, swimming, cycling, etc.

    The publicity you are bringing to this disease is priceless and for that I thank you. People need to understand how the new medical research has changed this disease from a death sentence to a chronic illness that can be dealt with – but that there is still a long way to go. Your willingness to go public to raise awareness is truly fantastic and is very much appreciated.

  519. Hi Lisa,

    I just pray to God to give u strength to fight MM and recover as soon as possible.

  520. Close your eyes, open your heart
    concentrate hard, get ready to start.
    It is almost time to lift off and fly.
    Believe in yourself and you’ll fly very high.
    Open your wings, spread them out
    This is what flying is all about.
    I know you can make it through this test.
    Come on now. Do your best.
    Now that you can fly and soar,
    You can enter that successful door.

    Love and Prayers

  521. Hey Lisa,
    If you have ever read the book called the secret or watched the video you may know may just realise a wee bit about the powerful forces you have set into motion. There are 2 stories which may be of special importance to you. Theres the story of a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer and she decided to fight it & how. Apart from her treatment she created a mental image of her being completely cured and
    happy. The nin order to reinforce it she would do stuff to make her feel happy the entire day like watch comedy all day long and guess what cliche’d as it may sound but the cancer disappeared.

    story 2 is about this young art director whose feng shui consultant noticed had paintings painted by him of naked women sort of lokking down at him with a condescending look. When asked he said that he actually intended to improve his love life. So she asked him to go ahead and paint something which depicted that and 3 months later when she met him, he had suddenly started dating 3 women. Point here is that please dont paint your wall yellow… probably paint it a colour you associate with healing ..like say blue or even red for the regenration of your RBC’s.

    Cant let you succumb so easily, i want you to lose your membership of the yellow MM club ASAP.

    After all its you who wrote ” Protect your identity and your dreams and what you want to be in a world that is at every point trying to make you something else”.

    So go win the match with that MM and we are all here to support you and pray for you.



  522. Lisa,

    Believe me I KNOW that you haven’t gained weight Lisa. I know that any visible “puffiness” is a result of the steroids. I am not familiar with your course of treatment but I am cognizant of recent advances in the treatment of multiple myeloma so hopefully you will transition onto somethig more effective. Like I wrote in an earlier post and as you are aware long term steroid use can prove detrimental. I watched your interview on the Toronto Film Festival, you look as beautiful as you always do. Your attitude is inspiring. Your complexion so clear it it is radiant.

  523. hi ,Lisa
    i’m a chinese girl ,i love u so much .
    Be strong ,please ,just like what u said ,never stop fighting.
    u know ,just because i wanna know about your latest information ,i’v been trying hard to learn English aiming to understand what u say.
    Let’s struggle together!

  524. dear lisa,

    my prayers are with you. Just be positive and keep fighting.

  525. dearest lisa,

    I’ve just known you “Lisa Ray” from youtube.com recently, i found you from youtube, i watched your movies from youtube, and also got the news that you have cancer from youtube. Really don’t know how to tell you the feeling i am about you dearest Lisa.

    My father was die of cancer 7 years ago. So, I deeply understand and truly feeling your heart, your pain, your brave, and your strong. Even though…my heart is exhausted by fears, by pain, by disappointment, by hurt,……my dad still standing infront of me and said to me” my dearest….believe me, belive yourself, everthing will be ok….nothing is impossible. Everyday is surprised, everyday is gained. Just believe in you “Lisa Ray” …..! And I am believe in you Lisa, you are strong enough to get rid of the difficult day. All cancer must be killed by your braveness, yours gorgeous, and your lovely smile. I love you…!

  526. Hi Lisa,

    I think u must take some rest………………good to know that steroids make u hyper and want to be up & about…………….but u need to take care of yourself……………
    read that u went thro all the msgs…………………..can only have one word to say……………AWESOME


  527. Hey Lisa,
    Not sure if this helps but here goes nothing…. not so long ago, I was terribly ill a rare fever i had contracted probably from an open cut somewhere. I was doing a 105. The only time I had touched a 3 digit figure
    was on my Enfield and to my parents dismay not at college. Brevity is the soul of speech they say, so there I was struggling very hard and the doc advised hospitalisation or said I have’nt a hope. My body by then had shrunk to what you might describe as a small clothes hangar with a very big coat for my skin ofcourse. Any model (pun unintended ;) ) would have given away all her fortune fo the size zero or probably size -1 if I might say, I had achieved. In between meals all I had the energy to do was to go back in to a coma.
    However 2 things really helped me
    1. I was lying in my grandma’s house and did not really know how my folks were taking care of cleo my puppy.
    i know for sure Bobcat would definitely help you in that Dept. After all with pets its unconditional love you give and recieve.
    2. A purpose …an almost impossible task or dream people might say but a race I would have loved to not only run that day but also win. Usain Bolt running unchallenged to win gold at another atheletics grand prix.
    Your driven more ways than one for me to point out that.

    Anyhow having you take me out for dinner is on my top 100 things to do before I turn 30. so hey you still have a couple of years to go… so I believe completely you will live till you see a day over 100 (years of your LIVING life on earth or who knows Mars if Richard Branson has his way ;) )


  528. Good Luck for ur Movie ‘Cookin with Stelle’ and with each and everythin in ur life.
    Wish you a healthy, wealthy and wise Life.

    Love and Prayers

  529. Lisa Ray In Production – 2000s

    Trader Games (2010) (post-production) …. Sarah

    Let the Game Begin (2009) (completed) …. Eva

    Cooking with Stella (2009) …. Maya Chopra

    Defendor (2009) …. Dominique Ball

    Somnolence (2009)

    “The Summit” …. Rebecca Downy (2 episodes, 2008)
    – Night One (2008) TV episode …. Rebecca Downy
    – Night Two (2008) TV episode …. Rebecca Downy

    Toronto Stories (2008) …. Beth

    Kill Kill Faster Faster (2008) …. Fleur

    The World Unseen (2007) …. Miriam

    All Hat (2007) …. Etta Parr

    “Blood Ties” …. Elena (1 episode, 2007)
    – Stone Cold (2007) TV episode …. Elena

    I Can’t Think Straight (2007) …. Tala

    A Stone’s Throw (2006) …. Lia

    Quarter Life Crisis (2006) …. Angel Matthews

    The Flowerman (2006) …. Louise

    Seeking Fear (2005) …. Nina Atwal

    Water (2005/I) …. Kalyani

    “The Standard” (2005) TV series …. Bollywood Actress

    Ball & Chain (2004) …. Saima

    Bollywood/Hollywood (2002) …. Sue (Sunita) Singh

    Takkari Donga (2002) …. Bhuvana

    Kasoor (2001) …. Simran Bhargav

    Love and Prayers
    Hina ;)

  530. It is the life we live .. the belief in the possibility of the impossibility what separates us from the believers and the non-believers .. the power of faith despite all the material evidence that it is not doable .. only then can we conquer it all .. yet it is difficult .. and because it is difficult we must believe

    Loay Ragheb
    Author “The Higher You”

  531. Dear Lisa,

    It may sound very old fashioned to you, but I strongly believe Jesus Christ can still cure you. Kindly get back to Him and He will pour His grace upton you. Because He is the One who heals us.

    Your brother in Christ

  532. on September 17, 2009 at 2:04 pm | Reply loving your soul

    Hi, i am from lebanon, and i am realy inspired and impressed with your beautiful spirit and strength..
    your wild and such an amazing person.. we pray u get well soon and always be on top of the scenes everywhere..God Bless you..even when u feel tired or wish u never had to get through this..just remember that it’s a further reason for u to grow stronger .. much of hugs and kisses

  533. Lisa,

    Just be positive, believe in God and yourself. You can fight this – you have prayers from people all over the world. You will be fine!

  534. Hi!!! I really don’t know much of your work, only a few that I started to look on the web after read this blog. And I don’t even know how I came stop here… ¬¬
    But I’ll make up this…

    But, now! I came here to thank you for opened so many possibilities in my life.
    I don’t have any chronicle problem, except my passive attitude. And now, I’m try to change…

    Thank you.

    For you, I’ll wish all love and strenght to keep fight and, in this way, you really can be sure: You make a difference in this world!

    Best Regards

  535. When all about you is black with gloom,
    And all you feel is pending doom.
    When your bones are racked with grim despair –
    When every breath is a gasp for air.
    Keep on going, though you need to grope,
    For around the bend is a ray of hope.

    A ray of hope is perhaps all that’s left,
    As your will to live has been bereft.
    You’ve lost it all, it’s just no use!
    You can end it all, you need no excuse.
    But throw away that piece of rope,
    And give yourself a chance of hope.

    Just give yourself another day,
    Brushing aside what your thoughts may say.
    This is your life and you can make a new start,
    By ignoring the brain – just follow the heart.
    Taking baby steps in order to cope,
    And minute by minute you’ll build on your hope.

    Build on your hope,. one day at a time,
    Though the road be steep and hard to climb.
    The hurts of the past – they should be dead.
    The fears of the future are all in your head.
    Just live in the present and refuse to mope
    Your life will sparkle for you’re living in hope.

    Love and Prayers

  536. Hi Lisa,

    Saw “I cant think straight’ a couple of days back. Really liked it – good acting and direction. Congrats !

    Just a pity that Indian audiences still havent grown in numbers for hollywood films. Except for super hero films, even Will smith doesnt draw in the audiences.

    Keep up the good work. Take care of yourself. All the best for your next film

    Lots of love


  537. It truly makes me think how people believe that dead men such as Jesus, or Moses, Or Mohammed or Budda can heal or help or do .. no one can help you except the one GOD who is not a man .. who never went to the wash room or ate grapes .. The Creator above all the sender of all men but so very few do know/.

  538. on September 18, 2009 at 8:55 am | Reply vikas chaturvedi

    hi lisa ray

    my best wishes with you fight against cancer.i m also a cancer survivor from aprail 1999.i belong to gwalior [m.p.]i suffers 3 time cancer recurrance.i m 36 year old.i dignose with hodgkins lymphoma.i take chemo,surgery,radiation.i taken treatment in jaslok ,prince ali khan hospital in mumbai by dr.sekia,dr,s.agarwal.
    my suggestion to you is that.if you live happily and positive attitude it will make you well very fast.and take healthy food.i m still in good health.and involves in my hotel business in gwalior.if you need any help or suggesation any time you mail me immidate. thank you and get well soon. my mail is chaturvedi.vikas@rediffmail.com
    vikas chaturvedi gwalior

  539. Go Confidently in the direction of your dreams, Live the Life you have imagined.”Thoreau”

    You are doing great Lisa. I am inspired by your actions and will power.

    God Bless You

  540. Hi Lisa, What I know is I love you since years. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU AND REALLY LOVE YOU AND STILL LOVE YOU. If you are with me, I give you courage and full of love. But unfortunately you are not knowing me.

  541. hello lisa,
    im sure u”l be able to fight through this tough phase of life…….i”l pray fr ur speady recovery.

    All the best n tk cr

  542. Hey Lisa,

    I just cae to know about your condition and I am glad that you are fighting this and not taking it kying down. I pray that God shall give u the strength to fight this and u emerge victorious.

    Take care… God bless


  543. Hi lisa
    I hope you get well soon
    Your a true stunner , and a very talented individual
    You are a bengali beauty and bengals are strong
    You will get thru it

    Loads of love

    From your bengali sis back in london!!!

    We love you

    Ami tomake bhalobashi

  544. Hey Lisa,

    1st of all let me tel u dat u looked gorgeous at d premiere of “cooking with stella” (TIFF) ………..

    The news of ur illness has come as a shock & i’m sure evryone who cares 4 u wud b prayin 4 ur speedy recovery….ur spirit is inspiring …..d smile on ur face evn thru dese tuff times gives a message 2 evry1 dat no matter hw difficult d situation , 1 shud alwez hv faith & hope……..

    I sincerely hope that u win dis battle wid cancer ………. love & luck……God bless…………

  545. Hi,

    dear ‘Afriin’,

    It is 2.28 a.m and i too cudn’t sleep for i cudn’t believe what i just found surfing the net. But a full Bengali heart is confident about your win. Hey Gorgious ..Just Beat It .

    tumi ki bangla kotha kichu bojho?


  546. Hey Lisa…i just saw the post on Yahoo on ur incurable cancer… I M SHOCKED…have been ur FAN since afreen afreen….still remem those good old days when i use to get time to see TV..

    I Shall include you in my prayers and its my word that our group prayers shall cure you from any sufferings you face. just keep faith and dont let down at any given point no matter what happens.

    God Almighty shower all his blessings onto u.


    Navin (Dubai)

  547. Hi Lisa don’t ignore Ayurveda. Its very powerful and can work wonders for you. Modern medical science does not even have cure for simple problems like BP and high sugar. Turn to Ayurveda ASAP don’t waste time and focus all your energy towards it. I cant guarantee anything but hope the best for you. DO PRANAYAM very slowly and under guidance. I wish you all the best. Take care.

  548. Dear Fans and Friends

    Ive been following the blog and also the following fan comments. As maintoined earlier that we should slow down and also start working/contributing for the same cause as Miss Ray has been workin on ‘Yellow Diaries and awareness to Multiple Myeloma’.
    Ive some suggestions regardin the cause.

    By posting the links here on blog is just one way of creating awarness, there are still alot of people who dont use or have the facility to use internet. We can help them by givin lectures about sign and symptoms of the disease, by distributin pumphlets descrbrin a little about the disease and may be by organisin some walk creatin awareness. This may be on a very smaller scale but even if these little things can save one life it worth doin.

    Other thing as Im a doctor by profession ive strated doing some volunteer work in our Chemo ward. I only go for 2-3 hours a week because of my busy schedule and tiering routine plus ive a exam comin up aswell but jus to contribute to the cause ive started doin this. So you can help around people who are suffring from the disease. Im also workin on MM letreture and will be disrtibuting it to people InshaAllah soon.

    Here are alot of people who can make beautiful Multimedia presentations and even can do beautiful editin of songs. They can contribute by making videos and songs.

    So each one of us can contribute in the any way he/she can within the level of its expertise. If you guys have anyother suggestions please share.

    Love and Prayers for Ray

  549. “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”

    Kahlil Gibran

  550. on September 20, 2009 at 2:34 am | Reply pradip rodrigues

    Dear Lisa:
    Let me re-introduce myself to u after ten years. I am Pradip Rodrigues, x, Bombay Times assistant editor. We dined one night with my wife, Ms Sonia Garware and you at Golden Dragon at the Taj, where I distinctly recall hanging onto every word you spoke. I have met/interviewed and partied with about every celebrity that mattered, but you were among the few who had a mind, who spoke your mind and had heart. Having seen and heard things that still make me cringe as a journalist, you came across different.
    I also recall meeting you at Joggers Park one evening and we took a couple of rounds and I gave you a ride on my bike to your rented place on Peter Dias road in Bandra.
    I wish you all the best in these challenging times.
    I live in Mississauga and would love to see you if it ever is possible given your schedule.
    If possible, let me know, if not, it is perfectly ok.
    You are in my prayers and I am happy to have this opportunity to connect with you on this blog.
    Take care,
    Pradip Rodrigues

  551. Hina “May Peace Touch Your Heart”
    Please contact me for anything I can help with. I can give free Inspirational & Motivational talks and would love to help
    my email is higheryou@gmail.com
    Peace Be Upon You

  552. Dear Hina Peace Be Upon You

    I am willing to help in any way shape or form. I give inspirational & motivational sessions and would love to get involved if I can
    contact me if you wish at higher you at gmail dor com
    Loay Ragheb
    Author: The Higher You

  553. Hi Lisa,

    You are really a wonderful person.. This so nice to keep people connected.. and sharing experiences, thoughts and love…

    Yea, “never stop fighting” ….!
    Life is always a battle… unpredictable.. All we know is that we need to face everything that comes in our way…

    Keep your spirit high.. Everything will be alright.. God knows everything… and He got unique plans for everyone of us.. Dont lose faith on Him…

    God Bless Lisa!

    love and care,
    Salie (Philippines)

  554. Smile! Because you have just received a text message from someone hoping you are fine. Good a.m.

  555. Smile! Because you have just received a message from someone hoping you are fine. Good a.m.

  556. It is amazing to see your openness. We all love u, looking farward to c u in lots of movies.You r a fighter . You will conquer this battle too.BELIEVE me i will open so many doors for u. I was hit by cancer in 2002. Iam in remission since than. As Isee u r doin lots alternavtives practices,It does help.Ido too. One thing u can add in you daily routine is laughter yoga.god bless you with health and happiness.talk 2 u soon

  557. Hi Lisa,

    Long time know hear eh!

    It was just a few days back going whilst going through the Times of India I came across some gorgueous pics of you at the ‘Cooking with Stella’ premiere.

    Lisa I just want to tell you that I am glad I got the opportunity of working with you in ‘Water’ in this little island of ours.
    These are memories that will be etched always in my heart.

    Atta girl you are going in the right direction have your chins up at all times.

    God Bless.


  558. I truly enjoyed reading, very inspiring – thank you

  559. Hi Lisa,

    Wanted to share this………………….


    Cancer Update from Johns Hopkins :

    1. Every person has cancer cells in the body. These cancer cells do not show up in the standard tests until they have multiplied to a few
    billion. When doctors tell cancer patients that there are no more cancer cells in their bodies after
    treatment, it just means the tests are
    unable to detect the cancer cells because they have not reached the detectable size.

    2. Cancer cells occur between 6 to more than 10 times in a person’s lifetime.

    3. When the person’s immune system is strong the cancer cells will be destroyed and prevented from multiplying and forming tumours.

    4. When a person has cancer it indicates the person has multiple nutritional deficiencies.. These could be due to genetic, environmental,
    food and lifestyle factors.

    5. To overcome the multiple nutritional deficiencies, changing diet and including supplements will strengthen the immune system.

    6.. Chemotherapy involves poisoning the rapidly-growing cancer cells and also destroys rapidly-growing healthy cells in the bone marrow,
    gastro-intestinal tract etc, and can cause organ damage, like liver, kidneys, heart, lungs etc.

    7. Radiation while destroying cancer cells also
    burns, scars and damages healthy cells, tissues and organs.

    8. Initial treatment with chemotherapy and radiation will often reduce tumor size.. However prolonged use of chemotherapy and radiation do not
    result in more tumor destruction.

    9. When the body has too much toxic burden from chemotherapy and radiation the immune system is either compromised or destroyed, hence
    the person can succumb to various kinds of infections and complications.

    10. Chemotherapy and radiation can cause cancer cells to mutate and become resistant and difficult to destroy. Surgery can also cause cancer
    cells to spread to other sites.

    11.. An effective way to battle cancer is to starve the cancer cells by not feeding it with the foods it needs to multiply.


    a. Sugar is a cancer-feeder. By cutting off sugar it cuts off one important food supply to the cancer cells. Sugar substitutes like
    NutraSweet, Equal,Spoonful, etc are made with Aspartame and it is harmful. A better natural substitute would be Manuka honey or molasses
    but only in very sma ll amounts. Table salt has a chemical added to make it white in colour. Better alternative is Bragg’s aminos or sea salt.

    b. Milk causes the body to produce mucus, especially in the gastro-intestinal tract. Cancer feeds on mucus. By cutting off milk and
    substituting with unsweetened soy milk, cancer cells are being starved.

    c. Cancer cells thrive in an acid environment. A meat-based diet is acidic. Meat also contains livestock antibiotics, growth hormones and parasites, which are all harmful, especially to people with cancer.

    d. A diet made of 80%
    fresh vegetables and juice, whole grains, seeds, nuts and a little fruits help put the body into an alkaline
    environment. About 20% can be from cooked food including beans. Fresh vegetable juices provide live enzymes that are easily absorbed and reach
    down to cellular levels within 15 minutes to no urish and enhance growth of healthy cells. To obtain live enzymes for building healthy cells try
    and drink fresh vegetable juice (most vegetables including bean sprouts) and eat some raw vegetables 2 or 3 times a day. Enzymes are destroyed at
    temperatures of 104 degrees F (40 degrees C)..

    e. Avoid coffee, tea, and chocolate, which have high caffeine. Green tea is a better alternative and has cancer-fighting properties.
    Water-best to drink purified water, or filtered, to avoid known toxins and heavy metals in tap water. Distilled water is acidic, avoid it.

    12. Meat protein is difficult to digest and requires a lot of
    digestive enzymes. Undigested meat remaining in the intestines become putrified
    and leads to more toxic buildup.

    13. Cancer cell walls have a tough protein covering. By refraining from or eating less meat it frees more enzymes to attack the protein walls of
    cancer cells and allows the body’s killer cells to destroy the cancer cells.

    14. Some supplements build up the immune system (IP6, Flor-ssence, Essiac, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, EFAs etc.) to enable the
    body’s own killer cells to destroy cancer cells. Other supplements like vitamin E are known to cause apoptosis, or programmed cell death, the
    body’s normal method of disposing of damaged, unwanted, or unneeded cells.

    15. Cancer is a disease of the mind, body, and spirit. A proactive and positive spirit will help the cancer warrior be a survivor. Anger,
    unforgiveness and bitterness put the body into a stressful and acidic environment. Learn to have a
    loving and forgiving spirit. Learn to relax
    and enjoy life.

    16. Cancer cells cannot thrive in an oxygenated environment. Exercising daily, and deep breathing help to get more oxygen down to the cellular
    level. Oxygen therapy is another means employed to destroy cancer cells.


  560. Just as a perfect creature can be born from a tiny origin of a cell, meaning that in two cells a complete perfection of nature can be attained. That is the cells have the power in them to be perfect inspite of variations of climate, food, pollution, and so many external imperfections. So most probably they even have the power to correct and come back to track if they get the correct environment, if by chance they have strayed.
    Some say the miracle cures of the Great Saint Ramdev of India are due to oxygen. I am too ignorant to agree or disagree. I have faith that the body does something self corrective to itself if you take the trouble to give it something that comes through the yogic breathing and coupled with ancient himalayan or tropical herbs. All the chemicals of life have molecular similarities and some of these plants have the capacity to sustain life in the worst environmental extremes. Possibly molecules from them have the power to self correct their own system. The ancient physicians di not chemically analyse these. They just tried and observed their effects for possibly thousands of years or maybe hundreds of years at worst. So this ancient system is anchored in observations of a long long time. The ancient and the modern all add up. They do not fight each other. There are already a million types of chemical in your body. If you do the Kapalabhati and other recommended exercises before you are weaker- your body will get another internal army -that comes from the body itself understanding that it has to fight. You know you have to fight at the level of wakeful consciousness. Doing these Yogs/Yogas possibly posts the message to the cellular level. Maybe it will cure something within which is out of ‘ balance’ so to speak which will bring the body cellular biological chemistry back to normal. I am sure that the Pranayam should be done under advice of Ramdev Swami and without publicity. Also ancient Yogins used to meditate in isolated places in loin cloth, I believe. I hope he does not hold your movies against you. However he is honest , sincere and truthful about his successes and failures and do not mind if he is against nudity in movies.
    Helen was a face that launched a thousand ships. In great beauty there is some great truth some great fire , some great energy or motive power , a missile straight that knocks out the walls and barriers in the sub-conscious levels ,possibly the truth of perfection. This truth is not realisable at the level of wakeful consciousness. This unleashed energy has the power to create or destroy individuals and societies , depending on its use.
    We are all fighting enemies. Most of the enemies are within us. When someone tells us to work and not be lazy , it is not he who is the enemy but our laziness. The perfect world will never exist. It will always be changing and throwing up great surprises, some good like you some bad like your problem. All that we really need is unselfish love and devotion and only parents/ g-parents give you that. I am sure also that no amount of Yoga will help if there is no love. Love is the oxygen of the sub-conscious.
    That’s what bobcat is for


  561. hi lisa, im so sad to nkow about your desease, all my prayers the last month of ramadan were for your health, may God gives you strenght to keep fighting and to stay the best as you always do. i will always pry for you and hope you all the best!

  562. Lisa my dear..praying for you on daily basis…Allah is kind and merciful…You will be part of my everyday zikr and I promise in my moment of truth will ask Allah to cure you completely and I know you will be fine inshaAllah…Keep your trust in Allah and you will feel HIS mercy envelope you…
    Lots of love

  563. My Dearest Lisa

    Last time was a good time.This time is not next time.How can a supermodel suffer from bone cancer? Kindly take it on your stride and show the world that you are not responsible for your malady.That there was manhandling of your celebrity status.

    P.S Put on more make-up than usual for unusual suspects

  564. hey lisa,
    its me again! just want to wish you more courage and faith because i know you’ll win, im sure…
    i like the way you smile when you talk and your sense of humour it’s very sweet!
    one day you may visit morocco, there are nice places you’ll like , and theyr couscous is the best!

    Much love and full support

    from Morroco

  565. on September 27, 2009 at 10:26 am | Reply Sadananda Acharya

    4 U…
    Life is every where
    It is in you now and forever it shall stay
    Life is the wind blowing sideways
    Life is the winter and the summer
    I am Life You are Life We are Life
    I love Life and Life loves me
    Life and I play beneath the midnight sun
    Life and I play beneath the morning moon
    Life brings me soup when I am ill
    Life kisses me good night and greets me with a smile
    Life is sad and it is lonely
    Life is evil and Life is blunt
    Life is a true friend and never lies
    I am Life You are Life We are Life


  566. Hi Lisa,

    You write “I’m an ‘alternative’ girl in every way”. I don’t know if you hear about R. Steiner Anthroposophy and Iscador.

    ..”Iscador is a derivative of Viscum album, a mistletoe plant that grows in many parts of the world. Medical mistletoe is the result of many years of painstaking effort to explain the suggestion made by Rudolf Steiner (1981-1925) that mistletoe could be rendered effective in the treatment of cancer.

    This is the story:

    Steiner was a mystic and founder of Anthroposophy, considered by some to be an offshoot of Theosophy that came into being during the war years when communications to the German-language world were disrupted. Steiner was not, however, entirely derivative. He was, in many respects original.

    The researchers who developed Iscador took their hints from the vision that Steiner had that mistletoe could be emancipated from both Cosmic and terrestrial forces. How so?

    Mistletoe is a parasitic plant. It does not grow in the soil (not the species referred to by Steiner) but in the bark of trees. It grows perpendicular to the branch in which it thrusts its sucker, and it does not obey many of the laws of the plant kingdom. For instance, its berries ripen in winter, without warmth. It stores up chlorophyll and is green all year long and is indifferent to light. It is thus neither geotropic or phototropic and this is the fact that fascinated Anthroposophical researchers Kaelin and Leroi……

    ….Iscador Treatment

    Iscador is used extensively in a well-known clinic in Switzerland, the Lukas Clinik. Taking its cue from Steiner, the clinic offers the following comments on cancer:

    Cancer can be many things – disease, destiny, opportunity, life drama or tragedy, a biographical turning point. But it is always a biological process and part of life.

    It goes on to discuss the biological processes in a mixture of scientific, philosophical, and poetic speculations. According to them, cells come into being through a process of division, and they have a certain life expectancy based on the genetic potential. The death of cells, apoptosis, is assumed to be subject to the vagaries of fate and genes. Cells have a life cycle, birth to death, and before death, they pass information to the new cell, basically explaining to the new cells its functions as well as what it should look like, how it should divide, and when it will die.

    There is really nothing new about this theory except the assumptions about how information is transferred. We all know that cells divide and that when they do, they may be absolutely normal or deformed. Some abnormal cells die and others replicate. Basically, cancer is a disease characterized by excessive reproduction of abnormal cells. The theories that affect why a cell mutates during the course of division are numerous: alcohol, tobacco, infection, pH imbalances, radiation, toxicity, nutrient deficiencies, message errors, and, of course, the catchall: stress. One theory is that the more deviant the cell is, the faster it reproduces; however, in the case of healthy individuals, these cells have a lower survival potential: they die and are consumed by white blood cells.

    ….Iscador is not seen by those who use it as a cure for cancer. It is a treatment that most often is used in conjunction with other conventional treatments, especially radiation but also surgery. It is given both before and after these procedures so as to promote rapid recovery and reduce adverse reactions, such as metastasis. Different studies seem to suggest different assessments of the treatment. When used instead of chemotherapy, the quality of life is significantly better for patients being treated with Iscador than for patients undergoing chemotherapy. For those who are treating localized tumors, especially of the breast but also of the cervix, ovaries, breast, stomach, colon, and lungs, survival may be as much as 40% longer for patients using Iscador than those going a 100% conventional route. As this OTA statement suggests, no one who has studied the results refers to Iscador as a cure, merely as a treatment.

    Treatment with Iscador is generally not claimed to result in dramatic destruction of tumors. Instead, it is thought to slow the growth of tumors or even stop tumor growth altogether, and then lead to gradual tumor regression. It is believed that tumor cells may undergo a transformation from malignant forms to semimalignant forms, then to chronic inflammation, and finally to normal forms…….”

    …in this page you will find the rest about Iscador and mistletoe…

    …I wish you all the best.

    Regards from Croatia,


  567. Dear Lisa,

    Just wanted to say that please don’t give up, (no te rindas jamás)….Think positive, always positive…

    “….No te rindas, por favor no cedas,
    Aunque el frío queme,
    Aunque el miedo muerda,
    Aunque el sol se ponga y se calle el viento,
    Aún hay fuego en tu alma,
    Aún hay vida en tus sueños
    Porque cada día es un comienzo nuevo,
    Porque esta es la hora y el mejor momento.
    Porque no estás solo, porque yo te quiero.”

    (M. Benedetti “Don’t Give Up”).

    Get well soon.

  568. Hello,

    I have never read or commented on a blog before, but I really enjoy your blogging/writting. I have read all of the Yellow Diary entries so far. You are a very creative writter and a very talented actress too!

    On September 10, you wrote asking people to tell you about whether or not they disclose their chronic conditions with employers and colleagues and how they do this. Although I do not view myself as a person with a chronic illness or condition, I do identify myself as person with a disability. My disability is visible so I will tell you how I share information about my disability with employers, colleagues, friends and people in general.

    In regards to sharing information about my disability with employers, I don’t share the fact that I have a disability on initial job applications because I don’t want employers to immediately/automatically assume that I can’t be a good employee solely because I have a disability. During job interviews, I tell employers about my capabilities (physical and the ones directly related to the position-eg. strong interpersonal skills). I talk about this so that I won’t leave the interview with the employer wondering how I will do the job or what accomodations I might need. (If you need any accomodations on the job share this with the employer at the interview/initial meeting, but also be sure to emphasize your strengths/talents/things that would make you an asset to the employer as well). Some people have advised me to tell employers about my disability on my initial job application because if I show that my disability is nothing to hide, others will learn (by my example) not to feel awkward or nervous around a colleague/employee with a disability/chronic illness.

    In regards to talking to your colleagues, friends and people in general about a disability/chronic illness, I feel that colleagues, friends and people in general ask you for the information they want and how much information they want when they feel ready to hear it. I have no problem answering people’s questions openly, but I stick to their question(s) and give more information about what my disability is, where it comes from and how it affects as they ask more questions. I do this so that people don’t feel overwhelmed with information.

    This is the way I do things, but of course I am not perfect and my way is not the only way. I believe that everyone is an individual and must make decisions that they are most comfortable with. I hope I wasn’t too technical or long winded. As I said, I’m new at blogging! Best wishes and please keep writting! I am checking this blog every day and looking forward to your next entry!



  569. on October 3, 2009 at 1:02 am | Reply Shashi Kuchhal

    Hello Lisa,

    I was very saddened with the news when Amit told me about it. I am Amit Gupta’s mother (Let The Game Begin). I wish you a fast recovery and I know you are a brave girl. If you ever need any help let me know, I could not help my son to live longer from this disease but may be I can help you. If u happen to see these blogs, you will know how much people love and care for you. So be well soon and I will see you at the premier of Let The Game Begin.

    Love Shashi

  570. hi liz h r u?i hope u r fine and better,and ur spirit is high as allwayes well i write a comment every day now and i find out that if i miss a day i find my selfe missing u?yes ,i used to see ur blog every day and ur sweet pic soo as allwayes i hope u hear all goods a bout u inshallah.see ya.bye

  571. dearest lisa,

    You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing with us your thoughts and feelings about your condition now. Like your other fans, I am happy because through your blog, we are able to tell you our wishes and prayers for your full recovery. I wish someday I could meet you so I can tell you how much I love you.
    I am here to support your advocacy and your endeavors. Please take care always. . .

  572. Velcade, Rivlamid (Thalydamide) and Dex… believe it or not… is about as aggressive as the Docs will move on a first time patient …and fairly cutting edge

    as you found on your own probably… Velcade (bortizimid) is not cool with green tea… in fact there are several “Nature/Homeo supplements which are not cool on your regime… be really careful what you take after you’ve acheived the remission you hope for also… There are some real iffy treatments in the name of “Wholistic Good…be suspicious and very wary mi amiga!

    Regardlesss… I did this routine for 6 months…my cancer #’s went down to where I was ready for a BMT… however in two weeks time the MM doubled and I’m now back on Riv and Dex… and it’s not helping… in fact the stupid cancer has doubled again… Geesh!

    I now expect another round of what your doing… still in hopes of the BMT … By December like yourself. I hope to be at Duke. Good luck with that.

    Well…I have a ton of jokes that would make you laugh….they’re cancer jokes. Only members in our club are allowed to use them… tho I expect most of your other readers and fans would be offended and aghast … I’m not concerned about hurting feelings (tho I probably should be)

    I’m concerned whether or not I’ll be here next year… and I want to to laugh as much as possible until bad stuff happens..

    Much love to you Miss Lisa, be cool God Bless and laugh a lot.

  573. Hi Lisa!

    Wonderful lady!!! you are just so amazing and full of awesome things… have you ever heard of the core of awesomeness? thank you for sharing so much it means the world, I have been trying to get as many people as I can to walk with us! keep on the mantras please do!!! and keep on smiling, it makes you shine you look so very beautiful <3 as always much love and respect to you :)

  574. Hi Lisa,
    I truly admire you. You are a beautiful person and an inspiration. I wish you health and strength in your journey. With such a positive outlook, I know you will endure. Love to you!

  575. The usual could have continued and we needn’t ponder and spend endless hours discussing something which could not have ended up being so, why? I don’t know. I guess none of us know that. Life is strange; there are so many routes just like a random sample path which the rules of probability come up with. It could have been that in a game of roulette, I end up with 2000Rs and I could end up with 20Rs too, not enough to pay off the taxi bills. Why? I often wonder. The human aspect becomes bigger then and I realize that this is “the” one thing we often thought we had a control on and then it controls you. It leaves an example; often leave you in wonder of whether there are rules. Can I form a structure because whole my life this is what I have been doing, forming structures out of non sensible patterns and claiming that those structures are the rule of law. And it topples :-) , it almost always does.

    I had a very close aunt of mine and I belong to a small pretty city in India. While all my cousins were the smarter ones and I could not even babble a word of any language in confidence in public . And I thought may be my existence didn’t matter, after all I was a 12 year old kid and none of these late teens smart convent educated kids are going to bother much of a reply from the quiet head, not to speak of much persona too. That’s when this aunt just mentioned – why don’t I speak, I can speak any language and her voice assured me that she won’t judge me and she never did. She fought with cancer with all her might, a part thanks to a diet program harping on some crazy science. She was a brave woman, more so with her kindness and a heart which was so tender that often it melts away any prejudice, with such love that I often find it difficult to see that much around and one often has to ask for it but this was just a splendid pool of water. I could just take a dive in there, whenever I wanted to go to my source. Why did it happen to her. I often wonder?

    We say lifestyle, exercise, breathing, meditation – all of it, I do all of it and I am happy to read that you do all of it and am sure it helps. A doc also isn’t able to save his life from a heart attack. Our body and its cells can get so crazy when left unattended. In this whole realm of getting food to the masses, we entered an arena of convenient food and processed food and I thought let me just try to survive on whatever I thought was ‘green’ and ‘raw’ and that the power lies there. I did loads of research to speak about and after having juggled through the financial maze as I define my present job in field of numbers and money. I am soon going to get all my attention on work related to this field. I want to be part of a world with healthier people not only their body but their blood also invigorated with energy, something which always did belong to us except that in this age of innovation and so called fast pace, we forgot that “food” is the key thing for which we all work so hard. Again I don’t know, just one of the random sample paths I think. If at all finally something does motivate me.

    You are a brave and a beautiful woman. I hope all the worthy souls and the power which binds the unknown, bless you with drop of its love. Eat well, sleep well and do well. And cutting out all the philosophy I cared to talk about, I have loads of research to share on food. Do feel free to get in touch for anything that might interest you.

  576. Hi Lisa

    I am a really big fan of yours you will get well soon there is a product from acai berries from amazon jungles this is a wild berry but if you are interested i can get it for you i live in sauble beach i seen three people with different kind of cancers recovering from it you can do your own research but this really works my wishes are with you you will be fine very soon just have positive energy and have faith in god LUV to you.

  577. Dear Lisa,
    I falled in love with you after seeing you in “water”, then i started to find out more about you when Shamin gave us the 2 ‘presents’ for the people of my kind and sure thks to internet sooner or later will be able to see your latest works ..

    please keep fighting for all you ‘lovers’ around the world, we need you healthy and working..

    beso desde españa


  578. You make me proud to be Bengali. I am a huge fan and I wish you all the best :)


  579. Dear Lisa,

    I get to know u through “I can’t think straight” and till now I can’t get rid of u frm my mind coz of u’re jst tht awesome and wht an incredible actress tht i’ve ever met.

    I’m here to drop some words truly from my heart to wish u recover soon and all of my prayers are with u to fight against this disease…

    U’re not alone in this battle coz all of us with b ur strength and get u out of there a.s.a.p…

    warm regards,

  580. on October 21, 2009 at 2:22 pm | Reply claudia rain sinaga

    hi lisa, senang mendengar kamu selalu bahagia meskipun dalam kondisi yang sulit, tapi inilah kenyataan hidup yang harus dijalani, salut dan bagga untukmu, karena pengalamanmu bisa memotivasi banyak orang, aku pernah mendengar bahwa semangat, rasa bahagia dan berpikir positif bisa mengalahkan segala macam penyakit termasuk kanker, mudah2an dengan semangat mu kamu akan segera sembuh, aku yakin kamu akan sembuh dan kanker akan mati, karena wajah dan auramu selalu penuh semangat dan bahagia, aku mengagumi mu dan mungkin pengalamanmu bisa menjadi motivasi dan semangat baru buat ku dan banyak orang untu menjadi kuat dan tegar dalam menghadapi apapun. aku cinta kamu lisa, kaulah idolaku

  581. hi lisa

    this is my first time i writing in a blog. i saw ur ICAN’T THINK STRAIGHT ebout ten days ago and watch it again and again i seriously dont know. then i suddenly come to know about ur disease i was shocked to know and

  582. I hope that you embrace Islam (insha’Allah).

  583. Lisa

    My mom was discovered with a stage III B cervical cancer. Given 5 months of life and then put on radiation related therapies including brachytherapy. After a month they told us that we had to wait for the inevitable. At that point I came across an article on a Siddha doctor in THE WEEK magazine who cures Cancer patients. I went looking for him located h9m and had my mom on treatment for 2 years. That was in 1994 December. It is 2009 and she is perfectly alright now.

    So when all else fails please write to me so that you can try this out.It has worked as recently as three months ago for another friend’s mother.

    Take Care and Get well soon.


  584. Lisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,

    Bunny spell cast on you, you would be great in a bit,


  585. on October 30, 2009 at 11:33 am | Reply gabriela ayahuasca

    Dear Lisa,

    Coming here and reading you and all the support, different therapies and advises gathering in these yellow pages from all over the world altered my inicial perception completely! When I first learned about the disease you are fighting I reacted with deep sadness, but this visit has made me very positiv. I am now smiling confident that you will surmount this challenge. We are all in our very own physical/spiritual journey and it is truly inspiring to witness worldwide sharing! Hopefully we can all find new paths to support eachother in the future!

    Because I do genuinely trust the beneficial ancient knowledge of Ayahuasca, I want to leave you here the name of a wonderful guy: Guillermo Arévalo Valera (kestsenbetsa) a great peruvian master, the founder of “espiritu de anaconda”
    centre mail: metsa@vegetalismo.org

    You might find his work interesting not only as a cure!

    lots of love!


  586. Hi Lisa… I pray for you tonight and will beg god to make you ok! …..i love you so much.. wish i could be with u to tell u that….. back from the garden vareli days i’ve always admired you.
    To me you were the most beautiful thing that god ever created. You will be ok..i promise!

    sending excess love!

  587. hi lisa
    get well soon ……………the movie Water i jus saw it with ma Girlfriend nd thn as i gone through all of ur movies ………i jus love ur acting……..jus pray to God for you………..lov ya

    with Love nd affection

  588. DEAR LISA,

    YOU WILL BE WINNER. You are strong. Submit My energy for you. Pray very much. God loves you.

    You are wonderful

  589. Hi Lisa, do not know what else I can say …. I read it and say it to you and all is wonderful to know that so many people love you, I think that it is a great medicine, do not you think??? I guess only you know what you’re going and the great internal struggle (mental and physical) that you are carrying everyday …,. It is very easy to give advice when we can not even imagine the smallest part of what you’re living in your own skin …., do not know if it help you (hopefully!!) But surround yourself with positive people with energy, who know how to listen (Not everyone knows how), who loves you, eat with good and prosperous thoughts (is that costs …) and above every day to the fullest advantage. I know you live in Canada and me in Spain and I never had occasion to go, but I imagine it must have some sunrises and sunsets wonderful :-), a part of a freezing cold!
    Lisa glad that I greet you, do not give up at this time is where you have to get it all.

    Mind and a big hug from Spain.
    Maria Jose
    P.D. :….. ” The next time we can be all british and talk about the weather….”

  590. Hi Lisa,
    I am writing from Turkey and I am a big fun of yours.You are great and a very succesful actress.Believe me I understand you very well because I had too cancer.My parents learned about my cancer when I was 5 years old.I had a blood cancer.Technology and treatments really wasn’t good in 1995 in Turkey.I was 5 years old and I didn’t know anything about my cancer.My body stopped produce blood I was really thin and extremely white.Thanks to my mother, my treatments started early before my illnes became worse.For myself to understand what was going on with me was the moment when I woke up in a very cold and white room with so many doctors around me.But now so many memories left back there and I still remember every moment that I lived in hospital.I have lost many friends there with the same illness and trying to be strong at the age of 5 was coused me so many psylogical problems.I am 20 years old now.For me its really suprising that I am still fighting to live for this life even I am healed now.I still continue to go to the same hospital and doctors and especially my mother still afraid if I get sick again.I am still hiding my cancer from people I know even it happened 15 years ago.It makes me feel so uncomfortable.So I don’t know if you will read my comment you should know that you are a very brave person that you will soon heal believe me.

  591. Hi lisa, its really a shocking news to hear that u r suffering from cancer. Stem cell is good therapy i hope so. i m sure u will be fine after that . we all miss u very much

  592. There was an article about your new challenge of having cancer, Lisa. Be strong and know that in years ahead there is so much more for you to do in your life.

    I made a comment on the CBC news site about your diagnosis and willingness to be public about it and wanted to send it along to you also. Here it is:

    Posted 2009/11/18
    at 1:39 PM ET

    LIfe makes individuals grow in ways that they never anticipate. Cancer diagnosis, although frightening, alarming and shocking, often will provide a pivotal time in one’s life.

    It sounds as though our Canadian actress is making this so. Her comment about going through the treatment as being so important, but also having the ‘right frame of mind both emotionally but spiritually and psychologically’ is the kind of mindset that will enable her to cope and successfully arrive at the coveted place of cure.

    I wish her success with her stem cells, that they indeed do ‘heal’ her from within.

    Also, I wish her many healthy years ahead to continue to pursue her career.

    Sent from a 35 year cancer survivor!

    End of that printed comment.

    My blessings and thoughts will be with you and I do wish you perfect success with your stem cells transplant!

    Sending light and love,

  593. good morning madam i am hyd i see before 3 days in my news paper u r suffres with blood cancer sorry madam madam i have give small suggestion in ur s madam take daily aloevera-gel and some ayurvedha produtcts it is internationaly avilabule madam my con cat number 09701470289
    manohar reddy india ap
    thank u mandam

  594. I had come to visit to pray for you ! But oh ! whata language you are using in your blog ! I found it difficult to believe a person with such an illness can be still so obsessed with words related to sex and morbidity. How sad, you sitll use the 4 letter words while talking about your health ! I shall have to pray for you not only for physical health but also a curing from the preference of filthy words ! God bless you, honey !

  595. Hi Lisa,

    I’m from Romania, and I’m so glad that I found some movies of yours because your acting really impressed me.
    I’m here to wish you all the best!
    I really hope that you will feel better and that I will read good news about you and your health condition.
    Keep fighting, you are great!

    All my love and blessings,

    • hey cristina i m from romania too,that’s nice knowing that i m not the only romanian who supports her
      take care ana maria

      lisa ray i m praying for you
      god bless you
      love ana

  596. hey lisa ray!

    keep strong! you are beautiful and wonderful, and i don’t know you, but I am also canadian. and I saw your movie.
    I think you should keep on doing things that make you happy weather it be eating some cheese cake or drinking something with fizz in it. or reading some short stories by miranda july.

    reach out your hand and touch mine. everything will be okay
    take care

  597. hi
    lisa ……….cant write


    i love you

    god bless you

  598. you are so beautiful….

  599. Hi Lisa, I wish you get well really soon. You have done some amazing work and you need to do much more… Something tells me that we still have to watch you doing your best.

    Good Luck !!

  600. You are in Toronto?! Nice. Loving the city the past three months, time to leave for me now though :( Take care.

  601. Btw, looks like I’ve stolen your blog title :)

  602. Didn’t realise you had cancer. Take care and enjoy life :)

  603. Must watch

  604. I simply love your attitude. great

  605. hope you are doing well beautiful girl … thinking of you every day x

  606. hello my love LISA…take care yourself always…Remember GOD always…bye…

  607. hola lisa soy de méxico, primeramente que nada le pido a Dios que te bendiga y proteja y te ayude a combatir tu enfermedad. n_n
    Leeí sobre el mieloma y no puedo creer que siendo tan joven te de eso, según decia el articulo que es más probable que le mieloma se de en personas de color y a personas de edad adulta y la verdad no entiendo como te pudo pasar a ti , pero no te preocupes lis y no te desanimes vas a ver que todo va a salir bien, no olvides tomar mucha agua y hacer ejercicio y lo principal es que no te deprimas… hee se una fuente de inspiración para todos y demuestra que nosotras somos fuertez y que con fe y esperanza todo se puede y saber apreciar las cosas bellas he importantes de la vida como el amor y el cariño de la familia y amigos.
    tambien le pido a Dios que todas esas personas que estan en su lucha al igual que tú salgan adelante y se curen.
    la verdad no creeo que te de tiempo de leer mi comentario ya que tienes cosas mas importantes que hacer pero no importa solo con el simple hecho de compartirlo me basta.
    n_n ….hasta en la más oscura tempestad siempre hay un rayito de sol…

  608. Hi Lisa rani,
    You should at some point, write a book utilizing your wit.
    Its quite intelligent. I hope that you are doing ok.

    I read up on MM and renal functions. There seems to be a possibility of Kidney damage/disease.

    http://www.litholink.com is a company based in Chicago, US and have excellent ckd/kidney stone patient management programs. I am sure there are good ones even in Canada.

    Take care and blog,

  609. i love you .. God bless you .. i wanna meet u atleast once in life i live in Toronto .. if there is anyway plzz le me know i would love to meet u even if its for 5 min .. i always wanted to meet u .. :) .. tc


  610. and ur beautiful inside and out .. :)

  611. Lisa Rani,

    You are always special to me. I loved you on screen. Thank you for the blogs. Thank you for sharing your life with everyone even now. We all have dual citizenship – like you said…we will always thank you for showing us now how to be brave and integrate in our other land.
    You are talented, smart and the best.

    Dont forget to pray to God too.

    Meanwhile live life. Its a gift to each one of us. Life can be snatched from anyone anyday. In your case, you just got the news years too early.

    Keep fighting!

    In case you wish to speak to me – my mobile 0033-662867191 (France)


  612. Hola Lisa Ray!

    Deseo que Dios (como tú lo concibas) te esté pregiendo y te ayude a salir de esa enfermedad para tener en tí un ejemplo viviente de su grandeza.

    Te aconsejo orar mucho y tener fé, la fé es algo que nos falla fácilmente, pero trabajar en ello es lo importante.

    Por lo que leo, eres muy fuerte, optimista y sí tienes fé, con eso vas ganando no la batalla, la guerra.

    Me agrada mucho tu trabajo como actriz, y he buscado y escuchado tu música, es intersante, yo soy Mexicana y no conozco mucho de tradiciones ni música de la India, pero suena interesante.

    Hace poco te escribí en inglés, pero por no ser mi lengua natal asumo que no me expresé correctamente en algún párrafo o frase y por eso no se publicó, si fué así, lo siento pués mi intención es darte ánimos y desearte todo lo bueno, pero por eso ahora escribo en español, ojalá tú sí sepas español o tengas quien te traduzca.

    Sin más recibe mis mejores deseos.

    Te envío un abrazo y un beso junto con todo mi cariño.

    Suerte y que Dios te bendiga!

    Atte: Susana A. M.

  613. THIS JUST IN:
    President Obama has just allocated an additional 60,000 troops in the fight against all intruders in Lisa Ray’s bone marrow. They are all wearing yellow and carrying a large Yellow Flag. They are prepared to fight the fight. Visualize… energize. Keep the faith!


  614. Dear Lisa,
    I wanted to share with you a month before your diagnosis this July my Mom was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in June. Its so hard to put into words what kind of feeling you get when you hear that dreadful word cancer. At first I was in complete denial. Thinking no Mom doesnt have this they are wrong its something else. I am sure that is a common reaction to anyone who has went through this. My Mom just had her stem cell transplant in Nov. I pray for her recovery everyday and thank God He has given her the will to beat this. Its funny before when somebody would say oh so and so has cancer of course you feel bad but you can never truly understand what that person and their family is going through until you have experienced it. I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason. For me this has taught me never to take anyone or anything for granted. More importantly to have faith in God and He will take care of everything. I am glad you have shared your story with all of us. It made me feel like my family and I are not alone in this. There are people out there who understand what we are going through. God Bless and I pray for you and your family during this trying time. I hope to see you back in Bollywood very soon :)

  615. Hi Lisa Ray

    I just said you hello today but in spanish. I told you I`m from Mexico and I don`t speak english well, however i wanted try it. I`m sorry for my mistakes.

    Like i told you in spanish i wish you are fine very soon. I Ask it to God.

    I just began to read your blog a few days ago, is very interesting that you say us to your fans, i would like to know about yoga a others meditation techniques, letme tell you iwould like write to you for walk about many topics and may be you can forget the mieloma for that moment, what do you think, do you like my idea?

    Then, please talk me about yoga i just begin to practce a few monts ago. Let me tell you i `m very nervous and the stress is my worst problem, because i can do any thing but when i`m nervous i lost my power and my mind is not my friend in that moment.

    That is my problem, may be is not like the mieloma but i think is similar when i ask to my God for help, i ask with the same force, for that i ask you about yoga and your experience with it. I think you have so much force. Some body told me that when i help some one, i forget my problems and i`m better, i want you help me for help you. Are you agree?

    Well, tomorrow i will write you again.

    Then See you tomorrow.

    If i write you may be i improve my english.

    And i woul like to be your friend.

    Best regards.


    Susana A. M. from Mèxico.

  616. Dear Lisa
    身體要趕快好起來, 永遠支持妳 ,加油 ~~
    Michelle Chan

  617. Lisa Ray, you will probably never read this. but with the small chance that you do. i need you to know a few things…

    1. you are an amazing actress. And not only are you an amazing actress, but you are a strong and amazing person.

    2. you have helped me find myself more than you will ever know. after i saw your movie “i can think straight” everything clicked for me. I can finally be myself, and you played a huge role in helping me do that.

    And 3. I hope and pray for you often. I hope you go into full remission sooner rather than later. I know you can beat this! You are amazing.
    with love,

  618. it s 1:26pm and i can’t sleep…and tommorow i have to go to the university in venice…it takes an hour..an hour and a half to get there..but i can’t sleep after i saw the news…but in the same way i remembered i cant think straight and you know why?because of your courage
    to share your personal things with us with the entire world…and i dont know for the others but for me means a lot.
    i m not a good english speaker,but i understand you and i like the way you speak english!!!
    so you speak hindu and polish,that’s great..you speak another language?
    i speak 3 almost 4…romanian,english,italian…and a lil bit of spanish,but in here it’s not abt me:D
    take care my dear and rest ok?recover up up up
    lisa ray is a fighter!!!!!!!!!courage courage courage courage
    you dont know me,us…but please dont forget that we are with you we support you
    force and stranght
    forta si putere(romanian)
    forza e potere(italian)
    non smettere mai mai e mai di lottare sei una donna corraggiosa!!!!!

  619. on December 11, 2009 at 3:31 am | Reply Thai Binh- Viet nam

    Hi Lisa,
    This is the second time I send you my beloved words. It is so precious when you are always relaxing. I strongly believe that you will be fine soon. No more disease can bother such a lovely and wonderful woman. I am in Viet Nam, very far from your place. I watch you films thousand times and will always stay informed in what you are going. I hope you read my words here and be on the mend soon to film and do charity more.
    Love you, Lisa.

    Thai Binh- Viet Nam

  620. on December 11, 2009 at 3:46 am | Reply Thai Binh- Viet nam

    Hi Lisa,
    I am impressed by all of your acts in “I cant think straight” and in all other films. I wonder how the God create you in such an amazing appearance. You are really the miracle. You are the gift from heaven. With such power, how can the disease beat you!? No way! It is just a challenge in life. Many people have to overcome to confirm their strength like you. We will always pray for you Lisa, beat the cancer. Keep fighting! Don’t give up!
    May God bless you.

    Thai Binh – From Viet Nam

  621. A lot of force to continue fighting. The whole love of the world from Belgium. Bisous, Bárbara.

  622. Ojitos de cielo….. dios quiera que puedas salir adelante y seguir regalandonos esa sonrisa que genera vida en todos.
    besitos Lisa I LOVE

  623. Hi..I really hope you read this Lisa..

    Please read up on..Soursop…Graviola tree

    My Uncle was diagnosed with Lymphoma early summer 2009….he had two bouts of Chemo…and told me personally he will not do it again.

    My cousin gave him soursop and he has been eating it…every day..he had his monthly check up and the doctors told him..they see nothing no sign of cancer…told him whatever he is doing keep doing it….we don’t know if it is the plant..I have recently been told I have nodes on my vocal chords..I am a vocalist….I am eating soursop daily now..why not?? nothing to lose right??

    Take care…


  624. Soursop..Graviola Plant…please just try it…

  625. Hi from Ireland, good post, deserves a Digg.

  626. Hello from Wexford Ireland, I enjoyed the article. Very Good.

  627. HAI,

    “”MAY GOD BLESS U””.







  628. Dear Lisa,
    I really hope that you read this.
    I am a huge fan of your acting, mostly of the movie ” I cant think straight” because I can really relate since I am palestian and I was born in Jordan and currently living in London (Ontario, Canada) and I found it very simulair to how my arab life is at the moment. I personaly think your amazing and that your beauty is unreal and you really do give me inspiration. When I found out you had cancer my heart jumped but as I read your blogs I see what a wonderful person you truely are and I beleive that you will get better and show the world that nothing can stop you from being great. I am praying for you, just know that your loved all over the world and please stay strong and know that we are always here for you!

    Much love from London Ontario


  629. Dear Lisa,

    First of all I want to say, I love you very much and I’ve been always your fan. My favorite movie of your is “Kasoor”, “I cant think straight” was very fascinating as well. “Bollywood Hollywood was wonderful too, you were great and always be will. :) I recently heard about your health and I’m very shattered by the fact. At the same time very proud of you on how strong you are, you make me a stronger woman with your inspiration, thank you. My prayers and blessing will always be there for you. I hope and believe you will get well soon. I have wrote something for you, I hope you like it.

    “The Lord is my strenght and my salvation”

    A strong woman is one who feels deeply and loves fiercely.

    She takes compliments to her heart and treats herself like the queen that she is. She is both practical and spiritual.

    A strong woman like you is a blessing to all, the world.

    Loads of love and care

    Nasrin <3

  630. hi lesa,
    i am a grate fan of yours.
    i don’t know what to write coz first time i am writing to you & lots of people has given you advise about what you should do & what shouldn’t.
    i lost my mother because of cancer but i hope this time it is not gonna happen HE can’t take away Good person’s like that.
    all i want to say is Have faith in GOD & crors of fans are praying for you. you are gonna be fine.
    believe me. believe yourself.
    have a good life during medication.

  631. Hi, I cant understand how you can add your web log in my rss reader. Can you Help me, please? I really prefer to read your upcoming posts.

  632. I just can’t believe that so many people post spam on sites especially blogs just for the sake of some link juice. I need to stay alert 24/24 even with fancy pluggins like spam killer… I dont want to imagine what would happen to my work if I didn’t had the minimum ammount of protection.

  633. Can I use paypal to pay for this?

  634. i want to address and contact information of lisa ray in canada.i live in canada

  635. hey Lisa i really hope you are getting better and stronger, i pray every night for you and i thank God for you and for who you are, thank you for being you and especially thank you for being Tala and Miriam, it gave me hope and strength. I wish you the best and write us more often we are worried please thank you, we are there for you, good luck, enjoy the life Li. Always yours M. :D
    oh and i was just wondering. When are we gonna see The world unseen 2 :D write us SOON :P
    love you M.

  636. oh and one more thing i noticed you wear your watch on your right hand, why?
    i mean so do i and when people ask me are you left-hander i say like now because i’m right-hander i wear my watch on my right hand so i just wanted to know, please can you tell me why do you? thank you M.

  637. Lisa Lisa .. .. Lisa .. I do not know whether you read it or not .. Words can not express how happy I am that you won disease .. It is indescribable .. Love you .. and my dream is someday to see you in real life and to pour out his heart and soul to you .. smile always, and know you have an army of fans .. I love you, my dear .. everything will be much better .. will appreciate our new movies .. a new book .. I love you very much..For me you are the best .. really .. I wish you win the heart of the world) you get .. you .. you’re pretty talented .. you just wonder .. your photos are always in my background), write down the most about yourself. See you:)

  638. Dear Lisa:
    Let’s me celebrate your rebirth for one year.
    Thanks God, you are healthy now.
    I think everyone have something like chronic disease with them, such as bad temper, unique personality, queer behavior……Of course, some do have “medical diseases”. My point is “we all have chronic disease, mentally or physically”. We can fight against our “diseases”, defeat them, or just make “symbiosis”. I am glad that you conquerd your disease bravely. Most of us do not have chance to get rid of our “disease”, however.
    Therefore, thanks God again, you are healthy and brilliant now.
    Happy Christmas.

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  640. I believe you are a beautiful woman. I have been told I have Moxie I do believe you are an inspiratiom to all people in the world. Yet you are Canadian and a great Indian woman all that to me is Humble…I hope you’re being heard by everyone. I have an 11 year old daughter Jaya..when she is able to grasp you and keep you in her mind I will tell her about you!! Moxie!! You face struggles without fear!!
    Sheryl Malini Reddy

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  644. Ashok Modi

    You are amazing with your courage and No FEAR attitude. Stay positive and move forward. Everythings works out in the End, If it has not worked out then it is not the End. Like Gabbar Singh said ” Jo Darr gaya, so Mar Gaya!” Do not ever give up your hope. My prayers are with you. All the Best to your health and happiness.

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